Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I lead a boring life

For some reason, after the big party-night with the Finnish youth and after resolving the big blow out with my mother (by staying away for a couple of days and then pretending like nothing ever happened, i.e. the Finnish way of apologizing), I have felt like going analog - into the real world, with real world peeps - quite a bit. Who knew I had it in me? It has been nice golfing with the hubby and the brother who still refuses to put gas in the car and actually do some exercise with my body other than hitting the keyboard (for me this counts as exercise, since I do this uncommonly hard and can't seem to be able to stop doing it so), drinking with people who are able to spontaneously hug me all of a sudden and call me an intelligent woman (while slurring horribly, Ta, K!), dining with my crazy marathon-running brother (he showed me his black toenails as proof) and his ├╝ber-sporty yet cool girlfriend, avoiding my dad who has suffered through the mother of all colds (my mother wondered whether I had it in me to give him the swine flu), and teaching my mother how to use her Mac and her new SLR camera. I know now fully well where my dislike to reading any kinds of instructions stems from. And I didn't even need the hubby to point this one out. 

However, I think that last night I hit my real world rock bottom of doing something very, very dubious when I could/should have been reading all of the blogs I have been needlessly ignoring, or updating my blog roll that is in serious need of a refresh.

"What did I do that was so important?" you ask.

Why, I was watching the 2006 remake of the disaster-movie 'classic' Poseidon. On Finnish television. With the ever so entertaining Finnish subtitles. I also had a glass of the Zebra-wine in my hand, which seemed to vastly improve the endurance capabilities of my posterior. But that might have also been brought on by the chair I was lounging in - the ugliest, nastiest La-Z-boy in the world that my brother refuses to get rid of, regardless of having been told to do so numerous times by his girlfriend resulting in the chair inhabiting our apartment as sort of neutral ground, and us not really being able to do anything about it. The chair is hideous, but superbly comfortable. Kind of like a pair of Crocks (the new national shoe of Finland, it seems).

But I digress. What dawned on me while I was watching a more and more scantily clad mother of a young boy jump, swim, dive, run, glide, trapeze, tunnel, climb, and crawl all the while holding onto her son through an upside down ship for two hours straight that I would never, ever have made it out of the upside down ballroom (where it all started) of the ship. I would instantly die in a disaster movie.

This made me slightly depressed. So I flung the leg support of the La-Z-Boy back into its original position and went to pour me some more from the zebra-striped carton. But then I realized that Fergie from the black eyed peas never made it out of the ballroom either. And she is married to Josh Duhamel, and I liked him in Las Vegas.

And that made me understand why I have been hanging out with real peeps:

I have nothing intelligent, or even funny to write.

I'll be back when I have something other than how watching Poseidon makes me think of Josh Duhamel, or how I just vacuumed up the case for my sunglasses and had to have the hubby search for it, to write about.

I promise, I will be back.


Cyndy said...

I think your break could be a good thing. You are watching people (even bad actors on bad TV) and that is something I enjoy through your eyes. The words will come with hindsight. Just don't let the RWP totally suck you into their vortex. My DH thinks it is time for me to take a break. The other night I was "typing," or at least my fingers were, on his back while I was sleeping...

wv: chsieloc. Can you translate for me?

Optimistic Pessimist (formerly known as marathoner81) said...

That chair is really ugly, but you're right it does look really comfy.

Also don't be to hard on yourself for watching a bad remake...i'll watch anything if you put me in front of the tv with a glass of wine (with the promise of unlimited refills).

julochka said...

i think it's quite ok to go analog once in awhile. probably even good for a person. of course, i'd never do it...

i would like to hear more about a vacuum cleaner powerful/large enough to suck up a glasses case, that sounds interesting....ya know, just whenever.

My name is Erin. said...

Perhaps you hiatus is a good thing for all of us. For instance, I should be working on my final project for my Web Design class, but first things first... had to check on you. So enjoy your hiatus. I might just get a better grade on my finals, because of it.

P.S. This post still made me laugh a little. Your not funny self is still fairly funny.

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Yep, confirmation of our brain mind-meld, cause I feel the same. Have nothing to offer. Brain is full of stupid jingles and cat chow jingle because new coworker with desk near mine was humming it all day yesterday. Oh, and stupid men requests.

kristine said...

your tags are just fabulous.

rxBambi said...

