Friday, January 16, 2009

Something small on politics

So my internet has been on the fritz for the past couple of days. Or actually my internet provider had in their infinite wisdom figured out that I had gone over my limit and proceeded to cut my internet. Now, I knew there was a limit, but I was under the impression that if I exceeded the limit I was just going to pay more. You know, the normal way of doing things. 

No, no, not here. Again, we were given the explanation that we have become much too familiar with: one of their previous clients had exceeded his agreed limit and downloaded to such an extent that later he was unable to pay his bill, i.e. someone at some point in time had abused the system, and therefore we have to suffer for it. 

This song is getting very old for us. Granted there are quite a few even rather public displays of abusing the system, from the antics of the former president Thabo Mbeki to the even scarier seeming doings of the wannabe president Jacob Zuma. And we truly understand that the gravest problem South Africa is facing right now might just not be crime after all, but the ubiquitous corruption, eventually making it impossible to do anything about the crime situation. Still, I'm not sure the right way of going about 'educating' the citizens is to thwart any potential abuses even before they appear, thus making trust and respect for adult intellect superfluous. Is it just me or could there be a link to the crime? Just wondering...

I always seem to get really agitated when I feel my intellect is not being respected (I happen to have quite a decent size ego) and apparently this time it was enough for me to actually churn out a political post. There is a first for everything. 

Hmph, I don't quite know what to do with my highly politicized self right now.   

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