Tuesday, December 08, 2009

You just put them on your feet, you don't take photos of them. Duh.

When in doubt, there are always shoes to blog about.

Well, shoes and the eradication of such evils as war, famine, sickness, and poverty. But sometimes just shoes in all of their complexity are enough. When that other stuff gets to be too much. Shoes; the ones in your closet, the ones on your feet, the ones you really want but can't afford, the ones that you were wearing when you met that special someone, the ones you wore to bury your grandma, or quickly slipped on your feet to rush out after that phone call, the ones that didn't quite match your wedding dress but you were beyond caring at that point, the ones that make you 3 inches taller and thus oodles more powerful, the ones you take off every night, or the ones that give you horrible blisters but look divine, and the ones you paid through the nose for but have never worn.

Or the ones that are surprisingly comfortable but that don't go with anything, but that you've regardless worn to every single shindig in the past 6 years requiring more than 5 minutes of standing up.

Or the ones you had to own in every color they came in, but have only ever worn the black ones.

Or the ones that make you look like a weirdo and always earn you comments and/or someone suspicious talking to you about your shoes.

Or the ones that you'll wear to that superimportant fancy-pants gala. That you will totally attend. As soon as you're invited. Sure you will. Soon.

Or the ones that could totally take all the other shoes. Hands [heels?] down.

Or any of the ones from your impressive, yet simultaneously extremely disturbing, collection of Converse and Birkenstocks. That you just love and wear all the time. Like right now. And sometimes to bed when you forget to take your shoes off and fall asleep on the couch. Or especially when you sleep on an airplane because there is nothing quite like the friction offered by the rubber soles of your chucks when the only thing that will allow for at least some circulation to your lower extremities is to wedge them onto the armrest of the annoying, smelly guy sitting in front of you.

Shoes shouldn't be forgotten. But embraced. Do you know what's going on with your shoes today? Do you even know where they are?

I don't.


FindingOutMary.blogspot.com said...

I love shoes, who doesn't? I used to take a ton of pictures of them all, until I met a very superstitious woman who convinced me I would get rather horrid luck if I continued to take pictures of them.
I know it sounds silly, but that woman was my aunt and she is quite the speech giver.

Cyndy said...

Uhhh, I really don't know where all of my shoes are, but when I find them, it is like reuniting with a long lost friend.

Your collection is fabulous! Really love the black and whites! Most of my stiletto days are over (can't believe I ever endured the pain in the name of fashion), but every once in awhile, my daughter and I come across a pair that just needs to come home to pal around with the others in the closet. You know, to give the old ones a spark to the soul (sole). [So bad, I had to spell it out...uggghhhh!]

Leenie said...

Just last night I was shopping online for a pair of Buster Brown Saddle Oxfords like the ones my dad bought me when only they would do. They made me run faster and leap over fences. Saddle shoes are still out there. Am I brave enough to wear them now? Love your blog. Read it every day.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. One can't help but think of Imelda Marcos when one sees your collection.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where your shoes are? *giggles*

Reminds me of that bit in "PS I Love You" where she suddenly jumps up and starts picking up the shoes she has just thrown all over the bedroom. Her husband asks what she's doing, and she replies, out of breath, something like this: "Putting my shoes in their homes. They're gonna think I don't love them."

And as for excessive shoe-purchasing habits, I believe Ms Knightly said it best in "The Duchess" when she explained that women are reserved to express themselves solely through fashion. So there. Take away my credit card at the shoe store and you take away my self expression, my femininity, my creative outlet.

My name is Erin. said...

I love the black heels that could kick the other shoes' asses. I wish I had somewhere to wear shoes like that. I really, really do.

molly said...

i thought i had a lot of shoes.
i don't.
you do.
and they are beautiful!
you lucky!

kristina said...

I really like your shoe photos :-) the soft box seems to be working for you!