Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nowhere near to being crippled by it, but there's some indecision in the air

Since I seem to have aired out the more insane ones of my personalities yesterday, I thought that today I would balance the whole a little bit and write about something serious.

And then I started wondering what that something serious might be.

Of course the obvious sneaked back to my mind. However.

Although, I still feel quite out of touch with the part of my brain that's trying to process my friend taking her own life, since I won't be able to attend the funeral in Denmark, and since I have actively avoided dwelling on the ifs, the buts, the possibilities and the inevitabilities of it all, I seem to be pushing forward in the general happenings of life and everything life-related.

And there's so much more to write about with life than with death. Also, there's just no writing away the sorrow and the worry, only time will eradicate those.

Then I wondered whether I should write something about how much more I fall in love with this country and its inhabitants every day that goes by regardless of feeling completely suffocated by it and its inhabitants every so often. How is it that the same blue expanse of sky can so easily one day lounge about above such unparalleled beauty and sheer awesomeness, and then another day such oppressive air and ignorance?

But, I have already unceremoniously sacked, on this blog of all places, much of the ignorance that used to be much too close to home, and since then life has been looking up in many ways, and breathing seems to come much easier every day that goes by.

So that post would just be about weird happiness and might make me look not a little bipolar and that's not something I'm really aiming for.

Then I wondered whether it would be too much to ask from your patience to once again drum up an issue that is just so important to me, and close to my heart, and in my thoughts all the time.

But then I thought: "Nah, you've already figured out how much the education of these children means to me and clicked on all of the previous links and figured out what you can do to help." You're cool like that, after all.  

And that's why I can sleep a solid 9 hours every single night. And not worry about everything.

Then I wondered whether I should write again about how much I love the Hubs, despite of him once again looking more Amish (it's the fokken beard again that he keeps neglecting to have trimmed) than should be allowed, which might or might not have garnered him some credibility in Zimbabwe. I hope they're into believing what folks whose facial hair seems to be leading an entirely separate life from the face it is springing forth from and, frankly, should be controlled, say. But It might be a stretch.

Maybe he gives off that air of a genius who's just much too involved with his 'important research/inventions' to even notice the jungle forming on his chin?

But then I thought of Mugabe and my husband in the same thought, albeit completely by accident, and kind of felt the need to yelp in horror.

I didn't though. I had some coffee instead.

*shakes fist at the world that fuels her addictions*

And then, finally, I thought about whether it is really worth trying to balance out something that or someone who (me) is clearly not about balance or moderation, or the middle of anything to begin with? I'm not saying I'm unbalanced, but it's just a fact that me and the median don't mesh well.

And that's just fine.

Would an insane person go out like this? I think not!
(It does cross my mind, however, that perhaps I'm less of a P!nk and more of someone in the Gaga family...?)

Or let herself be photographed like this? 

Expect versatility (by which I mean those posts that make absolutely no sense).

Love you all!


Eidothia said...

Oh. I just peeked at you. Ha ha ha.... yeah sure. I found that funny. And if you dont believe me, take a look at my pic right here. I mean left here surely.

Judearoo said...


Love it, esp toothpastey pic! :)

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Much love right back at ya. And I LOVE the toothpaste pic. I think you should make it your avatar.

An Open Heart said...

I love the last's beautiful.....

wishing you a great day!


Amysthoughts said...

Hmmm while you do look GaGa-ish, I think Pink is cooler so you should stick with Pink.
The photos look great by the way.

My name is Erin. said...

I'm so confused about what is going on in photo number 1. I'm going to try to stop thinking about it, but might not be able to concentrate on all that schoolwork I have to get done today. I hope you're happy. (I am... xo)

My name is Erin. said...

Oh and any thought of Mugabe makes me shudder, but the thought of your husband and Mugabe all at the same time makes me utter prayers/positive thought/hocus pocus nonsense... whatever you want to call it.

Mr London Street said...

But beards are good! I am growing one but I'm now worried that I will end up looking Amish without intending to. How do I prevent this?