Saturday, April 25, 2009

Universe talks to me personally and acknowledges the hubby as an appendage.

Warning: this here post will be more somber than usual, since I am sober and right at this minute feel like never drinking again. Except for coffee, lots and lots of coffee. 

So, I've been missing Mexico a lot lately. And, this is only partly tequila and tacos al pastor related. However, I have now started to think that perhaps the universe (Odin? Zeus?) is trying to tell me something. Yup. I do think I am that important.

About six months ago a plane crashed down, about 100 meters from where we lived in Mexico City, right outside of Finland's embassy actually, right where I used to walk, a lot. The plane crashed about the time I would have normally been getting home. Horribly, one of my pals got caught in the fire and is still not okay. Well, she is updating her Facebook, but not her blog, which says oodles to all of you people of the blog-o-sphere. Again, I will wish her a speedy recovery and count my blessings (Do Odin or Zeus do those? Or are they more in the I-will- curse-your-descendants-to-the-tenth-generation business? Or maybe that's just voodoo? But I digress). 

There is an outbreak of swine flu in Mexico City. 60 people are dead and more than 900 affected. Schools are closed. People are recommended to stay out of grocery stores, restaurants, and movie theaters (How my amigos at Starbucks must be hurting!). I am glad my BFF is out of Mexico City, but I'm really afraid for all of my other friends still in the city as well as their families and the family of my BFF's husband. Everyone seems to be freaking out on Facebook, but that could also just be cabin fever from the lockdown. On the plus side I've never gotten as many comments even on the very feeble status updates as in the past couple of days. And I do love it when people acknowledge, or like the fact that I am '@ hotel'.

This past Easter was the first time ever that Mexico City officials decided to cut off the water supply for a couple of days. Now, I have been hearing (too hangover-y to google it) for years that it is estimated that in 2012 there will be no more water in Mexico City, but this year was apparently an all time low. Perhaps now, all the people who happily water their lawns and wash their cars (read: have their maid/ driver/ gardener/ house boy/ guard / other person scared of them water the lawn and wash the car) every single day, will think twice if going smelly and greasy-haired for a long weekend, and not being able to flush away neither #1 nor #2 is on the other end of the scale. After experiencing me in the last two days without deodorant and perhaps rather unwisely appropriating perfume for the purpose, the hubby is definitely counting his blessings for not needing to face the unshowered me for days on end. Sauvignon Blanc does NOT smell good when it is exiting through your armpits. Just so you know, and since I know you were wondering. Who wouldn't be? Such important issues. 

So now I am left wondering whether Mexico is starting to look just a tad unattractive, or my subconscious (who is much smarter than the real me) is simply reminding me that you can never go home again? 

Now. Coffee.       

Edit: Apparently forgot all about the escalated drug wars earlier, and now they've just had an earthquake. 

Universe, I get it.  


julochka said...

are you sure you weren't drunk when you wrote this? or was I just drunk when I read it. I'm at a party where the ex-wife is here and I fear that I'm starting to like her better than the husband...not really but she does seem quite ok...sorry it's the Chilean chardonnay talking, and diluting the SA chenin blanc. I'll go now and give a more fornuftig comment tomorrow.

marathoner81 said...

I'm kinda drunk right I'm not sure if that helps or not.

That's really disturbing about everything that's happening right now.

Extranjera said...

Julochka and marathoner -
Painfully sober.
Am I not most of the time?
What do you mean by that?
You are not implying I drink a lot.. too much?

Just a Girl said...

Mexico City just experienced a magnitude 6 earthquake. Wow.

B said...

I hope all your friends are OK! I couldn't believe it when I heard about the earthquake. I've never been to Mexico city but it sounds like a city that can pick up itself from anything!
Of course the universe talks to you, it talks to me too, but not in very clear terms, is that me or it?

Extranjera said...

B - Thanks! They (my friends) are all screaming on Facebook, so I don't think anyone is dead yet. The biggest issue seems to be that some of them are close to offing their dear kiddos, who are in quarantine at home... with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Just a girl - yup. Universe is coming in loud and clear.