Friday, June 12, 2009

There's something about this place

Observations that make me happy to be here:

A poppy gearing up to bloom. Or a hairy man-eating plant finishing off with a stray napkin.

  • The song of a nightingale plays in the parking basement of my favorite department store.
  • The phone can be answered by "Morhmphbg". 
  • There are plenty of people who will understand a person's need and absolute want to dye their eyebrows and eyelashes. ASAP. NOW. Am whiter than white. It looks like I might have accidentally swallowed my eyebrows and then used my eyelashes to wash down the (miniscule) clump of white hair.
  • No shortage of coffee. Ever. These people could survive the end of the world and still have enough coffee stowed away (possibly in their pants since it is the end of the world after all) to weather the beginnings of a new humankind.
  • Peeps can be very nice. At least in the smaller towns. Of which there are several. In the near vicinity. cet - tee?!?! What does that mean?
  • Very pale women wear all black, have black hair and black eyeshadow, and smile happily at me when I take their picture. 
  • Good-natured gossip is not dead: "And then these women from the capital didn't even know how to start a fire."
  • If there is a moose on the road, you'll surely know from all of the on-coming cars flashing their lights. Every single one of them.
  • A good, real mullet might not be dead and buried after all.
  • The sun can flicker on the waves so that you can entertain yourself with taking pictures for days..
  • Finns are okay with extreme makeovers. In the pouring rain, with wind and humidity up the wazoo. Because all that really matters is that your eyelashes are no longer transparent. Because you're going to blog camp. And you're already sort of chubby fat, and still want to rock the eyelashes... As always. Don't ever be ashamed!
  • There are people who understand horribly bad and very iffy if the current global situation is taken into consideration bad golf jokes. Even if they stink (not the people, the jokes), and even if they are in the family (the people, not the jokes). 
  • Every single smell will take you back. Ar least ten years. Try a neighborhood burger. Life's hard.
Have an awesome weekend y'all. 

I'm off with pals.


Oh my.


Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

ACK!!!!!!!! Analog. Oh noes, I am going to faint with anticipation of your return.

And a mullet? Wow.

iasa said...

It sounds as if being home has been good, good for you. I live in the south, the mullet has never really gone away I'm sad to report.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Oh I assure you the mullet is alive and well. I saw three last weekend.

Also - what's Morhmphbg???

My name is Erin. said...

I believe that you are in the top 20 at least for funny people. Not that I have counted, but you have to take into consideration not only writers, but also television, movies, stand-up... that's a lot of funny. But you are up there on the list my friend. I've audibly laughed out loud many, many times reading your blog.

Extranjera said...

VEG - BUt you'll be in my head the whole time. And I'll try be check in on you every once in a while. I swear. Have a great one!

Iasa - Although I no longer feel that Funland is my home, it has been good, yes. I hope you enjoy Belize as much! (Which I'm sure you will, but I'm just saying it anyways).

Opie - But in Funland! Where it never even really took fire (although girls in my class in the 80s sported a spiky on top-lots of unnecessary fun in the back thing for some time. I was jealous, since I was forced to suffer a 'classic cut')!

A Finnish greeting that morphs into a grunt halfway through.

Erin - So no pressure on that front. Thanks dude! But really, thanks for the ego-friendly non-sexual stroke. It'll keep me going for a while.

spudballoo said...

LMAO at the moose and the mullet. If only there was a moose WITH a mullet, now that would be something.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, huzzah because you've got the funnies!

Seaside Girl said...

Thanks for the moose advice should I ever be driving in Finland.

tippyrich said...

Love your observations about 'the place you're in'. Many times no one and i mean no one can even imagine what those things are that bring you such happiness. It's fun to read and try to imagine.

The mullet is alive and well where I am too, sadly!

Extranjera said...

Spudballoo - Didn't get a proper look at the moose. A mullet is definitely not out of the question. After all, the mosse don't come too near to the bigger towns, which seem to be the only mullet-free zones in Funland. Thanks!

Seaside Girl - It's all about the readers. I'm just thinking of you... ;o)

tippyrich - Thanks. It's the small things.