Friday, April 24, 2009

Honest? Me?

I Don't quite know what to say, but I'll for sure say something.

Thank you to Marathoner81 who by some odd twist of credibility seems to think that I am honest. Wow. Such pressure.

This is an award and a comes with these rules:

1. List 10 honest things about yourself, and
2. Pass it on to 7 cool people who embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

Here are my amazingly honest 10 things about myself. And you all know how I hate to write about myself, hey?

1. I don't actually have a crazy eye. I have two, and they are eerily closely placed. I also have an evil eye I give to people who either don't flush, or who don't wash their hands after going to the toilet. Soap is preferable. Sometimes I also give the evil eye to people kicking the back of my seat on an airplane, or people leaning their seats back on an airplane for the entire duration of the flight. In fact I just give the evil eye to having to travel by plane in coach, while teleportation would be far nicer, or first class.

2. High fives make me rather uncomfortable. Especially if I am the one expected to high five. 

3. I don't enjoy the sauna. There. I said it. It's off my shoulders. How glorious it is to finally be out of the closet (or the sauna?). Once a year I try it out in the vain hope of understanding what sweating (not a big fan of this either) in a dark room is all about, and never do. I hope my citizenship is not revoked for this. I only have the one.

4. I'm a complete literature snob and judge people by what they read, and then try to not let it show. I often get to drinking and fail miserably. But hey, I'm still friends with people who I have drunkenly accused of reading 'beach', 'airplane' and 'white trash'. It's my diplomatic ways that have made me popular.

5. I'm a complete tequila snob and judge people by how and what they drink in the way of tequila. In Mexico this was okay, since everyone else was just as diplomatic about this, but this has won me no friends is South Africa. Again 'white trash' might have come up.

6. If it wasn't for the internet there would be many, many people who I love and who supposedly at least like me, who would never hear from me again. It's not the lack of love, it's pure laziness. 

7. I will gladly go live anywhere in the world, except for one of those dry countries. I recently heard a story from an acquaintance of ours about him having resorted to making his own wine in Saudi Arabia, and that nearly brought tears to my eyes. Is there possibly a legalization-movement that I can join, or is that just for marijuana?  

8. I have seen so many giraffes in the past eight months, that I'm kind of over them now. Elephants still rock though. 

9. I can forgo candy for years, but I get Big Mac-withdrawal symptoms within a week. The same goes for a Starbucks latte. I heard there is a Starbucks at Copenhagen airport, and it is just a tad obscene how much I'm looking forward to that meeting. Starbucks also figures under my 'alternate accommodation' when I'm going to visit my friend in Albuquerque in August. 

10. The only exam that I ever tried to cheat on was in religion class. It was on the Ten Commandments. I just couldn't remember them by heart. What does that say about me as a person?

Whew. Done. Being honest is tough. Especially since I know my mom will read this, and I already have quite a few 'where did I go wrong with raising you'-talks coming, just from this blog. To her I will always be 16, and out to get her.

I would like to give this award on to:

Dawn at From Congo 
Betty at Betty Noire

And that's it. Today 5 is my interpretation of 7. 

I need coffee.   


Optimistic Pessimist said...
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Optimistic Pessimist said...

I don't know why, but I LOVE that you admitted high fives make you feel uncomfortable!

Great list!

An Open Heart said...

I came by due to a recommendation by 'perfect clarity'....she's right, you're hysterical! So, how's the tequila in Africa?

Extranjera said...

Marathoner - Yup. There's always that awkward 'will I miss'-moment.

An Open Heart - The hubby smuggled plenty of 1800 last time he was in Mexico and thank Zeus some of the bottle stores in South Africa sell Don Julio. No tequila so far in Zambia. Have tasted sorghum beer though. Not quite tequila, and not even quite beer...

corticoWhat said...

My Grandfather lost a finger and could only High Four..... you should be thankful. :)

heidikins said...

#4, all the way.


Extranjera said...

corticoWhat - Never said anything about high fouring. I see your point though. Am generally very thankful for my extremities, 'cept for my right hand that keeps going for the glass constantly. Tough when your driving.

Heidikins - by admitting you're a snob you get away with much longer

Beth said...

Also stopped by on recommendation...I am SOOOO glad I did. Thanks for all the laughs

Love, love LOVE...Tres Generations, the official tequila of Texas (ok, maybe just my house)!!

Extranjera said...

