Friday, May 15, 2009

From depressed to corny in 15 easy steps

I have been just a little depressed since I wrote the post about friendship. Multiple times I have gone back on my thoughts while remembering everything that some South Africans have done for us, and then remembered everything some South Africans have done to us, and become even more depressed. However, what has come out of these vacillating thoughts has been the realization, that yes, I am thankful for what you have done for us and how you have helped us, but it still doesn't take away the hurt you caused by discussing something very private to us with probably whoever would listen and making me cry over a book club meeting. But, I am letting it go. I really am.

These are the things that have helped me pull out of my funk:
(I will be doing my bullet points like this :: in honor of the cheek-licking julochka)

:: Writing a new blog with the hilarious VEG , my siamese sister in brain.

:: Watching corn grow. I kid you not. Thanks julochka for making me aware of the Iowa Corn Cam.

:: Iasa of Blissfully Unaware Lounge Singer starting Hermit Book Club.

:: Bonus cookies going from vanilla to macadamia.

:: Leaving for Europe in a week.

:: Zambia.

:: Accidentally tipping the waitress 67%.

:: All of your lovely and supportive comments.

:: The little girl, in relation to whom I'll always think of myself as Auntie Green even though she has no idea who I am, turning three.

:: A garden, that I'll be visiting in August, coming along.

:: Having sworn on this blog without hearing my mother's voice yelling at me, or without having received a single email from her about said swearing. My dad did however email telling me that he goes to bed at 10:30PM, not 10PM

:: Having a nice round number of followers (Yup. I'm pretending like the two who jumped ship didn't cause me endless heartache. Should not have bashed the bible... Says who? God?)

:: The possibility of locating some parachute pants in my closet and actually wearing them to blog camp and thus freaking julochka out.

:: The possibility of someone recognizing me in Copenhagen while I tour it with the blog camp chicks who will all be wearing their identical blog camp T-shirts (which you should order too, all the cool kids have..., and this is in case they ever believe that my credit card is in fact mine and send me the fokken thing).

:: The hubby going out and having a ring designed and made just for me to cheer me up, and "to be written a praise post about, in which I [hubby] should be called the best husband on earth." I will have to write the post once I can attach a picture of the said ring (Zambia internets...grumble....). The man really knows his way around my corrupted soul.

Okay, I realize that for you to understand all of the above, you would have to read all of the blogs that I contribute to slavishly and including the comments as well as most of the blogs I follow and their comments, and maybe some twitter, and my private thoughts. But hey, that IS the fun part.

Now, run along and go read!


B said...

I feel strangely proud of the fact that I understood all of that. Want to see the ring!!!!!

julochka said...

like B, i feel strangely proud (and only vaguely disturbed) that i understood all of that. proving once again, exactly how cool blog camp is going to be.

and about the followers, i've had to realize that they come and go and try not to care. and besides, i do love how 777 sounds in swedish.

and i can't wait to see the ring.

those danish boys truly are the best kind.

julochka said...

site meter just told me that you're 4,839 miles away. in case you're wondering.

you can learn a lot from site meter.

but you knew that.

Extranjera said...

That's awesome, since I'm not even sure i get it all.

And yes, site meter is the shit. Also, last night it was the only thing loading perfectly nicely, so at least I could see what was going on on my blog, while blogger was telling me that my cookies were disabled (as opposed to being vanilla or macadamia I guess).

The Fragrant Muse said...

You're at 121 now ;-)

The Fragrant Muse said...

That's weird. Why didn't it go up when I added myself as a follower?

Just Jules said...

Oh parachute pants - my 6th grade boyfriend had the coolest pair ;)

Everyone is so funny this morning - I hope this is true...either that or I have truly fallen off the edge!

Extranjera said...

Muse - Thanks, but I think you've actually been following me for a like a month already?

Jules - I really hope I still have a pair. If I do, the blog camp chronicles will for sure have picture of them.

Extranjera said...

Or maybe I could just grow a pair.
Hahahahahaha... I kill myself.

julochka said...

i get the disabled cookies thing when i'm trying to comment sometimes. i also get the "are you sure you want to navigate away from this page" when i've hit publish, which i think is also cookie related. i always say "no" and keep trying and it usually goes. this happens most often in the SAS lounge in Copenhagen, so i think it has more to do with their set-up than mine.

like you wanted that explanation.


marathoner81 said...

1.) Letting go is good for the soul - way to go!

2.)Blogging is amazing, I didn't quite think it would affect me the way it did or at all...but it has. Who knew...I'm glad it had helped pull you out of your funk

3.)There's corn cam and you can watch corn grow??? I must check this out. There goes my spare reading time.

4.)Can't wait to see the ring!

5.) I understood most of your post. I think I may be spending too much time on blogger.

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

I am now officially in love with your hubby as well as mine. I almost cried at the ring thing.

*HUGS* Know that I am your friend in mind, body and that other part we discussed that isn't other people's business (people reading this - GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER :)

corticoWhat said...


How can I possibly keep up with you AND the corn?

Additional note: I get the weirdest "Word Verifications" when posting comments on your blog. This time it's "screpie." I think the aunt I hate used to bake screpie and we had to pretend we liked it.

Extranjera said...

julochka - I think there is a problem with the internet being too low and having some sort of 'code' issues, since sometimes my blogger loads up and looks like it is either a fancy piece of modern art or in it's in Klingon. The internet here is satellite. I wish it was corn though.

