Friday, May 29, 2009

Mah hood in FI, TMP, 13k from Nokia.


These images are in honor of julochka and her tradition of taking pictures of herself with her Nikon something something. Now, hubby's mine is a Canon instead and this place whose window I'm appropriating I think is a depot for weed. But still,  pretty cool, eh?

Mah street. Badass, right?

This here place is one of mah neighbors now, and held me for three straight years.

This thing just held me for about a year (and holds no longer because they now charge over €4 EUROS, which is a huge amount of $$ for a fokken bus ride to get anywhere).

This here girl with the golden slippers is another of  my lovely neighbors. She is a doll and looks up at me, literally,  every single day. She does have a lot of golden things though. Envy?

These guys (girls?) are mah other neighbors. They're all about the peace and quiet. Yes, tombstones.

And mah last neighbors. Howzit, folks? Sorry for the ones with the horrible infliction of toadaphobia, they are indeed toads squirting water (and an old lady smoking - different post).

In mah hood, motorists stop to read the map.

And weirdos are weirdos.

Much like these two.

I love Finland.


iasa said...

Great pictures, just what i needed.

I have to admit I never thought Finnish would be followed by -Mexican food.

WV dessoca. close enough to da soca. that means dance party at my house.

Just Jules said...

all so funny - and Finnish Mexican food...really? just sounds wrong.

My name is Erin. said...

I wonder if Finnish-Mexican food is better than Mexican food in Vermont, USA, because apparently only one Mexican ever made it to Vermont and he didn't cook. It was HORRIBLE there. HORRIBLE I tell you. I really hope that Finnish-Mexican food is better. I love seeing Finland through your eyes. And I love seeing you!

Hit 40 said...

Very nice! I liked the first two self pics best. And...

statures with water are always fabulous!!

Cyndy said...

Wow! Thanks for the tour. Really wonderful to see it through your eyes (and to see your eyes!). Didn't see a single polar bear, but loved the gold slipper lady. Very cool.

Can't wait to hear about smoking woman.

wv: squestie: no idea, but I really like the sound of it...squestie...

rxBambi said...

I love Yah Street, looks very cool. Weirdos too (both of course). First thing I thought of with pic #2 is its you in So Africa! Your posts always make meh smile...and get a glass of wine. I think yah awesome...glad I found yah!

Mrs.Rotty said...

oh nice. you do have a pretty bad ass street! lol.
i love the picture of you in the plant window. so cool!!

we have pretty darn good mexican food up here in oregon. i'd be willing to risk the tummy pain for a finnish mexican food. mmmmmm.

julochka said...

i had mexican food once in turku. well, it was really just nachos. the thought that struck me tho' was "too far from mexico." same thought occurs when eating mexican food in denmark. to have good mexican food and not be in mexico, you need a critical mass of mexicans making their way over your borders. apparently they're not that keen on 53% taxes and cold weather.

i'll admit i thought the golden slippers were your feet at first (and for kind of awhile thereafter) and i was thinking that you were wearing awfully thick tights with them. which reinforced my stereotype of finland as never really being a very warm place.

it's ok for others to have a canon--it's not like people who have PCs or more accurately Dells (ha!). my sis has one and i've used it. it focuses backwards.

did you know that weirdo was wearing a wifebeater? i learned that yesterday.

i'm really wishing you could use that strikeout thingie in comments (are you listening gods of google?)

€4 for a bus? hm, sounds like norway.

did you score some weed at the depot?

hey, your dark b/g is i can read you on my iPhone--cool! i don't know if you did it for me, but me (and possibly the pope) thank you. :-)

marathoner81 said...

I rather like the squirting frogs. Looks like it might be fun on a hot day.

dutchbaby said...

Very nice photos. I like the shy tombstone hiding behind the tree. Or was he playing hide-and-seek?

I also like the back view of the street signs - so many shapes.

Polly said...

I also thought the golden sandals are your feet with very thick stockings... they are nice sandals though. And what is the golden girl holing in her hand?

Julochka's making me feel guilty for having a Dell :-) I may have to borrow a Mac for the blogcamp...

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

I'm with Julochka, I thought those feet were yours too! But it made total sense anyway. And that IS a lot of money for the bus, but not as much as it is here to go three zones ($6.) Am feeling immense peer pressure to 1. get camera. 2. be able to take any sort of semblance of picture that is not crap.

marathoner81 said...

Polly - I have a Dell too and secretly (no so much anymore) covet a Mac

Extranjera said...

Iasa - does that mean I'm invited?

Jules - Now I know better. Should not have had the clearly oxymoronic food.

Erin - I haven't seen any Mexicans here either, and I think I should have taken it as a warning when they had misspelled guacamole in the menu, several times.

Hit 40 - I'm partial to the self pics too. An ode to julochka.

Cyndy - Unfortunately the polar bears kept dodging the camera...

rxBambi - Great. I always knew I could drive people to drink. ;o)

Mrs. Rotty - Totally. Badass. There was quite a threatening squirrel out there today, but all I had to do was give him the evil eye and he was totally shaking.

julochka - I changed the background just for you, and of course for the pope. It is important to me that you can keep up, and that the pope doesn't actually have to make his way all the way into his study, just to get to my blog on his Mac (I think the pope is consistent and would never own a Dell).

Marathoner - The squirting frogs are cool, as are the dancing chubby babes, but the water was still freezing cold, so I'll have to wait for a proper close-up.

dutchbaby - I think the tree towering over the stone was planted on that person's grave and just went crazy over the years. I really like the image of it playing hide and seek.

Polly - The girl is holding a loom. I kinda really wnat those slippers now. I bought one pair of golden sandals from Denmark, but i think these are way cooler...

VEG - Please start taking pics!!!!! I know you can do it!!!!!

Molly said...

Great pics!
Thanks for no toad close-ups. I like your new light background. I like the sound of your gold sandals (I must always have one pair of gold sandals in order to be truly happy). I like your street's big pole.
And I gd like your red stripy top! Did you buy it here? Tell me where!

WV croflu ~ are the bird's jealous of all the attention those piggie-wiggie's have been getting....?

Extranjera said...

Molly - Thanks! Woolies of all places. I appreciate a place where i can get a whole chicken and a plant while picking out my clothes.

Loredana said...

I'm so jealous...these pictures (thank you) make me want to travel home away from home.
Your hood looks real cool and quaint!

Extranjera said...

Loredana - Thanks! If you are getting a longing for Italy from my pics, I must be doing something screwy with angles though. The only thing about Italy you can hear in Finland is how much everyone hates Berlusconi. I think he called our food something nasty. But lately we have been enjoying a video of him eating his own nose pickings, which has eased the sting some.