Beth - Thank you! You are too kind.
Not familiar with Tres Generations... But have decided must taste all tequila before coming up with any kinds of critique (I am tempted to sneer at the name - the snob that I am - because I am just sooo 'chilanga' (someone from Mx City).
This will be on my list in Albuquerque.

julochka said...

ok, i love this award and look forward to my own brutal honesty, which i will try to compose while sober. this comment, however, i cannot say the same for...

this is just another example of why you are so cool...

1. it's a list.

2. the thing with the sauna is hilarious and unless you promptly drink an entire bottle of finlandia and report back to me without slurring your words, i will immediately report you to the finnish passport authorities.

3. totally with you on the literature thing, but for me, it's more a judgement of people's bookshelves. and tho' i haven't necessarily called any book white trash, beach read and airplane read have been uttered. however, i judge in silence (cutting, brutal silence), rather than getting drunk and letting them have it (i might have to try that).

4. i'm that way with gin, not tequila (tho' i can see the tequila thing). go hendrick's (loved by a small handful of people, all over the world)

5. at first i didn't get the "dry" countries reference. i thought you mean desert. but perhaps i was drunk when i read it..

6. i'm with you on the candy. but called in the voodoo priestesses to make starbucks to come to the CPH airport--one on the inside and one on the outside, so even you just pick someone up, yes, grande latte. :-) and yes, i'm taking credit for bringing starbucks to CPH, tho' i had nothing to do with it other than prayers to Odin. (why do you use Zeus, by the way? aren't you from a nordic country?)

i will do this one, but it will likely be sunday or early next week. i won't be in front of the internet tomorrow. :-) which may cause me to disappear in a puff of smoke. we'll have to see...

now go put on that friggin' burberry brit, will you?

Extranjera said...

julochka - awesome, thought out response. and it's a list - what is there not to love about lists? I love them. They generally smell good.

However, am so terribly drunk on whatever they serve by the glass at the restaurant (and also for some fokken reason watching some sort of Tyra Banks summer clothes show on the fist-size tv thats confusng me to bits) that will further delve into this awesome detailed response (can barely spell response) tomorrow, or when I awake from the coma.
Awesome. Will spray some more parfume in the armpits now and party with the locals (who seem to enjoy a strong whiff of 'something' like there's no tomorrow).
Do you have any idea how much spell checking I had to do?

julochka said...

it's so cool that you considered that response thought-out, when really, it was the chenin blanc. that chenin blanc is totally thought out...and you're right, i may be trying to become a capetonian by replacing all of my bodily fluids with SA wine..

Pattern and Perspective said...

You would live anywhere in the world, but somewhere and here ( where I live. It's so dull, so cold in the winter, and the jobs suck. Only reason why I stay here is for my bf's sake. I'm an army brat, I can really live anywhere (except Siberia). Anyway, found your blog via the always interesting julochka. Will read more of your posts as time goes on.

Extranjera said...

P & P - Welcome! Will get more into this once i don't have to have hubby spell check (he fokken censures when I'm drunk), but I feel a little insulted now. I am actually from Finland. My people went to Minnesota to find better climate... ;o)
I realize after more than several glasses of wine this sound s like a real fokken good reply.. But, I'll revise tomorrow.
have a good night y'all!

Pattern and Perspective said...


I should have checked my wording. Meant somewhere dry & here (link) where I live. Didn't mean to offend - What an oddity that the Norwegian people who migrated to the Americas landed in a place with a climate that probably isn't much different from their own/original one? Uff-dah. It is still cold outside, even though spring has sprung. We also have a lot of Europeans that came over -- the Serbians & Croatians (because my bf's mother is the latter) came to MN and lived in the NE side, the Iron Range.

I like MN, I do. It's clean, the air is fresh & crisp, and there's not a lot of crime/violence. I just think I need a larger town like Duluth or MSPS. I am in a town of 7500 and it's so dull. After being so used to moving around (army brat), I get a bit antsy after a while and feel a need to get out of town. (Must be at that point now!)

Note to self: Take a trip. MSPS is only 5 hours South. I could go to IKEA.

Extranjera said...

P & P - Will ignore the Norway jab, and admit that I too was very, very drunk (evident from the repeated and highly imaginative use of 'fokken') and thus guilty of numerous offenses that I've outlined in my 'i rely love yuor bloog' post, but will now, in my hang over, think that they just makes me honest and kind of underlines the point of this here post.

