Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unlucky wildlife meets the braai

Last night at a braai I tasted some or other bok's liver, and surprisingly it was very good

I can't quite remember which bok it was, and Wikipedia is seriously confusing me by introducing me to the non-South African names for all the different kinds of bok rampant in these parts. You don't hear the locals ever mention antelopes, gazelles, impalas, or oryxes. Instead the locals hunt and consume the gemsbok, the rooibok, and the springbok, which is also the national animal and the name and the symbol of the national rugby team. There are also plenty of other kinds of bok, running loose in, and near my hood, but as usual their names elude me. As long as they don't get too close while still breathing, I'm cool with just calling them bok. 

Other than the bok liver I'm also experiencing the beginnings of a possibly very long love affair with the taste of lamb chops on a braai. I never understood how good charred fat could actually be. The same goes for my long forgotten, but recently newly found affection for pork rashers. Starting to sound pretty gross, eh? All in all, I think a side of a shoe would turn out nicely if it was meticulously (as they do here, since we're talking of an art form) seasoned, and braaied to simple perfection on the fire. 

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