Thursday, March 18, 2010


They should support me I know, but currently feel like an accomplice to the enemy.

Continuing in the vein of possible brain malfunctions, I recently signed up for something called a Boot Camp.

I know. The name says it all. What I should have read between the lines, or beneath the words, or wherever you feel that the real meaning seems to hide when it comes to language, was NOT 'Join the fun!' but 'Why do people do this stuff to themselves?'

Stupid, spontaneous me.

I fear this specific experience might end up killing me. And not softly either a la Lauryn Hill, but by a very painful, sudden, and, to be perfectly frank about my questionable skills when it comes to such things as basic coordination, accidentally self-inflicted strangulation on a jumprope, or barring that, by an equally accidental bashing in of my own skull with a weighty dumbbell. So more along the lines of something evoked by Richard Simmons. You know, without the accident variable of course.

Or it might just all come to an end because I have to get up way too early and I'm not able to sit down onto the toilet without help.

So car crash due to lack of sleep and coffee, or a burst bladder then.

But I plow on. I paid for the enjoyment of having to run around a field with a bunch of other women who also feel they probably should have never signed up, while sweat stings my eyes, and the cool morning breeze does nothing to cool my head down, but helps to freeze my toes, soaking wet in my sneakers from the dew on the field, and my leaden arms that I'm forcing to lift the dumbbells at least above shoulder hight. So I must stick with it. Or so says my misconstrued view on the Scandinavian Lutheran Mother-instilled work ethic.

Thank you, Mother.

What this boot camp boils down to is me getting up every morning, every day from Monday to Friday, rain or shine, at 5am in order to be at the fields at 5:30am, to do some variation of circuit training for a whole hour while the sun comes up (or the thunder clouds gather like yesterday) and sweat pours from sweat glands I didn't know existed (I mean, I've heard about those things in the armpits, but dismissed it as just an old wives' tale, silly me), and then getting other people to do stuff for me for the rest of the day because I'm unable to walk/ bend/ kneel/ turn/ wipe my butt, or even breathe properly.

But it's for my... health?

I seem to have forgotten that I don't like sports. Or getting sweaty. Or squats. Or lunges. I seem to have forgotten that I'm a sedentary person who drinks a lot of coffee and wine, and sometimes eats incredible amounts of licorice (preferably some of it covered in chocolate) while watching a whole season of Lost/ Weeds/Northern Exposure in one go. Burgers also strongly feature in this picture.

But no.

What in the name of coffee cups with pictures of other people's children on them has become of me? If I'm no longer the semi-alcoholic hermit content to lounge around in that famous green bathrobe for weeks at a time, then who am I?

I've also started to wear heels. Like, every day. And go places other than where the coffee maker is.

I seem to be having a crisis. Get help! And wine.


Linda Wood said...

The 5am start would be the killer for me. Anything else I might cope with...just not every day at 5am!!!! Have 'fun' you nutcase.

Jana said...

I too had a similar experience when I was young and had joined a (yes you heard me right) A Karate Camp…

Suffered a concussion by falling hard while executing a kick, which took care of the waking up at 5 a.m. part for me…

Miss Footloose said...

It is always such a relief to find someone else out there who does not like to exercise, to get sweaty, to feel the blood pound, to get tired, to feel the muscles ache.

This is supposed to be good for you?

So they say.

So what about all the tennis elbows, the broken bones, the torn ligaments, the worn out cartilage, the sprains. Do I need to go on?

Red wine, now that is good for you. Sigh, after a run around the mountain or through the feld.

Don't hurt yourself. Those electric wheelchairs aren't all they're cracked up to be, I hear.

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Did your (part of the) brain not come back from Finland with you? Because that is CRAZY stuff you are doing. Seriously. But good for you. My coffee, couch and big ass salute you!

caroldiane said...

sometimes it is those CRAZY decisions we make that we appreciate later. Remember wine works well to take care of sore muscles...

'Drea said...

Boot Camp is so much more enjoyable when it's inside and starts a little bit later in the day. ;)

Breenuh said...

"What in the name of coffee cups with pictures of other people's children on them has become of me?"

Hahahaha. Oh man, that actually just made my day.

Good luck with Boot Camp. I'm doing a program called Couch to 5k, which I can't believe I'm sticking to. It's rough, but hopefully we'll both feel better for it!