Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My baby's all grown up, and wordy too.

It seems that milestones (I can't believe I just spelled that liestones, Dr. Freud?) are just coming at me left and right. Today my blog, this here one y'all gazing at right this very minute, is one year old. Post-wise that is, not in terms of how long I've had the account, but anyhoo.

One whole year of babble.

I know that's a piece of stinky cheese and not cake, but on its birthday the blog gets what the blog desires, so it was really out of my hands...

I have very little insight as to why I started blogging in the first place, or really, what this whole 'being a blogger' has done to me. So I thought I would combine a little random and highly inconclusive list-type-of-a-thing-a-ma-jiggy-dealio to chart my experience some.

So really, I'm just talking to myself here, people. Because I have nothing better to do (Yes I do actually, but we all know how I can procrastinate, yes?).

Blogging Pro (Blop):  All of my grand ideas on whatever I thought of farting on any given day of the past year are on file.

Blogging Con (Bloc): Sometimes my big thought of the day came down to meat, or possibly what was in my thrash can. I also believe that shoes were mentioned. More than once.

Blop: Instead of having to send an email to people confirming that I am, contrary to general belief, still alive and the weather is good in SA, I just update the blog.

Bloc: Apparently that's not enough. Mother.

Blop: I have something to do while I'm drinking my morning coffee, so that I don't just sit around in my bathrobe all morning long and stare into the distance.

Bloc: I have something to do while I'm drinking my morning coffee, when I really should be getting myself psyched to begin working. Or, you know, to get into the shower.

Blop: I have met an incredible amount of cool folks on the internet. I have been inspired, horrified, moved, disgusted, touched, envious, entertained, bored, flabbergasted, amused, informed, and made to think. And sometimes something completely different, or nothing at all.

Bloc: They all live somewhere far away. And are unwilling to travel to South Africa just to look at my face. Even if I'm buying the wine. Can you believe the nerve?

Bloc: And I've come across a few ignorant assholes too, who have just made me really, really sad.

Blop: I have managed to write something almost every day for the past year, which sort of, in my book, and in this parallel universe that I inhabit and that I like to call home, makes it okay for me to call myself a 'writer - sort of'.

Bloc: I have neglected to write anything that I was supposed to have written because I was busy updating my blog and being a blogger instead.

Blop: I have discovered how incredibly supportive and loving complete strangers can be when there's a need. And how quickly they go from being strangers to friends.

Bloc: See above point on how no one is willing to confront me in person. Even if I really am supplying all of the wine.

Blop: I generally love to Blog

Bloc: I generally love to Blog.


Lisa-Marie said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

I have rather enjoyed reading about your life in the past year. I find you brae, honest and funny, which is a rare combination in a person. I look forward to more!

Tina said...

Happy birthday blog! Congratulations on all those words. You are a writer!
Love and Christmas wishes!
Tina xx

Ellie said...

Holy crap - and you have all those readers... something serious to aspire to. Congratulations on your commitment.

jalalHB said...

I liked this blog and your dictionary. It was something very different that I came across on the blog thing. Interesting.

Sarah said...

happy blogging birthday! and yes, blogs tend to ask for the weirdest things. just the other day, my blog grabbed half the mnms i was eating out of my hand. of course, they spilled all over the keyboard since it forgot it has no mouth, but that's beyond the point.

My name is Erin. said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so thankful for you and your blog. It has made my day on many an occasion. And for the record, I'd fly to SA in a heart beat if my husband didn't think we should spend our money on things like house payments and food. Stupid, I know, but he does provide most (all) of the money, so I try to respect his ideas. One of the things I love about your blog is getting to visit SA and you in my imagination almost daily. XO

jane said...

happy one year! if i win the christmas lottery, i´ll so share a bottle of wine with you. warm hugs and happy holidays! jane

iasa said...

Happy bloggiversary! Dude, if i had more than $6 in mz pocket i would so come to SA to see you. Even without the wine.

caroldiane said...

Happy blog-iversary! I am so glad that you took on this out-pouring. You would not believe how many times I refer to you in conversation (I have this Finnish friend, married to a Viking, living in SA etc etc - makes me seem worldly). And I would come visit with or without wine (just have to manage that pesky money thing, it seems!)

Cyndy said...

Double Blop: Getting to know you this past year!

And about that invitation, consider it accepted. It's just a matter of logistics now, which can mean (unfortunately) a lot of time. But it is on the agenda, wish list, To Do list, etc.

And after flying for that many hours, yes, there better be wine!

wv: suinf: the state of limbo meaning between 'soon' and 'if.' Cyndy will be visiting her friend Extranjera in SA suinf.

Polly said...

Happy Blogobirthday! What a year it's been, eh? Thank you for charting your experience, it helped me to reorganise my thoughts on the topic too :-) we'll have a mini BC SA one day once I win lottery/land that half-million-pounds-a-year job

funny thing, I call myself "sort of a writer" too since I started blogging, after all we PUBLISH, don't we

have a great Christmas

... daisy... said...

Amazing and very funny!!! :-)

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Brad Paisley says:

Happy Blirthday to you
Happy Blirthday to you
Happy Blirthday dear Ext's blog
Happy Blirthday to you!

Don't say I've never done anything nice for you.

And if I could get out of my current situation: i.e., win the lottery, I'd get OP and 110penned and VEG and anyone else you wanted to see and fly us all down to SA with loads of wine.

Kaotic said...

Amen! Looking forward to year 2, and "I generally love to blog," is reason enough. :-)

P.S. Oh my, my word verification is an actual word..."ginger"...need to dig into the lost oracle in me, and figure out the meaning of this deep, symbolic moment. ;-)

Angelina said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Amazing year you've had, and many more to come no doubt.

CrazyCris said...

Happy 1 Year!!!

oops, I think I missed mine! That and the 200-post mark, no time! (and no internet lately, ouch!)

I so agree with all your blops and blocs... I "waste" so much time on my blog, and yet it leaves me feeling productive. Ain't procrastination grand?! :o)

PS: I'd be willing to come down to South Africa... if to that wine you add tickets to a Spanish football match during the World Cup this summer! ;o)
Sigh, I wish!

Chin said...

Congrats! You have accumulated quite the fan base in just a year. I want to be just like you when I grow up!

julochka said...

this is an excellent list (and you know i can spot a good list). happy blogoversary. i'm sorry your blog wanted stinky cheese and that you put it so close to the MBP, maybe next time your blog will ask for cake. and a latte. or at least some wine.

so happy to be one of those people who met you this past year...and i'd be in SA in a minute if husband would just get that stupid teleporter working...