Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The repercussions of Blog Camp

Regardless of what I said in my previous post about trying to get back to normal after the awesomeness of Blog Camp, I must admit that I'm not quite succeeding. There have been several repercussions to having taken part in one of the coolest experiences in a long time (should not value BC higher than my wedding day and officially I'm not. Love you Hubby!).

There have been some very good things to come out of this experience and some very bad things as well. Turns out the world is a highly complex place and involves more things than commenting, eating, sleeping, taking a dump, and drinking wine/coffee. And I thought I was doing so well. It can take an awesome thing like a virtual friendship come an actual friendship to arrive to some realizations. You decide which ones are positive and which ones are negative:

:: I can no longer go away for a whole day with my parents to visit my cool grandparents and godparents (Yup. Have been baptized. Why are you holding that cross in front of me like that? Was I hissing? Really?) without feeling like a) I have been cut off from the world, and b) I'm letting folks down by not having an iPhone and tweeting the whole experience, including my grandpa's rather insightful questions concerning South Africa (no sarcasm in this).

:: I have to start noting, not when I'm joking, but instead when I'm not being sarcastic. I know that it might not always seem like it, but I too can be pleasant and leave comments with no sarcasm to them. I can. And when I am being sarcastic and you just don't get it (or don't want to get it), feel free to take the comment at face value. I'm cool with that. Whatever rocks your boat, or blows your hair back, or gives you the kicks, or makes your ferret run, or paints your world all pink and shit. I'm cool.

:: I need to sleep more than 26 hours within the span of 6 days in order to keep my sanity and not yell "There was so much stuff, I can't be expected to tell you every single thing right now" at Hubby on Skype when all he said was "It seems like you had fun at Blog Camp."

:: There are cons to living in South Africa. No one is willing to come there for Blog Camp (even if they can stay at my nondescript, army-colored, oddly decorated house), and I can't be jetting off to Europe, or USA constantly draining every single cent we have ever saved up. And SA is big, even Molly, who is also in SA, is a nice 12 hour drive away. And then there's VEG, who I would kill to hang out with (not kill her, that would just defeat the purpose), who is pretty much as far away from me as anyone ever could be. But maybe our next posting will be in Asia and then I'll really feel far away, and wish I was in SA. Silver lining?

:: One weekend is not enough time to talk about everything one has always wanted to talk about with her friends.

:: There are really cool things to this here blogging/internets thing, which I would be very much taking advantage of, if I just even knew how to properly use my computer. I refresh way too much, instead of surfing everyone else's blogs too. Oh, and I don't really see that changing, which is kind of sad.

:: I should really have answered all of the comments on the last 5 or so posts before answering them got much too overwhelming. Now I'm just putting off answering, and hoping that perhaps the energy-fairy will do it for me. Or the gods of Blogger. Or that my posts will be rained out by Google (who controls the weather as julochka has noted on several occasions), rendering them a flood site with restricted access. Or something. Please, just something.

:: I thought it would not be possible for me to ignore a book club, but alas that seems to have happened. But now I've at least read the book, and fallen in love with Murakami. I will write a post about it. I will.

:: I don't know where all of my time goes. I think I just move slower than your average person, since there never seems to be any actual proof of me having done anything tangible. I think I do a lot of thinking and possibly freeze up to do said thinking.

:: I blog best about the small inconsequential things. If too much stuff goes on, I find it hard to put it into words that also make sense and give a coherent account. I could never be a travel writer. I don't think my mind(s) work in your normal sort of way.

:: I'm weird about following and commenting. And in a much nicer way too than what you are thinking right now.

:: I put too much faith into the internets. If your comments don't appear in my hotmail inbox in a smooth succession I refuse to believe you actually commented although I can see that you did if I look at the actual post. There is no way Blogger could be having an issue with this, not so soon after having an issue with spacing... No way!

:: I wish I could go out to lunch with julochka, B, Polly, Kristina, Seaside Girl, VEG, Erin, Opie, Molly, Iasa, Cyndy, Kristine, and many other bloggers (sorry am feeling lazy and overwhelmed by laundry today) at least every now and then. And you just can't have a virtual lunch that would ever equal an actual one.

:: A blog doesn't need to be bad for me to not follow it, it just might not be that interesting to me.

:: Having coffee from various different Starbucks cups (and swigging from other people's cups when no one is watching) is almost like being in Starbucks, only with more light and much better seating.

:: Education is key, or at least intelligence.

:: I might want to own an apartment someday that I would care enough about to actually paint the walls in my favorite color. A house or an apartment can really reflect one's personality, and even add to it. In a good way.