Personally I don't want you to go on hiatus. Even talking about bad movie remakes is funny when I hear about it from you.

As for husbands, just last night mine scoffed at me 'why do you *DO* that stuff??' (meaning read blogs all night). I said, "well you play your stupid fantasy baseball". Men. I don't get them.
of course his response was 'NOT ALL NIGHT!' I just offered him a nice glass of Estancia chardonnay and told him to chill out.

The Fragrant Muse said...

I want to watch an action film with Finnish subtitles. Or maybe I'd rather watch it dubbed in Finnish.

caroldiane said...

you realize that even your musings on Finnish re-runs are tremendously entertaining don't you? "...nothing intelligent,or even funny to write"?? I beg to differ! Keep us posted on all activities, please!!
ps - had the good fortune of being within arm's reach of Josh Duhamel at a splashy event in San Diego (where I spent the evenign wondering why they let ME in the door) - he is just as good looking in person.

Extranjera said...

Cyndy - The hubby is definitely tired of waiting for any sort of answer for minutes at a time while I point my index finger up to signify that 'I'll be done in a (very long) sec'.

chsieloc: A tupperware wannabe in all black.

Opie (sorry, had to) - Sigh. I had to do some of my own refills, and still didn't make it to the computer. Life's hard...

julochka - Should do a post on my complete domestic ungoddesness, which involves vacuuming up weirder things than a sunglasses case.

Erin - Good luck with your exams!!!!! Will be thinking of you.

VEG - My brain keeps playing a hymn, which is throwing off my mojo some serious.

kristine - Thanks! They kind of refute the purpose of labels though. Although, rather surprisingly the label 'a tribe of alcoholic fish' is not a one off.

rxBambi - I'll try to come up with something. I really will. I just need to do something besides drinking too...

Muse - No dubbing in Finland, unless we're talking cartoons. I've always considered one of the good things with Finnish television.

caroldiane - Thanks and I so envy you. I would totally stalk JD if he wasn't already married to Fergie. She seems very aggressive and like she would be awesome at surprise attacks. I think it's that low forehead. Somehow.

My name is Erin. said...

Thank you! And I have to say that your response to caroldiane re: Josh/AggressiveFergie was well worth the distraction from finals preparations. LMAO!

My name is Erin. said...

So my friend is in Helsinki, I believe he is touring with his band. I thought I would share some of the posts on his Facebook by some of my fellow Americans. I'm so proud.

Ryan's original Status Update:
"My hotel room in Helsinki is miniature. Pretty cool to be here finally."

My standard Finland inspired comment: "Yay for Finland! I'm a Finnish American, you know! Say hello to the land of my ancestors."

Bill asks: "Are the people smaller there?"

Shawnya says: "Hey Ryan...I've actually been there!!! I was amazed at how clean the city was and how boring the food is. You need to go eat at the Stalin Restaurant and go see the art museum. Have fun!!!"

Zach adds: "Enjoy the ludafisk and horse steaks!"

And Jason puts in his two cents: "Have you tried some good reindeer meat there? I have this tuna can size reindeer meat from Finland..."

Then Ryan comes in and comments back on his own status in true Ryan the Rock Star fashion: "Wow, weird food selections people. (ie. WTF?!) I actually had some amazing pasta and chicken concoction. Fancy stuff. The money is so cute here! And so are the ladies... ah damn." (though rock stars might not call the money cute)

So that's that. I'm jealous that one of my favorite friends is in Finland at the same time as one of my favorite bloggers. I wasn't sure Finland was big enough, but apparently so. :) Ok... enough Blogger. Back to studying.

Extranjera said...

Erin - I love that you are sharing this! And can really only agree about the women. We rock. ;o) Dunno, about the cuteness of the money, I liked it better when we still had our mark instead of the euro.

I do feel another strong presence here, but I'm all the way in Tampere, so my territory is still secure. I don't know what would happen if you made the trip too though...

Hope you are getting some studying done instead of abusing blogger and facebook... (And you haven't even hit Twitter yet as a means of procrastination)

My name is Erin. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the banter. I also only agree with the lady, well and with myself of course. As for steering clear of blogger and Facebook... it's a sick, sick addiction. Someone help me please. I have managed to stay away from Twitter, but just barely.

P.S. If I landed in Finland right now, the Earth might implode. Best I stay right here in good ol' Michigan.