Friday, March 19, 2010

A whole grain toast and some rolled oats

On any given Friday there is always a slew of posts on various blogs that revolve around boozing in one way or another. There is always a flurry of tweets that speak of thanking a greater power for it being the end of the working week and how much that involves boozing, in one way or another.

Never disappoints.

I myself tweeted 'Cooling down the crispy, citrus-y chardonnay for tonight...' earlier today. Because I am. Cooling down the crispy, citrus-y chardonnay for tonight, that is. And fully intend to drink more than one glass of it too. Regardless of Julochka's admission of what her seemingly normal husband had done to a precious bottle of Patron tequila, which sort of initially made me want to treat my Patron like it should be treated instead of indulging in the the crispy, citrus-y chardonnay, just to, you know, give the Patron the kind of respect it deserves. To make up for the insult. Somehow.

Poor baby, my Patron.

Respectful tequila drinking naturally involving 1) only drinking the best of tequilas (get your shitty Jose Cuervo out of my line of sight or I might just bite you, or someone standing too close), 2) only drinking the aged, or aƱejo, variant, 3) enjoying it neat, with a glass of sangrita on the side, 4-100) and never ever using it in a milky concoction. Never, ever.

But where am I going with this? Other than on yet another tequila rant (it has been a while).

Well, mis queridos, I was thinking of making a toast, or several.

Tonight, I'll go with the Friday-flow, and raise my glass (which at the mo is a teacup containing a Pukka green chai blend which I know is wrong on a lot of levels, but which will eventually become a glass of crispy, citrus-y chardonnay, you know, once I get my ass into wino-gear):

to Boot Camp ultimate discomfort and many wedgies with a twist of butt-crack sweat breaking up for the weekend. But it's for my... health?

to meat. Specifically lamb. Given. Almost implicit at this stage. Kind of like raising my glass to coffee.

to coffee.

to Molly's nouveau babe, Stella. Hey STELLAAAAAAAA....... This is for you. (Was I really screaming? Really?)

to good tequila. And drinking it like it should be drunk. With no salt in sight.

to my chicken covered in suspicious pesto (not a euphemism, although it would be an awesome one), and my finally learning to cook something so that not one person barfed after eating it. I have made myself very proud. And my chicken all pestoed nice and oily.

to sort of being back in the blogosphere after taking some time off. Intentionally and unintentionally. And attempting to comment again. Even if the comment was about flesh eating bacteria.

to El Grande Vikingo who works like a maniac these days. I love him so.

to selling some photos, and using the earnings immediately to buy shoes.

to real names. Not mine, of course.

to not giving up on me and my uncommunicative ass.


to you. All of you lovely people.

What would you toast today? Other than drinking tequila properly and shunning people who don't.

My Patron in my garden. Just hanging out, watching the sun go down.

Sweaty kisses for the weekend and some toast(s) for all. MWAH!


Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

I feel so honoured to have been your first comment in a while. Even if it was about flesh eating bacteria. And our (naturally) shared tendency towards hyppchondria.

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I gave up alcohol for Lent...aren't I stupid? I've only got a bit over a week to go....and I've cheated twice....once for wine and once for beer on a friend's birthday (she insisted God wouldn't mind if I celebrated with her).

And as for tequila? Well, I gave that up after I was at a party under the influence of it and encounter a male coworker drinking a glass of white wine. I told him that only men with small dicks drink white wine. Yep, I think it's a good idea that I gave up tequila.

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Apparently I'm under the influence of something right, since I decided not to use the past tense of the word encounter. oops.

Megan said...

I am toasting to good health, family, and friends!

I am going to be indulging tonight for the first time in a very long time.

Am so happy you're back!


Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

Nice to see you back. Did you happen upon the recent study of women in France who drink more than one glass of wine per day maintaining a healthier body weight? You see, now you are just doing something good for your body. Call it narcissism....enjoy your multiple glasses. Have one for me.

Jay said...

I'm going to have to toast the bourbon in my glass, as I watch the sun set over the mtn's

Anandi said...

For just one, wild second I thought you were writing about bread (toast). And then I thought....Nah. It must be the wine.
And it WAS!

Breenuh said...

I tried sangrita for the first time a few weeks ago. It was delish! However, you may be disappointed to hear that I liked it better with the tequila mixed in, rather than alternating the two...

Ellie said...

Now I crave a glass of wine. This is entirely your fault. Entirely. THank you.

julochka said...

i would have to toast to the sunset on the patron if i weren't toasting to the fabulous veal parmesan i made and which we drank with a nice red montepolciano d'abruzzo.

sorry about husband's abuse of the patron. if it helps, much horror was expressed.

caroldiane said...

our trip to Mexico was completed by bringing home two lovely bottles of 1800 Anejo - for sipping pleasure! Salud!

Lisa-Marie said...

spent Friday evening getting so drunk on (pints of) cocktails at my friends' flat that I had to go home at midnight and crawl to bed.

So i will toast
-freinds who don't mock you after you'e done that
-and who put you in a tai home and phone you husband to meet you at the end
-husbands who clean up your sick
-good gigs