:: When you tell everyone that you pick your nose and fart they don't take you seriously. And it is still possible to fart at blog camp with everyone turning the blind eye the unsmelling nostril.

:: My hair has begun to stand up without the encouragement of a hairdryer. This is a great victory for all Finns out there who can now be liberated from the prison that is flat hair, unless you spend copious amounts of money on product and copious amounts of time on blowdrying the 15 strands of your Zeus-given hair. Hurrah!

:: Me never having shaved my legs in my life can indeed come up in a discussion at Starbucks, only minutes after meeting all of the blog camp chicks and can be segued into from a story about Seaside Girl's father.

:: If Google translates my blog into Spanish the header reads "Lo Que Nunca Voy a Hacer con mi Vida" or "What will I Never do with my Life". I'm thinking that header suits me much better and I might just go with that from now on.

:: Cool notebooks are COOL.

:: Clean socks are not a must amongst friends.

:: There might be people out there in the blogosphere who, after reading my blog, would not want to meet me on account of being scared of me. I had no idea I come off as that evil.

:: I might never finish that book that I'm working on, because the pull of the blogosphere is not letting up. With Blog Camp it just got more powerful than ever before. Is there a support group for this that doesn't exist on the internets? Because I know how to open several tabs at once and could not avoid doing that during a Bloggers Anonymous meeting. 

Have a lovely day! (not being sarcastic, or am I?)


julochka said...

i wanna have lunch too. with real people. not just david letterman.

that's all i got right now.

severe post-blog camp/sankt hans depression has set in.

Anonymous said...

the header does suit you...not in a bad way, i mean...well hell, i don't know what i mean. it's just suits your bloggy self, but your bloggy self and your real life self are quite different? or so i hear?....awww, forget it!

Basically, I thought that was hilarious!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Wow...that was very reflective. I learned a lot about you just now, I think.

And I agree with you about the fact that the bloggy world just doesn't let up. I'm going on vacation in a week or so and I may not have internet access AT ALL and I'm starting to hyperventilate already. I don't know what I'll do if my Google Reader number goes up over 100 again (and it definitely will).

I wish I was able to go to lunch with bloggy people and make them real friends...sigh.

caroldiane said...

At the risk of being one of the inane ones, I just want to tell you again that I love your blog, missed blogcamp by virtue of the fact that I was not invited (you can't invite EVERYONE who comments, can you?)and since I am only a few kilometres away from VEG in Canada feel as though we are sharing the same raindrops today - almost. Thank you - don't ever stop blogging - what else would I do to start my day??

Amanda said...

I so get the blogging about the small inconsequential things. I am better at that too. As my post said yeateday, I have that pressure to make the big things so profound.

Great post!

Cyndy said...

Aw, Extranjera, I want to have lunch, too! And morning coffee and wine after dinner! It will happen someday, I feel it. And I totally want you and VEG to get together, too.

I was so excited for all of you at BC, envious, but excited. Now I am feeling a bit lucky to not have that let down feeling after such a great time. At least your time together exceeded your expectations--and gives promise to another time together--if not soon but sometime. Good things come to those who wait (that said from an impossibly impatient imp!).

And, finally, the most important thing: Farting is an art in this house, which makes you completely welcome anytime. Because it is a house with mostly guys, you will not be ignored, but judged. Gross, I realize to some, but it balances all the testosterone!

B said...

So my Mum stalking has actually taught you something!
Missing Blog Camp too!
You've read the book! I've been writing a post about it. Will post later!

Polly said...

Ah lunch would be very nice... I'm having trouble shaking off blog camp too!

kristine said...

that is a lot of info. Reactions include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. I'd love to have lunch sometime. I am actually thinking SA might be a good next assignment for me (by which time you will be in Asia, so we can keep talking about it for a few more years)
2. What will I never do with my life is an excellent (is somewhat fatalistic) blog title
3. I am not sure how to articulate this but there is an existentialist comment waiting to be made about virtual versus real life, and how experiencing people in real life makes you more attached to blogging. I am not smart enough to make sense of it, just to realize that there is something there to be explored.

Also, I have followed your adventures in Copenhagen and you do all come across as having known each other well for a long time. Must have been a nice experience. (no sarcasm there either).

Soozie said...

Wow. That is some post (no sarcasm here). You rock extranjera and you and julochka are the reasons I started my own blog - I aspire to write as well as you both do! (no sarcasm here) Honestly, I've lost count of the number of times you've made me snort coffee out my nose through laughing.

Molly said...

