Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I do

In my time on this earth I've gotten around to doing quite a few things.

Some of them I liked doing, others not so much.

I guess there is a certain from eating fresh strawberries with cream on a lovely summer day to going to the dentist to find out that he doesn't believe in pain kind of scale to everyone's life, and there are things you enjoy doing and then there's stuff that just has to be done. Like, say, sleeping and Finnish taxes.

I have been extremely fortunate to meet the person I started dreaming about when I was still playing with Barbies, and although at that point I maintained that his name was Steve, him being called something different didn't soil the awesome turns of events that put me in the same place at the same time with him, and made him fall in love with me. I have been blessed with travels that have taken me to places I'd never thought I'd visit, some I didn't want to visit but ended up loving, and some I made my home, and found amazing people in, who I'm proud to call my friends.

Alone, with my 'Steve', and with my friends I have had the chance to experience some awesome things that are out there.

I never thought this would be one of them. But it is.

I have actually written almost 200 posts on this here blog.

200. That's a lot for a woman who gets ants in her pants at the first sign of a routine, consistency, or any sort of coherence.

A lot for a woman whose natural flight instinct is much less like a person's than it is a wild animal's.

A lot for a woman who would really like to write every day all day, but finds it very hard to sit down and actually do it.

A lot.

So now I'm leaving it up to you, my cherished readers, to take the lead and ask me some questions that I can answer in my 200th post. I'm not guaranteeing an answer, at least not a coherent or a sensible one, but I'll try. I won't answer 200 questions, but I might spring for 20 as long as at least some of them can be answered with a simple yes or no.

Anything from how did you get into blogging (Dunno?), did you really read both the new and the old testament (Guess.), to what is your view on pink shoes with a red dress (Yes!). And everything in between.

I swear, I'll try to answer.

(Actually, I think I'm trying to get away with not responding to your sweet comments. Shame on me!)

You have until Sunday.

Post the questions in the comments or send them to me at


Judearoo said...

200?! Congrats hon!!

Ok, My question to you, should you choose to accept it is:

What for you is the best thing about keeping a blog? I mean, why did you keep going? 200 posts is a looooot of blog...


omchelsea said...

How many different countries have you lived in and how many more do you want to try?

Breenuh said...

If you could freeze your life at any year, what year would it be and why?

Nabula said...

Well done you! Also, you never skimp so 200 of yours = many hundreds of most bloggers' posts! Anyway, my question: where does the name come from? Or, if you're feeling bashful (no, wait, that's impossible after 200 posts): what's your favourite red-wine-hangover-cure (always the worst)?

Congrats on your popular musings and I look forward to the next 200 (no pressure)!

angelina said...

What was your original intent when you posted your first blog, and when did it change?

CrazyCris said...

woah, 200 already?! bravissima!

Ok, you asked for it! Question time:
What do you miss the most from the places you've lived in? (and I mean what not who! who is a given... unless you only met unpleasant people of course)

I look forward to your answers to all these questions! ;o)

Ekanthapadhikan said...

200th Post! That's something to celebrate!

Here is my question for you - have you ever believed in Santa? Ever?

M.J. said...

Congrats on your 200th post!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Congrats on 200. It's a big milestone. My question is, and I apologize if it's been asked before, but I don't know the answer--where did the name Extranjera come from? I know it's not your real name, so how did you come up with it and what does it mean/represent?

histreasure said...

congrats..this is awesome..200!!
wil be back to post my questions..

Steven Anthony said...

Of all your travel...if you could only pick one to visit, live and die in....where would it be?

congrats on #2oo

I'm Kim, by the way said...

Crap -- that's what I meant to do: Fin(n)ish taxes.

Why "Steve?"

The Novelista Barista said...

Congrats on ur 200th post!!!

My question... how the heck did u get 1544 followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) What is ur secret!

Amanda West said...

Congatulations! And keep going. You're great at it. I don't have any questions... But I'm looking forward to reading your answers to everybody elses.

Sohini said...

hey congrats on ur 200 post ! I'm new to blogging .So my question to u would be -
How do u get so many things to write about ?

jen said...

Honestly, i was got curious when I first read the title of your blog until little by little started to follow your blogs.
my question is from your blog title itself: WHAT ELSE YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?
Take care =)

DeepBlu said...

Well gee, now I feel obligated, having read all the other questions :) Ummm...Is writing a blog worth all the time you put into it?

Adam Dabrowski said...

So I want you to ask: why blog and not something else? maybe a short stories... You write really good so maybe you will try now something else?