Sunday, December 27, 2009

I so have it under control. Do too.

  • 50 bottles of wine. Check. Two of the three visitors arriving early tomorrow are related to me after all.
  • Enough meat. And by 'enough' I mean enough to sustain a small, yet moderately wealthy (none of that third world stuff for my New Years, thanks, I'm saving that for Easter) nation of a sizable bear-of-a-man population, such as Finland. NOT in Check? What is the Hubs playing at? Panic! 
  • Deodorant and a toothbrush for the 'hobo-ish' bro who'll for sure be arriving without neither. Check. Maybe some socks and clean underwear too...? 
  • Pent up need to speak Finnish loudly to people who actually understand it. Check
  • The will to criticize everyone around and the will to delight in the fact that no one will know it's them we are talking about. Check. Like so check.
  • Presents! Check. And not all of them are from me to me either.
  • Plane tickets to Cape Town, hotel reservations in Cape Town, and a restaurant reservation in the Cape Town Waterfront for New Year's eve. Check. I assume. The Hubs is dealing with all of the minor details. I just worry about the drinks, and the hair staying blue. Which is incredibly tough to multitask, but oddly gratifying at the same time. 
  • A way to freak out the visitors. Check. I'm picking them up from the airport by myself. In the big car. And the hobo-ish bro still doesn't believe that I can actually drive. Little does he know... Muahahahahaha.... (Go right ahead and imagine me doing that thing Mr. Burns does with his fingertips, only with more flair and less liver spots. Go ahead. I'll wait, I won't mind.)  
  • Multitudes of food. Check. I accessorized the hall with a giant bowl filled with just-in-case-someone-should-feel-peckish-at-all-times power-bars. Looks totally snazzy. And only a tad trashy. Hmph.
  • Freshly baked stuff in the form of chocolate balls (giggle, giggle) I made myself (technically by heating up some cream [measured and heated up by the Hubs] and then mixing it with chocolate [grated by the Hubs] and forming it into balls [ALL ME]. So no actual baking involved, but that's what I'm going to call it anyway. Don't hate). Check.
  • Plans. The Hubs says: "Check."
  • Random problems getting the spare bed to play nice. So check I'm almost embarrassed to admit it here. Think: problems with the soft box (which still hasn't been folded)...
  • Excitement over the visitors. Check. Like totally psyched. 
I'm just so prepared it almost hurts. Wish me luck.

Go ahead, have a ball!

See you in the New Year!


Tina said...

Sounds wonderful! Have a great time! Must make those balls..

julochka said...

you'll be fine...enjoy!1 i'm sure they're also bringing presents. and that's what matters.

plus, hit that "rain" store at the waterfront in CT. they have the coolest soap and bath stuff.

... daisy... said...

You'll be OK! So good luck and lots of fun!!! :-)

My name is Erin. said...

I love brothers! I wish mine were visiting for New Years. Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the after-party stories, I am sure they will be fandabbydozy. Have fun!

kristine said...

oh lukcy lukcy you, cape town for new years. have a fabulous time x

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

3 sisters, no brothers. I've always felt a little left out. Can't wait to read about your escapades in the up coming year! I am totally coveting those chocolates!

Kaotic said...

Yummy(I seem to be focusing on pictures of food today!). :-)

Have a great time, and Happy New Year.

My name is Erin. said...

Happy New Year!!! So happy I "met" you this past year. Here's to 2010!!

omchelsea said...

Phew. You too were too inebriated (hey!hey! I can HOPE!) to blog over the last week. SUddenly I don't feel so guilty.