Sunday, September 27, 2009

And you smile

On any gloriously sunny, beautiful and just in all ways lekker early-summer Sunday, you find yourself wandering and wondering, looking around, and listening to the birds and the people around you. Maybe with a tall latte in hand, and while your hair is doing that awesome thing where it just does exactly what you've always wanted it to. And then some.

And you smile.

If you're lucky, haven't peed in anyone's bowl of cereal lately, and know just when and where to look (or you simply happen to be idly staring into the right direction, possibly inside yourself) you might notice some of those little things that tell you that all is not lost with the world. That, in fact, the universe is good, beautiful, kind, funny and often better than an episode of Saturday Night Live, or even 30 Rock. Universe is rocking her thing.

And for once, not mooning you.

You are still high from the amazing Africa Umoja - Spirit of Togetherness show from the night before. Those drums... They followed you into your dreams. As did the drummer.

Oh, the excitingly scary-looking, big, powerful drummer.

Good thing the Hubby let you cut his beard, and quit looking oddly amish and began to look more like the viking he is. The big, strong, almighty husband that he is. Someone who carries a laptop instead of a pitchfork.

You tee off so early in the morning that you only have the birds singing for company and the sun coming up. So early in fact that you have to wake up the poor receptionist who is sleeping in her chair with the last night's make up on her face (and more than a few beers on her breath) to pay for your round.

You remember to roll up your polo-shirt sleeves before teeing off, and are finally slowly but surely easing out of that very suspicious-looking farmer tan you've been suffering from since the Northern hemisphere summer.

No one mentions that smiley-face burn on your butt and how you should really get around to purchasing a belt and/or a longer shirt and thus quit distracting the old guys at the driving range with (now burnt red) ass-cleavage.

You drive by a guy on his way home from church who is proudly carrying his possessions around in a pink bag featuring the silhouette of a black corset. He totally rocks the bag.

You manage to catch up to the girl who dropped a 20 rand note, and make her day. Or at least her lunch. She does have to wear a hairnet to work, and you figure anything to ease that pain must be a good thing indeed.

You have bacon for breakfast dessert.

You admit to yourself that you like having meetings and planning things at those meetings, and are looking forward to the ones coming up. You wonder at people who still want to meet with you after receiving emails either quoting the wisdom of Family Guy or featuring the sentiment, "there's nothing you can do about it. Muahahaha."

Meetings mean you get to wear high heels too and something different from your ever-expanding collection of weird costume jewelry every time.

Quickly now, before the 80s and neon go out of fashion again.

You have medium-rare ostrich fillet with red cabbage for lunch at your favorite restaurant. And with your coffee the waiter brings you cream instead of milk, because that's the way you prefer your coffee.

A stranger holds the door for you.

You hear christmas carols playing at the mall. While you are searching for a new swimsuit for the laying-by-the-pool-with-drinks-in-both-hands season.

You sit in a fitting room for extra five minutes just to catch the entire discussion between a mother and a daughter in the neighboring cubicle. You are amazed at what sounds like a 6-year-old knowing what a muffin-top is and how eloquently such a thing can be explained. And at what sounds like a 35-year-old not having a clue.

You over-shop at a boutique because the sales assistant is so honest, awkward, and for a change anything but fake.

You hug and kiss on every escalator you hit.

You enjoy, soak up the sun, have a great discussion, smile, kiss, hold hands, laugh, and feel content. You come back home, sit down at the computer and feel inspired and drawn out into the real world.

And you smile.

There just might be something better than the internet.


MissBuckle said...

Better than the internet? Naaaahhh...

Two Flights Down said...

Inspiring post.

monica said...

Coming from you! a very unusual post!
Better than internet!i remember reading about days you spent sulking without a connection.Uh...yes there was a particular night if i am not wrong.

Nice account of a day's happenings.It's strange,at times we pay attention and some times we overlook these things and take them for granted. You have a good eye and the way you weave magic with words and sprinkle humor...Superb!

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Inspiring! And I loved the pics.

Angelina said...

Hey girl,

Sounds like a good day overall, but wait until the next time you lose your connection to the internet.

omchelsea said...

I'm feeling hopeful about my day tomorrow now. Thank you!

Loredana said...

Wonderful post!!!

Anonymous said...

truly inspiring...and I smiled;)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

breakfast dessert is close to being better than the internet. love the vibe of this post.

kristine said...

i guess i have missed something. whats with the peeing-in-someones-cereal reference. I am going to have to scour your blog to find out.

nice post though. i have days like that. (not recently, i must admit).

M.J. said...

I love days like this where everything falls into place and you just know all is right in the universe. This was a great post--thanks!

caroldiane said...

marvelous post - sounds like a fantastic day - I am smiling too!

joeygirl said...

it's a beautiful moment when you remember that life is grand.
nice post.