Wednesday, October 07, 2009

You've got mail

What a sickeningly sweet header. And sourced straight from the RomCom genre too?! What is that wily Ext up to this time...? Will this be about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan getting together for the umpteenth time in the history of cinema?

No. He's all about the Da Vinci code and she's all about a trout pout these days. Shame.

This is about mail.

Call me crazy and odd (as some of you already do for various other reasons), but I'm not keen on snail mail.

Nope. No letters, cards, or care packages for Extranjera. No waiting for the mailman, or checking the mailbox. Not for me.

But Ext, receiving a card or a letter or STUFF in the mail is like the most awesomest, bestest thing in the world. How can you not love that?

Ah, but you see, I'm kind of cold. A hermit of the 'leave me alone, unless I feel like chatting' variety, if you will. So it is only fitting that I'm also notoriously horrible at replying to anything. And as it would be, unfortunately, this seems to be all the more true the more effort the 'getting back' requires. So I just prefer not to receive anything in the mail. Especially since what I receive is normally some sort of formal letter from the Finnish government and/or their frightening polar bear squad of trackers telling me to do something or other in very terse tones. Like pay taxes, relinquish my social security card, admit that I'm never moving back to Finland. You know, the usual.


Actually, I'm quite bewildered by the latest boom in Postcrossing. And honestly, can't really see the point of it. At all. But that might also be influenced by the annoying Twitter updates that are, upon anyone engaged in receiving or sending anything via postcrossing, automatically published. There's already so much uninteresting and completely unnecessary tweeting out there. And I'd much rather read that you are going to bed, that you just fished out a lego from your son's diaper, you just had a salad, or that you're super tired and cranky, than that you received a postcrossing postcard from Finland.

Always Finland. Nothing on television I guess.

And while we're on the subject of uninteresting and unnecessary tweeting, if you haven't already, be sure to follow my inanity. Now also on Twitter! Because I never tweet anything stupid. Never ever. It's all current politics and interesting anecdotes. Honest.

And never, ever about coffee or wine.

Oh Ext. You shouldn't say that about yourself. You're not cold. Just extremely lazy with keeping in touch, and easily distracted. You like receiving stuff in the mail. Everyone does. Just admit it.

Well. There is something that actually might just make me alter my point of view. Just a little bit. Just for today.

Like getting an envelope all the way from Canada, that wasn't stolen in the mail, and that arrived mostly in one piece. From my Siamese Sister, the superhero. And contained this.

She made it. With her own two hands. And there is no blood on it, nor any limbs glued onto it. Which is always nice. Yet a little surprising coming from her.

So VEG, this is how far into the world of mail love I'll venture out for you (you should all gasp now): I actually googled 'how to make a heart in HTML' today. Just for you.

This is for you my dearest VEG:


Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

DUDE! I am sniffling here with the tears dropping onto Gabby. I am touched you did a whole post about my card :) Did it arrive all together? YAY! I am glad you like it. And the heart. WOW! You are an HTML god!

Cyndy said...

Awwww. VEG! It's so sweet.

Extranjera (this is your blog, after all), I totally get the mail thing. Love to get it, but soooo bad about returning the favor. I have oodles of stationery, though, for when the inspiration hits me. Until then, totally electronic. It's quick. Effective. And even Emily Post approved (although not until just recently).

LOL re: no VEG injuries. I was so close to sending her home safe and sound then she decided to go acrobatic over folding chairs. You should have seen the size of the bruise! It was her purging tatoo. PA style...

wv: piniz: the yet to be determined disease that one acquires after getting ears pierced. Causes swelling of lobe and a lot of cursing. May even...oh, wait, I'm sorry. We decided NOT to talk about the, um, you know, e-a-r-thing. Never mind...

Lisa-Marie said...

I love post, but only fun post! I tend to just phone people to say thanks. I quite like sending stuff as well though.

Also, I am now following you on twitter! I am 'princessoPUNK'.