Friday, May 14, 2010


That's me going on a long and winding vacation in the neighboring nation with my Viking, not some sort of unintelligently constructed war cry or anything (for a war cry one kind of should go with a classic like Geronimo, right?).

This is an illustration of how involved I have been in the planning, where my packing activities are currently, and exactly how much I know about where I'm going. Oh well. Diving in. 

Love ya'll and see you in June for the Extranjera goes to Europe to hang out with her mom, to golf and obsess about golf with her dad and brothers, and to drink plenty of coffee and wine with everyone else who will admit to knowing her.

So it'll be a while.

Miss me.



Breenuh said...

I will miss you! How will I make myself feel better about not getting work done when you're not writing, even more, about not getting work done? Anyway, have fun on your adventures!

CrazyCris said...

BON VOYAGE!!!!!!!!!! :o)

histreasure said...

Ah, am sure youa re gonna have a gr8 time..we await your this here blog which i am sure would be sooner than June

miss you still

Eternally Distracted said...

Come on now, enough having fun and get back here to tell us some stories... it may seem selfish of me to ask but you're the one who left - remember?!!