Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Origins and the land of Santa

Why does this keep happening?

A shop assistant/ waiter/ neighbor/ random sweaty guy at the gym: So where in the States are you from?

Me: Well... I'm actually from Finland.

A light goes out of the eyes of whoever it is that is posing this question, since they are asking it because they either a) have been to the States b) have family in the States c) would like to visit or have family (me as a wife possibly, who wouldn't) in the States d) they madly love Obama e) all of the above and want to hang out with someone who comes from the promised land of Coca Cola, McDonalds, Oprah and 90210. Sadly, I am not, and will never be, that person.  

This usually follows the dimming of the eyes.

A shop assistant/ waiter/ neighbor/ random sweaty guy at the gym: Oh... well... that's nice. Lots of snow, right? Cold, eh?

Me: Yup, in the winter can be -70 degrees celsius (I have slowly moved up [down?] from -20 celsius over the years). It can be so cold that your car won't start and your dog's paws freeze onto the ground. But that's when the polar bears don't hunt, so it's still safer than normal. Otherwise they might eat Santa when he crawls home from the bar.

A shop assistant/ waiter/ neighbor/ random sweaty guy at the gym: HAHAHA, that's funny! Yea, because Finns all drink like fish, right?

Exactly, you got it, that was my point.  


Anonymous said...

I find your writing such a pleasure to read.

kle said...

lol this was great. i can't quite sympathise... all *I* end up doing is humouring people who are trying their hardest to figure out what Malta is ('where' comes later) for them to even have any stereotypes!!!

Extranjera said...

Betty - Thanks! I try... well, actually I don't, I drink and stuff pours out. Hmm.

Kle - Uh, I know what and where!!!
(After googling Malta) And I was flippen right. Surprising! Hurrah for remaining brain cells and Finnish primary education.

Mister Write said...

You have a very comfortable voice in your writing. Your personality comes thru. Funny stuff.


Extranjera said...

Mr. W. - Thank you. I try not to try so hard. Sometimes it seems to work.

My name is Erin. said...

I'm a new reader of your blog and I'm pretty sure I'll be stopping by for the rest of my life. Or your life. Or for as long as you're blogging anyway.

Just thought I'd throw out that I'm an American of Finnish descent. (I'm pretty sure that's the politically correct way of saying it.) Yeah, my great-grandparents came over from Finland at the end of the 20th century.

That pretty much makes us sisters, right? :)

Extranjera said...

Beth - Not unless you're blond, drink like a fish on all public holidays, are on first names with santa, and hate people touching you. ;o)

Extranjera said...

And Erin - Why do I keep calling you Beth?

My name is Erin. said...

I'm really getting a kick out of the Beth thing. Haha! Perhaps it was my name in a past life.

I'm not blond, though I was for the first 25 years of my life. At that point it started to get darker and when I became pregnant with my first child, it got a bit darker and after the birth of my 2nd and final child, I referred to myself as blond was informed that I am a brunette. I'm still not quite on board with this, but I suppose I don't have much of a choice unless I pay for it. And that feels like cheating.

Also. I've bee known to drink like a fish on all major holidays, including ones that I was unaware I was celebrating, and thought it best I drink the days before and after as well. Just for good measure.

I don't drink as much these days, because I hope to remember my children's childhoods. So far, so good.

Extranjera said...

Beth / Erin - Close enough.

Anne said...

My dad's from Finland and someone asked me if that meant I was Dutch.