Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heartfelt sentiment

My husband just might be the most romantic nerd on the face of the earth. And I have proof.

He's also finally been able to keep a secret from me for longer than it takes him to dial my number on his cellphone, so really, I urge you to duck and take cover, and watch out for those flying pigs. They fast and sneaky, and I hear they just come out of nowhere, completely take you by surprise, and then there you are staring at a pair of fangs going for your jugular.

Or perhaps I'm just getting far too wrapped up in all of this New Moon hype. Far too early on a Sunday morning. And I don't even like Twilight. Hmph.

But just watch them pigs soar high above the clouds, and keep an eye out for any that might be getting some funny ideas. Probably should have bought that pitchfork when I had the chance. Now, all I'm left with are a tripod and a statue the husband brought from Malawi. Not exactly close-combat ready.

But why are these creatures violating our airspace this time around?

Yesterday I received my birthday present. It is not my birthday for another month yet, but this is what happened:

I look through a jeweler's catalogue in Finland, during the summer of 2008: "Oh. Oh. OH. Oooh."

"What is it honey? Maybe you shouldn't have had that last glass.... Or all that cheese.... And maybe those 4 pounds of strawberries weren't such a hot idea. I mean look at your lips woman... You know you're allergic. Sigh..." The Hubby looks at me suspiciously.

I push that catalogue at the unsuspecting husband's face: "No! It's not that. It's just that I want, want, and neeeed this heart-thingamajiggy-pendant-shiny-thing from Swarowsky. Look at it. LOOK! It has a flash drive inside. Isn't it the cutest thing ever?"

"And you need a crystal encrusted flash drive to hang around your neck on a chain because...?" the man responds in a dry tone.

"Well, er... Duh," I roll my eyes.

"Because all of your friends have one?" he quips.

"NO! I'd totally be the first. That'd be so cool," I'm too taken by the badly reproduced image of the heart to understand the sarcasm.

The Hubby looks at me as if I've once again overindulged the materialist Extranjera: "But why a flash drive? Do you even know what that means?"

"Of course I do. It's like a USB thing. For stuff. To use with a computer. For stuff. You know," I roll my eyes so hard they actually make a screeching sound.

"I know, but do you?" he smiles back at me.


Yesterday while touring a Johannesburg mall I spot a shop: "Oh. Oh. OH. Oooh."

"What is it honey? Maybe you shouldn't have had that last glass... Or all that meat.... And maybe all of that coffee, black of all things, wasn't such a hot idea. I mean, look at your hands woman.... You're shaking like your high on something. Sigh..." the Hubby looks at me suspiciously.

I drag the unsuspecting husband towards a shop with a dark blue front: "NO! It's not that. It's just that they have a Swarowski shop here. And I, like, urgently need a flash drive to move my photos around. And you remember that cute heart-one they were selling in Finland? I neeeed that. Now."  

We step into the shop and I enquire for a "heart-thing, that like comes apart, and then there's like a thing, for, like, the computer and stuff, inside there?" while I draw a heart in the air and in grand gestures mime taking it apart. But we get a quick, and a slightly condescending "I'm sorry, that was a limited release product."

There is nothing to do, but leave the shop.

I look at the Hubby and contemplate embarking on the mother of all guilt-trippings: "Damn. Now I really wish I'd gotten one back then in Finland. Uhhuh. I really do. I do," as the Hubby attempts to gently maneuver me in the direction of the exit and the car.

The man distracs me with yet another cup of coffee: "Maybe we can just get a chain for it and look for it elsewhere? Some other time?"


"Can I distract you for a second?" the Hubby inquires late yesterday night.

I quickly glance at him, but return to a furious (and rather one-sided to be frank) battle I'm having with burning my homework on a CD that obviously wants to stay virginal.

"What?" I glance at the man again.

He hands me a little box: "I was supposed to give this to you on your birthday, but you're saying you need it now, and that you need it empty, right? But just in case you want, there's a folder on my computer of pictures of us, our music, and some emails we sent to each other, that I was going to upload on it, so that you could always have all that with you."

"Like a modern locket," my man tells me.

My viking really is the most romantic computer-nerd ever. At least in my world.

Love you man xo


Lisa-Marie said...

A- your husband is lovely. B- I want one of those necklaces!

Tina said...

He's a total lovely! Well you may wear, as we say in Ireland. It means good luck and enjoy.

B said...

There must be something romantic in the air! I love that he was going to put all those special things in the necklace... but also that he knew not to wait another month to give it to you!

Heather said...

oh oh oh! how romantic and how gorgeous! and where the hell did you find a romantic Finn? I want my money back, mine doesn't seem to be working properly!

Ellie said...

Oooh. Coveting.

Myne Whitman said...

Ohhh, that is just so sweet. Yayy you...

Sarah said...

awwww thats the sweetest thing ever!

An Open Heart said...

"Like a modern locket" how beautiful is that....and SMART!

Lucky you...I want one of those, too. I LOVE Swarovski.


Ph.D. Mommy said...

Nårhhh, så søøødt!

Tom Bailey said...

That was a very thoughtful thing to do. It is a great reminder to be thoughtful of what we email. Including a number of different things on it was extra effort and shows this person really cares about you.

I stumbled across your blog and I am glad I did.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

kristina said...

this is so sweet! I have profound respect and admiration for your viking!

Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

how completely bizarre and wonderful you two are. My husband once bought me a gorgeous dress that fit like a glove and I wasn't even along when he picked it out. I always wonder what poor woman he enlisted to pull this maneuver off. Now, how did yours actually get the limited edition. Had he already had it?

Anonymous said...

aghhhhhh, bless! Major brownie points. I hear women all around the world wondering how to get themselves one of those flash drive buying men!

My name is Erin. said...

A modern locket?! That really is the cutest, most sweet thing EVER!

julochka said...

that is one pretty rockin' cool heart-shaped swarovski USB thingie. that viking is romantic, i tell you.

ZaedahBlack said...

Anymore Vikings like him at home? I know a lonely girl in Philly with an empty neck...

~C said...

Fantastic. Romantic nerds really are the best. It's true. Love this post. :)

Anonymous said...
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