Sunday, May 24, 2009

Till death do them part and maybe longer, if she has any say in the matter

There was the beautiful bride.

And the handsome groom.

There was love and affection (and too many speeches and the always dubious 'entertainment organized by the guests').

There was the freezing beachfront ceremony (and a little flatter place than the anticipated Møns Klint, which ended up being 13 kilometers away).

And the maternity dress covered by a luckily rather windproof spur-of-the-moment-purchase coat.

There were drinks.

And food.

And two wrong cakes. (They were supposed to be pink and round.)

There was the accommodation (i.e. the reason for driving back into Copenhagen at 2AM).

There was rural atmosphere.

And some more rural atmosphere.

And s little more rural atmosphere.

After being perceived as the weird picture-happy South African Finnish girl (?) there was something more to drink.

There was a Danish tradition to do with cutting some socks up.

There was some general standing around.

And lots of sitting down.

That went on until the small hours.

As all good weddings should.
I love Denmark.


Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Everything looked awesome but I totally get you on the accommodations. Tents and VEG do not mix. Unless it is sunny and extremely warm. Which it obviously was not.

PS You look great!

Marcy said...

The two wrong cakes, although they were wrong, look yummy all the same! I hope the lovely couple build a lifetime of memories that they can someday blog about. ;)Thanks for sharing! xo~

rxBambi said...

I love the fact that you didn't actually show the bride and groom, only parts of them. I also loved that his tie wasn't tight ;)
the wedding and reception looked amazing. you'll have to fill me in on the sock cutting thing(?)
You looked beautiful, and as far as labels go, picture-happy south african finnish girl isn't that could always be worse. Thanks for sharing!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

"A wedding. I love weddings. Drinks all around!" (you can have mine. :) )

Hit 40 said...

Cutting up socks! This is a new one.

I spent a couple emails explaining what a "shout out" and "give me the rock" was to someone from Japan.

Fun to learn the little things about each country on everyone's blog.

The Fragrant Muse said...

Like rxBambi, I love your photos of the bride and groom.
I can't believe you didn't stay in the tent. You would have had blogging material for a month!

julochka said...

love the groom's stubble--it speaks volumes.

i'm quite sad that it wasn't actually at the klint, that must have been quite a disappointment. did you at least get there?

i don't blame you at all for escaping back to the hotel from that tent, it was chilly this weekend!

and what IS that with the socks. i'm mystified every time i witness it.

i truly hate those songs/dubious entertainment by the guests. they make me feel like gnawing off my own arm, like a fox in a trap. the first danish wedding i attended, i had to go outside and cry. twice. 11 songs, including one from the cat. and these were people whose one bus trip to budapest was easily covered in the first couple songs...

now i'm going to try to go to my happy place so i don't start my week off with thoughts like THAT.

marathoner81 said...

Sigh...I love weddings and all m friends keep eloping. It's been two years since I've been to one.

Great photos. And what is the deal with cutting up socks??? Does everyone do it, just the groom? And why do they do it????

Zara from Paris said...

I'm not sure if I can trust you on this wine drinking thing as it's not visible! Ref. my gained kilos in France... You look truly good!

My name is Erin. said...

Love the photos. I truly appreciate everything you do for me!

My favorite photos...groom's loose tie, you rockin' your new dress with cute new coat over top, tent (I would have stayed, I'm kinda "rural" like that), wood pile, wine glasses and flowers(!!!), the standing around photo and the sitting down photo. So basically all of them!

M.J. said...

A wedding with camping?!?! That's awesome...screw the cliche getting married on the beach, I've found my wedding inspiration!

Molly said...

I'm with Erin & MJ - camping rocks! I didn't even see any cow poo around ...
LOVE that coat tho' and the wedding looks gorgeous - thanks for the pics!

Extranjera said...

VEG - Thanks. Camping in the weather, sharing one toilet with 40 other people... Not me either.

Marcy - The taste was awesome. Brownie base with raspberry something something on top of it. Delicious!

rxBambi & Hit 40 & Marathoner - After the traditional waltz all of the men get together, lift up the groom and cut the ends of his socks off. Don't know why really, just know that it is better to sway away from someone's feet when they are about face height and have been in new black shoes all day...

Muse - Are you suggesting that I'm otherwise running out of decent blogging material....? ;o)

julochka - No Klint, but a couple of extremely interesting and not at all too long with their 10 verses, songs - some from the dogs. I feel your pain.

Zara - I have plenty of wineflab, which I'm actually quite proud of. It's the McD flab that drives me up the wall...

Erin - Could not rock the tent, just could not... not even for you...

M.J. - Looking forward to your pictures of the morning after camping wedding. ;o)

Molly - No cow poo. Just weird nondescript droppings. Possibly a very cow like bird?

Glad you all liked the pics!