Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dontcha just looove nature?!?!

I think I just saw a mouse scurry under the house in the back yard behind the kitchen. 

There is a dead something underneath the kitchen door and it just might turn out to be a cockroach.

Yesterday I saw ants coming out of the kitchen tap.

Earlier this month there was a dead bird on the balcony. I made the maid get rid of it.

I have weird itchy bites on me, and I think I've seen something hop on the bed.

Two months ago I bludgeoned a spider to death with my flip flop. The spider was most likely a black widow.

One night there was a mouse on the stairs, inside the house.

A dog followed me home today and 'watered' the downstairs couch. Thank Zeus the thing is rented, and the dog had a couple of numbers on his collar, so he's home already. 

At least the air is clean and it's warm. 

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Girdle Girl said...

I feel quire ill after reading that! How on earth do you stand it?