Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A serious talk with Mama Africa

I might just have to take back what I said previously about having found a country where I never have to wear socks. 

South Africa, I'm taking away some of the points I have given you. It is inhumanely cold right now, and the water coming down from the skies every time I dare to step out of the door is just really unfair, and stripping away some of the love I have for you. Don't get me wrong, I love the frequent thunderstorm shows, just not when I'm trying to sleep, or actually have to go somewhere. South Africa, my husband's hogging my car, so I have to walk. I am refusing to buy an umbrella, while all of mine sail on the Atlantic!

Mama, I am giving you a chance now. Like I said to the first maid: "This is your choice. Either you want to work for me or you don't. Prove to me that you want to continue our relationship." South Africa, stop mooning me and be my friend again. Remind me why I love you. 

Also, South Africa, while I'm at it. Please remove the bedbugs (deemed as such after an entire morning of googling bites, manifestations and such), and please never plague us with such frightening things again. Still, I understand you might not be responsible for them, and I should perhaps point my accusing finger to where everyone else's fingers are also pointing: the government. And that would be an entirely different post.

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