Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What it all boils down to

Christina at Soul Aperture suggested posting 10 simple things that make you happy, and posting them today, on the 10th. So, as I'm out of ideas and need to free up some golfing time (This hobby is slowly but very securely sucking me into its vortex. The other day I read a golfing magazine. I would gasp, but I think I'm beyond that point, and you all know it too), here are some things that hit the happiness spot with me (as VEG would say: minds out of the gutter people!):

:: Belonging.

:: The right kind of kiss.

:: A call from Hubby from some faraway Kenyan or Tanzanian airport at 1AM.

:: Sun shining in through clean windows.

:: A Zambian latte. Or just any latte. Or just coffee.

:: Insightful comments. Well... comments.

:: A beautiful wine glass with no fingerprints on it filled with 10cls of an Alsace Pinot Blanc. And the bottle right by it.

:: Wearing an over-the-top preppy cardigan to play golf and then repeatedly missing the ball while trying to tee off. With people watching.

:: Wearing a fancy dress with jeans.

:: A new pair of shoes that finally arrived.

What makes you happy? Let Christina (and me, and julochka, and B, and...) know.


Polly said...

Great. I know what you mean about belonging. I totally agree. I should really do my list.

Cyndy said...

My favorite thing at this moment is serendipity. Both the word and the meaning. Last night was working with a post that was proving to be frustrating. Then I decided to go with something simple, if for nothing else than to clear the palette. I posted it a few hours ago, got a couple of hours of sleep and then woke to my favorite bloggers writing about simplicity. How 'bout that?!? Major mind meld going. Winds may like to travel from west to east, but inspiration seems to follow the path of the sun. Serendipity. It just rolls off the tongue...

Hit 40 said...

Coffee! in the morning with the children in bed. Quiet and peaceful.

The Fragrant Muse said...

Whew, so glad comments don't have to be insightful. I was almost rendered comment mute.

Belonging: This gave me pause. A powerful force this one. I think that's why I left Rome and came back to the states.
Kiss: Oh YEAH!
Sun/windows: Hell just having clean windows would make me happy.
Dress/jeans: Now Extra, I'd need a photo to appreciate this.
Shoes: Crap. I can see I'm gonna have to get me some stars (see "belonging" above). Do they make them in orange?

I'm off to do my own list because apparently I have so much FOKKEN FREE TIME!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Sitting on the beach, drinking a gin & tonic, and getting ready to play bocce ball...that's what would make me oh so happy right now!

Love the shoes!

B said...

Belonging... would I need All Star to belong in blog camp? I'll add them to my birthday wishlist!
There, your not insightful comment! :)

rxBambi said...

Perfect list! I too like to belong (see how I metized again, and also how I shoved my way into your blogoshere...)
I think I mentioned #6 has like 10 pairs of chucks in all different colors. Unfortunately her feet are 2 sizes bigger than mine so I can't even borrow them. How rude!!
Totally with ya on the kiss, and pretty darn close on the wine.
Now I need to do my list!

rxBambi said...

oops that was blogosphere...spelling doesn't count, right?

The Fragrant Muse said...

Thank God you clarified at the end there.
Blogosphere is the blogging community.
Blogoshere is when a blogging community all gets together and shaves their head.

Wonder if they'll have a blogoshere at blog camp?

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Yes, I would love to see that whole sweater, golfing thing, if only because I would be doing the exact same thing. I don't think I have ever hit a golf ball on the first try. That includes mini-golf.

And does it count that we belong together?

rxBambi said...

TFM: you totally just made me literally lol, and that's bad cuz I have to pee. I have shoulder length hair but I tend to shed all over the bathroom so I think husband would love it if I went to a blogoshere.

An Open Heart said...

Belonging. And the KISS.....nothing like the right kiss. The Chucks are cool....might have to get me a pair, if I do, I will belong HERE with my neice and her 'peeps'!

Love HAPPY stuff.

Extranjera said...

Polly - Belonging is definitely at the top of my list.

Cyndy - Now all you have to do is pick your title. Siamese sisters and fairyblogmother are taken, other than that it's your call...

Hit40 - Coffee! I hear you. All the way to here. From all the way there.

Muse - Once I get back to SA, I have a dress jeans combo that will totally make you see it my way.

Opie - Dammit. I left out all other kinds of alcohol than wine. Please gods of booze, I didn't really mean it that way.

B - I think any rockin' shoes work.