To be honest, I don't think whether you like a place or not has to do so much with the size of the city. I come from a small town, which I still hate and love, I definitely adore Mexico City (the largest city in the world), but frankly did not enjoy Paris or Athens that much. Copenhagen is one of my favorite places on earth, but so is Lusaka (where I am right now, a sleepy capital with more corn fields than houses). I also adore Santiago Atitlan a very small community in Guatemala. I think what makes or brakes it is how you look at a place, and how you 'hit' it. I always try running...

Pattern and Perspective said...

Oh, dear. I didn't jab at Norway, just this town I live in. I didn't say anything about the actual ethnicity & culture of the people that live here, did I? Anyway, no matter. I guess I'll go stick my head in a hole for the rest of the weekend.

I suppose a place is what you make of it, but sometimes I wish I was just up in the sky looking down upon everything, being able to take it in all at once. I just wish I could take a year and travel again. I have fond memories of Lloret Del Mar, Vienna, Rothenburg, San Juan..I think I just am in need of a change.

I hope the coffee helps

Extranjera said...

P & P - Just misunderstanding it on purpose to mean that you had gotten Finland and Norway mixed up. Norway is kind of okay, and so is Denmark, but had you written Sweden... (I actually almost made a joke about you mentioning IKEA too)

Please don't stick your head in anything, good drinking hours are a'wasting.

Have a good one and for the love of Odin, travel, travel and travel!

Pattern and Perspective said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pattern and Perspective said...

I guess it was a misunderstanding. I didn't realize you were from Finland, and although we have some Finn's it's mostly Norwegians via rural Norway. These countries were never part of my original statement, though. I was only saying my town, the physicall location in which I reside, is dull. Never said anything about culture and/or ethnic backgrounds.

Anyway, I am no longer going to worry about this matter (can you tell I am a worrier)...but must say I would drink after all this mess, but won't....

I rarely do. I have this disease that makes me sick enough to have surgery every 1.5 years (almost to the day) and I don't want to make myself feel crappy if I don't have to.

So, Carpe Diem, Extranjera. I hope the coffee helps and that you'll feel better tomorrow.

Extranjera said...

P & P - Don't worry!

Enjoy your Sunday!

My name is Erin. said...

Yeah, what is it with Finn's and sauna's? I mean I get it, but I don't really either. I grew up pronouncing it "Saw-nuh" like any good language of origin butchering American, and suddenly at the age of 15 or 16, my mother made a decree that we were to start pronouncing it "Sow-Na" like Finn's pronounce it. Or so I'm told. What always amazed me about the importance of this decree is that I think I've been in a sauna with my mother a total of 3 or 4 times in my entire 31 years. So yeah... that's my sauna rant.

My name is Erin. said...

Oh and I just read your profile and I'm happy to report that not only did you list my ALL TIME FAVORITE book (The Poisonwood Bible) in your list, but 5 of the 28 books listed are among my favorites as well. (Yes I counted how many books you listed. It was a better use of my time than doing the Algebra homework I should've be doing. Apparently.)

Extranjera said...

Beth - Welcome sistah!
I am the complete wrong person to talk about saunas. I belong to the percentage of the tribe who are better versed on the areas of drinking, weird language, and polar bears. Meaning that I will eventually get hideously drunk and be happy sleeping curled up underneath a birch tree and I may or may not sing some melancholic Finnish song while falling asleep and will love to talk about this with everyone who did not manage to catch the spectacle (or even if they did), and that I love the language and in my previous life thought I would become an interpreter, but was just a tad too opinionated to be spouting someone else's words (I have too many of my own), and that no, Finland has no polar bears, we have rain deer but they are mangier and smaller than you think. - That is the extent of my Finnishness. I have been gone for about 10 years, and am willing to peck strange cheeks.

And, counting the books you (or someone else) love is never a dull or an unwarranted task.

Extranjera said...

Okay, totally oblivious as to where the beth came. Sorry Erin, all names beyond As and Bs might have gone out with some recycled Chenin Blanc. Who knows?

Kikit said...

Silly comment on number 10:

Probably, what you were trying to copy then was, "Thou shall not steal." :)

Love your site. Hope to come back soon. :)

Extranjera said...

Kikit - Thank you! and welcome again.

I think me becoming a raging atheist started right then and there, in detention, for not remembering to not covet my neighbor's wife or cow or that cool pair of Air Jordans, or not to yell OMG all the time.