Monday, June 22, 2009

My awesome Bloggy weekend. Part 4-6

Denmark rocks.

The Blog Camp chicks rock. And one of them even rocked her pajamas almost throughout the weekend, until they had too many stains on them (and two liters of elderberry juice).

Can you guess who it was?

I'm bummed the weekend went too quick.

It was so much fun.

For more stuff go to the blog camp blog. There you can also ask us questions....


julochka said...

i suppose i'll lose a bunch of followers after that picture has been made public. ;-p i'm such a klutz. it's unbelievable!

thanks for a totally great weekend and that lovely little "dims" you crocheted for me at the end.


Extranjera said...

Payback by outing me as a total handicraft wiz?

Nice one.

spudballoo said...

I love how the story is unfolding bit by bit...oooh the tension!

B said...

Who knew that jumping (and looking at photos of jumping) could be so much fun!
Note to self: I close my eyes too much

Polly said...

yes, we pretty much spent the whole time laughing, I can still feel it in my stomach. good exercise for those flabby abs

Extranjera said...

B - You might be onto something, just try not to hurt yourself trying to keep them open.

Polly - Whose abs exactly are you referring to?

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Oh, Julochka: You are a spilling sister like me! YAY!

EXT: Am totally jealous and putting blog camp attendance on top of list for tomorrow's birthday fairies to deliver.

Seaside Girl said...

Well we all know that my note to self is "close mouth when camera comes out" :-)

P.S. Am shocked to the core by your crocheting genius. Have revised my whole opinion of you! :-)

kristina said...

great photos! how many followers have you lost since being outed as crochet master (mistress?)?

Extranjera said...

Spud - Nah, this is more or less it. Really.

VEG - Update on the fairies?

Seaside Girl - Yup. You missed me remembering that I'm actually very crafty. It had slipped my mind. (not wine-relatedly though, no sirree)

Kristina - I'm stagnant and i think people are just trying to decide whether an evil woman should be allowed to know how to crochet. Expecting some sort of movement soon though.

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Fairies apparently got lost this year. Or my list to them was hijacked by polar bear assassin squad. Either way, no blog camp tickets.