Sunday, January 18, 2009


Somewhere in the midst of 2008 taking its last breaths, I quietly (but aided by a husband, two great friends, and two bottles of Veuve Clicquot Brut yellow label) turned 30. Practically no one was here in Joburg to celebrate. Now the party is on.

Well, in truth the preparations are on. Since I'm notoriously excellent at procrastinating (this used to only include school work and cleaning, but now seems to have meandered its way into my everyday life as well), I only came up with a 'menu' and a shopping list Saturday morning, a whole whopping week before 40 people in quirky costumes show up at our door, and demand drinks, food, and music. Today, I'm thinking perhaps I should get some decorations as well... Hmm. 

The only aspect of the party I seem to have a firm opinion on is the drinks. No guest should have to drink wine which Platter's gave less than two stars to. Hence the white wine selection will be Fish Hoek Sauvignon Blanc 2008 (3 stars in Platter's) and John B. Sauvignon Blanc-Colombard 2008 (2,5 stars), whereas the reds include Truter's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot 2004 (3,5 stars) and Kleine Zalze Merlot 2007 (untasted, but 05 3,5 stars, 08 2,5 stars). 

Furthermore, naturally we will be serving 2 excellent tequilas, one available in the country, and one clandestinely smuggled into SA all the way from mi querido México

The tequila available here in SA is one of Mexico's leading tequilas, Don Julio . DJ is not one of my favorites, but still miles ahead of what generally passes for tequila in the bottle stores (liquor stores) of South Africa, Olmeca (no Mexican I know seems to have heard of it), Cactus jack (I crinkle my nose so hard it almost falls off), or Good ole Spring Break favorite, Jose Cuervo. Of course, these tequilas in their unmatured (or matured for that matter) state are suited for shooters (shots) to be ingested with the 'made famous by American party animals': salt and lime. However, I thoroughly snub this tradition, and dare I say it, find it a tad 'White Trash' (what else is new). 

My favorite tequila on earth, which I now own three whole bottles of thanks to the smuggling hubby, is none other than 1800. This tequila in its añejo (very matured) state rivals the always talked about and praised aged whiskies, and will only be consumed with salt and lime OMDB (over my dead body, and No, I'm not coming as a dead body) at my party. A tiny glass of this precious liquid should be enjoyed with a tiny glass of sangrita, A tomato based juice mix that complements the aftertaste of tequila beautifully, never ever shot down, without savoring the taste. How can I start a petition to bring 1800 to SA, and to stop people from drinking shots of bad tequila? Important issues.

Drinks under control, all the other preparations seem a little less so. The almost-thieving aside, the maid can stay at least until Monday.

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