Marathoner - Thanks, although i feel that you've been a lot more analog lately. Whats up?

VEG - I knew you would! And thanks so much! And just to reiterate: PEOPLE, MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER.

corticoWhat - I know, it's hard to look away from corn. I feel you! Now go comment on Balderdash with screpie!

Extranjera said...

Extranjera - What the hell do you mean by the internet being too low, that doesn't make any sense. Been indulging again?

Extranjera said...

Extranjera - Not yet. And I actually meant to write slow. But thanks for being a bitch. Now I'm gonna go unfollow you!

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

HEE HEE! You are so funny. Don't unfollow yourself, then you will go and agonize over losing a follower, and you have had too much anguish today and I am afraid that I will lose you to the corn permanently. Bright side: we have a new follower on Ocean and I have a new follower on my blog too.

Extranjera said...

VEG - Hooray for our followers!!! I don't think I even follow myself, maybe I should. I don't know if it would make me feel any better...
No, I think my answer for this one comes in bottle shape.

julochka said...

i only follow myself on the blogs where there are multiple contributors, b/c that's how i know someone else wrote something.

and what's Ocean?

you can't have "inside" conversations when the rest of us have just said we understood everything.

b/c then we feel left out and we unfollow and since i'm following you with like 60 profiles, it's gonna have an effect. or is an affect? i can do it's and its, but that one mystifies me a bit.

going back to the corn now. our corn came up in our garden (yes, we can watch corn grow at blog camp), so i think i'll go commune with it now.

and my WV is "vined" which has to have something to do with wine, right?

julochka said...

ok, i get what Ocean is now, i was thinking of it as Siamese (how i can remember where it falls in my reader) me and my 60 profiles will keep following.


p.s. i'm not really following with 60 profiles, so you're cool. but it would be kinda like me to do that. which gives me less time to think about licking your cheek.

Extranjera said...

julochka - so we're cool on the ocean, you keep your babe crown, rad is acceptable apart from in combination with weird 'holies' that don't contain swearing, you'll keep following us (as in the royal Ext and VEG), and you might just be every single person I chat with in my everyday life, and you'll lick the inside of your cheek, but not your hand.

Intriguing, but still doesn't beat corn.


(and p.s. I seem to recall writing a similar comment on your blog a couple of days back with beads and water, but it made even less sense. Could this be?)

julochka said...

your comment made much less sense. yet still i understood.

corn. corn. corn. corn. corn.

WV word bologen, which must be something, i just don't know what.

julochka said...

do you ever use "grab" to take screenshots of your follower numbers?

not that i would know anything about such a thing....

and while i will confine my tongue to my own cheek, rad is not ok. however, i am keeping my crown. :-p

Extranjera said...

What's a grab?
And do you possibly have one that says Kitwe Zambia on every 20 lines?
Wouldn't surprise me...

julochka said...

speaking of followers, follower numbers are rising on balderdash. that's cool, right?

julochka said...

grab is a program for taking screenshots that comes with your Macbook Pro.

finder: applications: utilities: grab

and take pretty pictures of anything on your screen.

Extranjera said...

Yay for balderdash! (and i see you're out of your 777 funk too, but knock on wood, I don't want to jinx it)

Thanks on the grab - I'm apparently only using 2% of my laptop too...

julochka said...

it'll be back down, so i'm not getting all excited. in fact, i'm actually a little disappointed when it leaves 777, again, because of how good that sounds in swedish.

marathoner81 said...

analog as in:

a.)repeating myself alot?

b.)being emotional/empathetic?

c.)being outdated?

I'm not sure which one you mean???

Extranjera said...

marathoner - julochka speak: as in opposed to digital, as in in the real world (we assume) and not hanging out in the blogosphere. We just miss you.

marathoner81 said...

Oh...OMG...I though you meant I was getting boring or being an emotional sap or something. Makes sense now. Whew!!!

Yes I have been more analog is kicking my ass. Today is my boss's last day before she starts her cancer treatment. I've been trying to get everything in order and work really hard so she doesn't have to worry while she's gone.

At home it's been crazy. I've hardly had any down/alone time. I desperately want to be apart of the Hermit Book Club, so instead of blogging I've been reading. I think it's going to slow down after next week I hope. Then I'll be back in full force!

Extranjera said...

Marathoner - just read your post too (that for some reason hadn't popped up on my reader thing yesterday or I missed amidst all the corn watching and internet killing). Hope you enjoy Oscar Wao, I actually cried in the end...

marathoner81 said...

I'm about 115 pages into it, which is my favorite point in a book...when you've just gotten a taste and are hungry for more. I'm really getting into it. I can't wait to read more this weekend. I think I'm going to have some time Saturday night.

Seaside Girl said...

Dare I say ....I'm not actually sure what parachute pants are...

Extranjera said...

Marathoner - Hope your happy hours didn't throw off the whole reading plan...

Seaside - Now I will really look for them in my closet and at my parents in Finland (if they're in Finland however means that I can't actually wear them on account of having done some horizontal development since then), and we'll maybe have a demonstration at blog camp.
Do parachute pants count as a talent?

marathoner81 said...

Nope - I am planning on reading tonight..I think I might be able to get a few hours in. I can't wait.