Monday, June 22, 2009

Manifestations of mental health.

I'm trying to get back to my normal life and my remaining vacation in Finland (I know. Vacation from what? Ha ha.) after the uniquely awesome experience that was blog camp. It's not easy, I tell you. But I'm trying. We are still continuing the fun on the blog camp blog though so be sure to check in. Once you're done with mine of course.

Me first.

Anyhoodles and all that, what am I up to then now that I have burnt all possible bridges between myself and many of my blogging pals just by meeting them in person? (I'm just kidding. They all loved me. What's not to love? Swearing is the new black apparently.)

Well, I'm pretty much up to nothing. Much.

Today's highlights have included:

Watching an Italian tourist getting on the wrong train at Helsinki main station and panicking when he couldn't make the door open again. Instead of pressing the big green button with the word 'OPEN' directly above it, he kept going for the 'call for assistance' button or some such thing. I think plenty of people would not have minded opening the door for him from the outside right away (instead of pretending like they didn't notice and watching him for anti-Finnish slurs) had he not looked quite so much like Berlusconi - one of Finland's pet peeves. I can report though that he should by now safely be in Oulu, his intended destination. We did not send him to Joensuu after all. We didn't even make him eat Finnish pizza. He only looks like Berlusconi, we understood. We're smart like that, we are.

Listening to an old lady with more luggage in several small bags than you think would be possible to hold onto all at once arguing very persistently but extremely politely over a seat on the train with a young wannabe fashionista who had been "working all night at ...(insert profession that comes to your mind here. I immediately went the call girl route) and just wanted to sleep", only to discover that the senior citizen's ticket wasn't for today, but for next Monday. The arguing involved a hilarious, yet subtly threatening call to "son", who, based on the abrupt way the call ended, possibly had better things to do with his time, but was conspicuously void of any apologies to the fashionista, unless you count "stupid ticket seller made a mistake" as an apology. I bet "son" wishes mother had not figured out speed dial.

Making a lunch of somewhat suspicious looking leftover Karelian pies, that I don't remember buying (never a guarantee that I didn't, but there is always also the possibility of a food-providing leprechaun, and/or fairy living in the vegetable box [since something/someone is definitely living in there]), only to succumb to a horrid case of heartburn. No, no, no, no, no. The coffee, wine and tequila consumed at blog camp and at my stop over at chez K in Helsinki on my way back from blog camp have nothing to do with the acid eroding away at my esophagus. It must be the iffy pies. Coffee would never do that to me, right?

Going to the theatre with my folks to hear awesome music and see completely incompetent attempts at acting (we think, could have been that some of the 'actors' were under the impression that they were in fact on board the starship Enterprise and Spock would all of a sudden feel like applying the Vulcan stun touch on them, or the original Kirk would jump out and try to make out with them - the chubby Kirk that is). I sang along regardless.

Also, I ate some chocolate and herring, with not enough time separating their entries from each other.

Now I'm regurgitating up herringy nougat.

In other words: all's well in the land of Santa.  


Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Oh, I missed you so much! And I am off for two whole days Tuesday and Wednesday to have my own birthday-palooza, a la B, so we can have vacations together!

rxBambi said...

I have heartburn at the moment too. I couldn't figure out how I got it, but today I have had 2 grande lattes, some chocolate, and of course some wine. Shit...does this mean I have to them give up? NOT COOL.

Cyndy said...

Welcome home! Obviously the heart burn is from having to read all of our "missing you" and "green with envy" notes while you played at Blog Camp! It's great to have all your voices back on the internet, home where you belong, so we can be entertained, because all about you is great for all of us!

My name is Erin. said...

I'm really grateful that you planned your blog camp hiatus at the same time that I was busy traveling in North Dakota, where apparently dial-up is still an acceptable means of surfing the web.

I introduced my mother to your blog just now and we enjoyed the "awesome music". Also, I'm sure she wasn't laughing at you when she laughed out loud after reading about regurgitating herringy nougat. :) Hope you're feeling better.

julochka said...

i may never be able to eat herring or nougat again, but will definitely avoid combining them now.

and i would agree on the bad hair/fat day thing being the real evil in the world. speaking of which, i have to go on a diet for blog camp 1.5 UK--are you coming, by the way or will you be back in the land of excellent pinotage?

Polly said...

it's very noble of you to help the Italian tourist. I only watch the foreigners getting lost and confused in Cracow, helping them would spoil that fun. this only proves how nice you really are...

yes, are you coming to blog camp uk? can you fly to Atlanta via London rather than Senegal?

K13 said...

I could just picture the old lady arguing with the, um, call girl. quite a funny picture too.

spudballoo said...

Oh, I snorted wine for the second time this evening...some kind of record. Brilliant, loving all the tales and wine and chocolate and herrings etc.

You must come to 1.5 as I must meet you!!

Seaside Girl said...

oh gross. Herring and nougat. Feeling ill now.

I agree with all requests as above for your presence at 1.5!!

Kristina said...

chocolate and herring?? might be the grossest thing I've heard since listening to teenagers burping on the train this morning.

Extranjera said...

VEG - Missed you too, but you were totally, completely, and utterly there in spirit the whole time!

rxBambi - I'm pretty sure there's no way coffee, wine or any such thing could ever cause heartburn. They wouldn't dare.

Cyndy - Thanks. It was nice to be missed! Heartburn gone now, so coffee is back on (well, it was never really off I appropriated your point about it being from the comments, NOT the coffee).

Erin - Are you sure it was North Dakota and not Zambia? My mom reads your blog too. She's wild about the bird-pictures. I'm so glad i could make your mom snort. That's on my things to do every day list.

julochka - sorry. 1.5 is when I'll be in the USA, but would love to have a sister thing in SA for 2.0...

Polly - Who said I helped? Not a fan of Berlusconi either. Am a good Finn!

K13 - I had already finished the book club book, so it was great entertainment.

Spud - Aww, you snorted too, and wine. You guys are just making my day today.

Seaside Girl - I wish I could be there!

Kristina - I'm a little hurt by not making your all time gross list, just the one from this morning. Come on!

My name is Erin. said...

I'm thrilled that your mom likes my bird photos! And now that my internet is up and running again, new photos are on their way.

I'll post some shots of North Dakota to compare to Zambia. They might have more in common than one would initially think.