Sunday, May 24, 2009

The drive.

Discussing ways to utilize farts in relation to wedgies on our way to the wedding (i.e. introducing the family):

"That's always been my problem - not enough matter with it."

You make your own conclusions.


Me: "Oh, I know where we are now! There's gonna be a weird coffee shop on the right soon."

Hubby: ????

Me: "Oh, sorry no. I'm thinking of Mexico."

Because Denmark and Mexico are practically the same.


Enjoy your Sunday. I'm off to cavort with my Danish pals and to drink some Danish lattes.


julochka said...

but did you get rained on? and how did the maternity dress go over?

rxBambi said...

"Because Denmark and Mexico are practically the same" LMAO
Can wait to see photos!

marathoner81 said...


Seaside Girl said...

Yes, maternity dress - we need to know!

Extranjera said...

People - Attempting to upload pictures. And maternity clothes yab.