Please don't go to Asia without us having lunch just once - CT or Jozi - whichever works out.
Ag please man.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

At least with a virtual lunch there are no dirty dishes and no bills. Right?

julochka said...

i missed this one the first time i read this:

:: Education is key, or at least intelligence.

i like it. and i totally get it.

and my WV is frerts: odorless farts quietly sneaked at blog camp. ;-)

spudballoo said...

Oh oh oh too many thoughts, too many comments. I leave you with this thought: if you fart in blogosphere, is it real? Is it tangible? Can it be smelt? I think the answer is yes....and therein lies the issue. Still with me?

Fantastically funny as ever. i wanna meet you, and come to your oddly decorated house.

Seaside Girl said...

I too am fighting off post blog camp blues. And reading this post isn't helping!

Extranjera said...

julochka - I really would like to have lunch with Dave too, but I would choose you over him. I would.

JAG - I know what you mean. I'm thinking of changing the name of the blog. I actually really am. But we're not that different. It's just that I found out that a personality we could refer to as the BC Ext exists and she apparently knows how to knit and crochet. Obviously, this one doesn't drink like a fish.

Gidge - My google reader number is a comfortable 897. And I don't really see how I could change that. Well, I see how, I just don't see it happening... am lazy and the queen of refresh.

Caroldiane - No invitation, you just have to invite yourself! Does this mean I might have a participant for SA blog Camp?
And thanks!

Amanda - I tried and just couldn't put Blog Camp into words. However, I can write several posts in a row about sitting in my bathrobe doing nothing...

Cyndy - Yup, there really is an empty kind of feeling going around after blog camp. It was just way too short a time. Perhaps I'll come by one day just to let a good one rip to show what being a gross Finn is all about. I'm not afraid of a little competition. Or judgement.

B - Didn't want to say it was your mom, but it was just too funny to pass up.

Polly - Ditto.

Kristine - Just let me know when you are around and we'll do an impromptu blog camp right then and there!
You are right, meeting the chicks has just made it harder for me to tear myself away from the 'puter, because now I know their blogs are not just google-generated shit... (how's that for existential ;o)

Soozie - Another snorter. I'm so glad! Thanks so much, although i don't think I'm quite up to julochka snuff...

Molly - We'll make it happen. I'll tell you next time I'm in CT and you just look for the gross Finn picking her nose.

Georgie - Kudos on finding the silver lining! Won't bring up the fact that there won't be any food either...

julochka - What gave you the idea that they were either odorless or somehow sneaked?
I get you getting it.

Spud - To repeat myself but I like the idea:
I AM THE FART IN THE BLOGOSPHERE. Yup. That will be going on my Moo-cards as well as my resume.

Seaside Girl - Sorry. It's just that I miss you people so much!

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

I will answer point by point because that's how I (we) roll:

1. Yes, if I go anywhere without beloved pink BB, I go insane. Cannot be cut off from internet. Ever.

2. Me too! (Shock) People are always asking me if I am being sarcastic. Guess it's my (our) signature.

3. If I do not sleep for at least 6 hours each night I will become mental and possibly stab random people. It really is not pretty.

4. I would come, but is more expensive than Denmark and I cannot afford that, so unless wealthy benefactor shows up, I am stuck in boring Canada. I would kill several RWP, hack off my pinky toe AND give my right arm to hang out with you. Really would, not being sarcastic.

5. Nope, an entire lifetime is not enough time.

6. Me too (again) especially with refreshing thing.

7. Yes, they really pile up when one goes analog.

8. Alas, Murakami is WAY over my head and I cannot make any sense out of it. Sorry. Feel bad.

9. Yes, time is flying and I have very little to show for it, except for some rocking pictures of me napping.

10. Me too (again, again) big picture makes me feel overwhelmed.

11. I often forget to travel out and discover new blogs to follow.

12. Blogger is always messing with my mind. I think they are in cahoots with Google to make my head explode.

13. Virtuality some times is just not enough.

14. Exactly.

15. A new one is headed your way! And it is your very own.

16. Yes, very much. Jerry Springer's show is an excellent example of this.

17. Painting is over rated. Personal momentos are much better and easier.

18. YAY! You want some of my unruly overly thick and extremely wavy hair that quite handily stands up in various ways if I do not beat it into submission with straightening iron?

19. Oh I must translate my title. That could be hilarious.

22. You are way too cool to be evil.

23. Blogger has fast become my life much to the chagrin of my real life peeps, who cannot possibly understand its pull. So, blogging is actually quite like blogger's anonymous.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Just catching up on being analog for so freakin long. I would so do lunch with you and I would totally go to SA blog camp. Now is the time for me to travel...well maybe after my marathon. Living with my parents I'll be saving all of my money and have live-in babysitters!