The hairy ladies aka rxBambi and Muse - I will not shave my head at blog camp. I don't have that much of it to begin with and you can already see my skull through it and I think that is just enough for the poor sobs who have to look at me on a daily basis.
However, creating a word is always a plus. Kudos.

VEG - It is a cool yellow and grey thing. Totally makes me feel all pretty and shit.

An Open heart - Today is all about happy stuff. Made my day too. And I think everyone should get a pair of Chucks. There is just something about them that puts you in a good summer mood (even if they are black leather).

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

"All pretty and shit." Ah, I love you.

kristina said...

I like your list. and your new shoes! :-)

Seaside Girl said...

Totally cool shoes and list.

Extranjera said...

VEG - But I really do feel all pretty and shit. Love you right back.

Kristina and Seaside Girl - Thanks. I have to say the more bleeps praise my shoes the less I'm going to want to take them off. I even borrowed me some socks so that I could wear them without totally stinking them up. Too much information?

julochka said...

love the chucks. so happy i got some today too! i am a little confused by the alsace wine, tho'...

julochka said...

here i am again, reading the comments after i leave my first one...but i can say that i will NOT be shaving my head at blog camp and will not ask anyone else to do so, unless, of course, they want to, in which case, i'm sure my friend maria can oblige when we go to her house for buresø burgers.

i don't think it's that wise to sleep in the shoes, so at least take them off at night, please (says the girl whose feet are only cautiously speaking to her again after she bought them two new comfortable pairs of shoes).

Extranjera said...

julochka - Aren't they awesome! I love yours too.
The wine is one that I used to buy in Irma on my way home from uni and I would drink it while eating some (Irma) strawberries. It takes me back to a very good time.
Don't be confused, this was the first wine that I truly loved, that's all (I just spelled that ass, weird). I'll drink anything. Tomato wine included.

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Uh oh, am feeling bloggy-pressure to go out and get some of those chucky things now. But in pink because I rock pink.

Molly said...

Dig the shuz!

Extranjera said...

VEG and Molly - yes they rock and everyone should own a pair. Pink or light blue...

Christina said...

"A new pair of shoes that finally arrived."

this is sheer bliss. chucks are my all time favorites. simple, comfortable, bliss. and they look great on you!

thank you for sharing, your simple things. ; )


kath said...

Great list - the clean wine glass is a must!

Extranjera said...

Christina - Thanks for putting the idea out there. Made me feel happier all day long.

kath - Thanks. Yup. Glasses count too, not just the wine.

My name is Erin. said...

Things that make me happy... besides your new shoes and golf obsession.

1. Finally being done with Spring quarter classes!

2. Getting an "A" in Algebra. It's a flaming MIRACLE is what it is!

3. Finally having time to move into the house we bought a month ago.

4. Getting to spend the first half of my day with my kids, staying in our pajamas until lunchtime and not doing much of anything at all.

5. Staying up late to get my Extranjera fix.

Bonus Answer: Mini-blogging on other people's blogs. :)

Relyn said...

I'm loving your new pair of shoes. And your list.

Extranjera said...

Erin - Yay and congrats!!! Then some pats on the back and then the Finnish look that says "oh no, I didn't really want to touch you but the situation called for it and now I'm very uncomfortable, please give me some coffee, now."

Glad you're back. No one else mini-blogs quite like you do. ;o)

Relyn - Thanks so much. I might never take the shoes off now. Hope hubby is into shiny black leather (but only the converse kind, an adamant 'not for me' on the other stuff'. Not that you asked though. Just felt like sharing so there are no questions later.)

SE'LAH... said...

belonging...that did it for me. thanks so much for sharing this list. simply wonderful.

enjoy the weekend.

My name is Erin. said...

See. I always thought we were an affectionate bunch, but then I met my husband and his family. They kiss almost every time they see each other and we live in the same town. I hug extended family on special occasions. I hug and kiss my children daily, but extended family? I'm glad I can blame it on my Finnish heritage. The Norwegian side probably doesn't help in this department either. I think the Asian culture is on to something with the whole bowing thing.

Extranjera said...

SE'LAH - Thanks. Belonging really does it for me too. And a kiss.

Erin - You hug extended family? I don't know what I would do if a handshake didn't exist.

molly said...

there are so many things that make me happy...i'll have to really think that thru and narrow it down to 10, for purposes of the playtime, of course. in real life, i could never stop at 10.

Anonymous said...

I love the Photo with the shoes! Really cool!