Monday, February 02, 2009

Some light filing

I, the spoiled-rotten expat wife, have actually been working today (Stop gasping, it could happen!). Only half of the day, and I'm not getting paid, but I still consider my 5 hours in the office proper toil. Today I have been filing like there is no tomorrow, even though there is a tomorrow, since I'm only halfway through the Ds.

The filing in itself is not very exciting, and using the heavy-duty hole punch is most certainly resulting in a pinched nerve somewhere in my back/neck area, but immersing myself in a real South African office environment and observing the dynamics in this office has been a most intriguing exercise. Someone other than myself or the hubby actually made my coffee today. This was a little weird, yet it thoroughly confirmed my suspicion that in an office environment I would definitely have to have a secretary or brave constant melt-downs. I think I'm just too scattered to ever do anything real. Management here I come ;o) 

Still, I'm on a very friendly terms with the bosses - hence my volunteering to help with the time-consuming (as well as life-force depleting) task that is filing - so I can't really get into the mix, but having to use a hole punch instead of your brain certainly leaves your ears and eyes hungry for whatever is happening in the office. Lucky for me, as the big boss also remarked today, "there is always something going on." I really hope though, for his sake, that less will go on and he can take some time off. Stress central.

Without getting into detail (and this blog really is supposed to be about moi, not office gossip), I am starting to realize how much South African culture reminds me of Mexico. Here too modernity co-exists, or even intertwines, with ancient traditions and beliefs. In SA one might encounter a computer savvy sangoma, whereas in Mexico one could hire a lawyer who worships Saint Death. In northern Europe most people consider acupuncture as out of the norm.

I love the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition, perhaps I should schedule a visit to a sangoma as well, just to, you know, find out if anyone's put a curse on me. With WikiWorldBook I can find out if someone googles me, why not this?  

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