Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The most amazing show on the air

The big thing right now amongst our friends seems to be the dstv decoder that also records (and apparently offers you a multitude of other cool functions I'm completely oblivious to). I have been told that there are so many interesting shows and other entertainment on television at the moment, or starting this month, that one has to simply record all of it. I have been missing something worth watching, so I'll be happy if this turns out to be true. All I know about the upcoming attractions is that at least I'll have Louis Thereoux's zany documentaries to look forward to! 

However, the best show on air just happened (again, but even cooler than normal) outside my patio windows. I pulled up a chair, sat back, and enjoyed the craziness that is South African weather.

Earlier today, as I was driving back towards the estate, some droplets caught my windshield, and for once I was actually in my full right to use the wipers. Hurrah! I also almost ran into a pick up truck (those pesky stop signs again), but more on that some other time. Anyway, as I drove into the third gate towards my house it really started raining. The wind picked up, and I could hear a distant rumble. The neighborhood nuisances were herded back inside by their (I'm starting to think very rude) mother, and I could enjoy the childless, birdless, and cricketless sound scenery. 

As I pulled up my chair - that I use for this purpose only, because it smells of beans and death, and is very suspect in its rented existence - I could hear a powerful crack as the lightning struck just behind the garden wall. Lucky little bastards, the neighborhood pests. The lightning struck very close more than a couple of times, and the rumble did not subside for a whole 15 minutes. It felt like night at one in the afternoon. Almost like watching a horror movie. You know what is coming, but you jump and scream anyway. Points to South Africa.

It is awesome how little it takes to make my day.   

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