Saturday, September 05, 2009

The tall chick with the clown nose

Because my friends love me dearly (do too!), and don't want to see me get sucked into/ permanently attached to my beloved MacBook Pro, which has in recent times become more of a family member and less of a machine, one of them, the ever awesome Missus Ambassador (who I have highly incriminating [to her grown children] pictures of 'falling asleep' at a Helsinki gay-club last summer, placing her squarely in my back pocket as far as potential blackmail-y relationships go. I'm just saying.) has orchestrated a play date for me and the Hubs.

With another foreign couple. Not with each other.

After having frightened this innocent pair of Americans with some emails earlier this week, we have agreed to meet for dinner tonight. Which brings us to the complicated part.

How will we know each other?

They don't know that I blog, so unlike with Kim of Heliotrollop, I can't guide them to the picture where I'm being licked, or caressing my Starbucks latte at Copenhagen airport, or picking my nose in an ambinostrous way, or holding my pants up at a wedding (?), or have my stoopid face on.

All I can do is describe myself and my viking. Especially since I don't feel that I can commit to an outfit already hours before the meeting, as I usually don't commit until I'm in the car and it's no longer possible to change. Unless I bring the other shirt option in the car with me, of course. However, I try to refrain from outfit changes during any event.

Usually, with the help of the potty dance, I also succeed.

To describe us, in an email yesterday, I came up with this:

I am very nordicly blond, with short hair that stands up somewhat alarmingly, and the hubby has a full, reddish viking beard and brown hair. We can't be missed.

Is it just me, or do we sound a tad too hairy to be entirely normal? Like an Aryan electrocution-victim and the Unabomber? And what kind of a message am I sending with we can't be missed anyways? Sounds either deluded, or like we're a couple of circus freaks.


We try so hard to appear normal.

I hope the couple decides to show up.

Have a good weekend everyone and see you on the other side (unless I'm brutally murdered by these people I've never met, which will mean that 'the other side' refers to something much more than Monday.)!


An Open Heart said...

I LOVE this picture of y'all, you're adorable and can't imagine that anyone else wouldn't think so, also!

Have fun on your play date.

The_Mandinator said...

"A tad too hairy to be entirely normal?" LOL! I loved it.

monica said...

Nice picture of you two! ."We can't be missed" I think that holds true but in a positive way :P
Have fun at your play date!

Ekanthapadhikan said...

"hair that stands up alarmingly...". And I bet they never missed you.

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Oh! Oh! I vote for the maternity dress wedding outfit thingy! WITH the coat!

armyblond said...

When you get a chance, visit my blog, there is an award waiting for you.

caroldiane said...

love the pic of you and the Viking - I would love to be another foreign couple you have a play date (does being Canadian count? Oh wait, you have a siamese twin sister who is Canadian, I guess I can't be a mysterious foreigner then...) Hope dinner went well!

otin said...

It is hard meeting people who you have never seen, or met before! I have done that and approached the wrong person!

lyndseywiley said...

I'm sure you'll do fine... as long as you shower first :o).

Eternally Distracted said...

At least you have now given them the opportunity to not show up! ... Oh how I'd love to be a fly on the wall :0)

Rest assured that we will all call the police for you if you don't come back! Good luck, have fun.