Sunday, May 17, 2009

Silver linings and other cutesy shit

Since I have lately been on the whole letting go, choosing to be happy, and finding the silver lining in everything kick (and since having another blog to vent on) I'll now share with you some more of the happy things going on at the moment.

:: Once you want to take a picture of the crocodiles in the pond by the hotel bar - the ones you have been freaked out by for the past month - they are nowhere to be found and thus you don't have to hold your feet on the table legs because they're out there watching you (the crocks, not the table legs).

:: There are really nice people out there in the blogosphere who will listen to your worries even if they have never met you, and who will make you laugh by engaging in a very weird IM commenting on several different blogs. And they live 9 hours apart so that gives you the possibility of 24 hours of constant IM. No need for sleep. Unless one of them goes analog, which is the unthinkable.

:: I finally have a sister (no thanks to mom and dad, who only crowded the house with ice-hockey and basketball playing brothers, whom I love, but let's face it their girl talk is way below par).

:: The crocks are out, but appear to be asleep. Thank Zeus for a seriously warm day.

:: I seem to have fallen in love with photography, thanks to julochka and Erin (who is also helping me to reclaim rad as a usable word, just not in front of julochka - she is sensitive to it, and we want to be nice to the queen and the object of our worship. If you want to be in julochka's rock [warm stone] cult please sign up here and if you want to be in a more minor corn cult [with julochka as a prophet] sign up here).

:: The fact that I was unable to upload pictures yesterday resulted in the smile post , which in turn made some people's day. And I think that is just totally like rad, or possibly awesome (with parachute pants).

:: When I leave Zambia tomorrow the hubby will leave only 5 hours after me, and we won't have to be apart again for a couple of weeks.

:: I'm leaving for Europe on Thursday (I might have mentioned this before). And It will be summer in Europe, whereas in South Africa it is slowly getting to be winter.

:: A person I know in the blogosphere brought home a new baby and posted this picture which nearly made me cry. She writes in Finnish, but the photo says it all. Congratulations to her.

:: In a week I can get one of these dresses that I'll be wearing with pants though. I'm special.

:: My friends totally let me be a cat. What more can a person ask for?

:: There are fish in the pond by the hotel bar that could totally take the crocks if need be.

:: I love the word perpendicular. I don't know why. It's just so... perpendicular?

:: Even when suffering from a serious bout of blogger's block I can post incredible amounts of shit, and you all still read it. I love you people.

:: I just realized that I don't like any of the characters in my novel, and thus was able to rethink a lot of it. Who was it that said that if you don't like your characters, neither will your readers?

:: I love the fact that I'm not a perfectionist, because if I was I would be engaged in a potentially grueling googling process over the quote in the previous point. I'm glad I'm happily half-ass. Makes it easier to be lazy.

:: Someone just sat down and is now blocking the crocks. And he is wearing flop flops. Oh happy day.

:: I'm going to a wedding/garden party at Møns Klint next weekend. This place has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. julochka's blog has pics from there, but the whole happily half-ass makes me be too lazy to find them (perhaps she can toot her own horn in the comments?) and I also need to pee, so I'm just going to publish now. Sheesh, get off my back.

:: I'm still in love. With the hubby and the world.

:: The sun is shining, and it's warm.

Hope you have a really nice Sunday and get to eat lots of bonus cake and drink liters of coffee (this being my idea of a perfect Sunday). I'm off to hunt the crocks down with my camera. Now that they are out again and I have secured flip floppy bait.


julochka said...

are you seriously going to møn's klint next weekend? b/c that place totally rocks. literally, most of my rocks came from there.

and only b/c you told me to, here's a link to all my posts on the subject (of møn's klint, not rocks in general, that would pretty much be all of them):

thanks for the plug on my new cult/religion/-ism


are you bringing your husband to blog camp?

julochka said...

ever since you said you were going to møn's klint to a wedding next weekend i think i've been coming up with perhpas disturbing plans to go there and try to run into you. would you find that stalker-like?

Extranjera said...

Yes, really going to Møns klint. It's the hubby's brother's nuptials and I think you should actually party crash. We know no one since they are only inviting their friends.

Hubby will sadly not attend blog camp, although he reads all of us. he'll be back in SA by then, leaving me free to be even more irresponsible. Blog camp is going to rock [and stone/corn].

The Fragrant Muse said...

I love this post. In fact, I'm loving your whole pollyanna bend this weekend.

As far as not liking the characters in your novel, let's make it easy. Just use your readers. We are an eclectic lot who certainly should provide some interesting fodder for your book.

julochka said...

yeah, what TFM said--pick me. pick me.


My name is Erin. said...

Considering I've already been a character in a movie, it's only fitting that I be a character in a book. *rubbing hands together with sinister look on my face* All the pieces of my master plan are falling into place. Soon I will infiltrate every creative medium and the world will be rife with Erin's! Mwahahahaha!!!

With that being said (or maniacally laughed) thank you, thank you, thank you for the link to My Camera. That's awesome. It means a lot to me. :) I'm so glad you like my work/play and I wish I could do a photo shoot with you. It would be rad.

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Warning: Sappy content. I cried at your mention of our friendship/sisterhood (happy cried) as I have wanted a sister and good friend all of my life and have finally found one, even if we have never met. Though everyone thinks I am slightly crazy for doing so (everyone being my Mom and hubby) I am very grateful for our friendship.

OK, sappy over. I loved your list and your rosy view on a Sunday. It already made my day better. That and the maple bacon hubby is currently cooking.

Corn. Rock. Can I join the cult now?

Extranjera said...

TFM and julochka - I dunno. There's a bunch of very awkward sex scenes... And the spelling sucks.

Erin - You're welcome. I'll be getting in touch regarding the scheduling of the photo shoot. You do realize that this counts as a contract. I have it in writing now. Mwahahahahaha also.

All join the corn cult.

Extranjera said...

VEG - And as usual we commented practically simultaneously...
Thanks so much and I know exactly how you feel. I'm also working on hubby regarding the definition of 'true friendship'.

You're already in the cult. You're one of the founders.

Pattern and Perspective said...

Today's post and yesterday's are very diff't from your normal ones, but I like them a lot. Lovely posts indeed.

And I think a lot of writers say that if a writer doesn't like the character or know the character, the reader won't either. I think it's definitely best to give them characteristics of people somewhat know.

So, akward sex scenes. I read this book one, Glamorama, and it had sex scenes. They were so detailed and disturbing actually.

I actually pretty much hate when "they" put weird awkard sex scenes in movies, because if the story is that good, you don't need them.

I sat down one eveing and words poured out of me...18,000 words I typed up and then...I threw it out.

Takes a long time - the writing process - unless you write Harlequin Romances (ick!)

Pattern and Perspective said...

You somewhat know..the 2nd sentence...Ugh. Errors.

Extranjera said...

P & P - Are you saying I'm not my ranty self? (I'm kidding).

Naturally any text will always be autobiographical to some extent, but I would really love to put something into writing I totally imagined.

And no, definitely nit in the business of writing Harlequin romances. They are from the Devil to dumb us all down.

I just have to sit down and actually write now... Oh the agony...

My name is Erin. said...

P.S. I love the title of this entry. It keeps making me smile, maybe because it's something I would say. I'm actually quite sentimental, but I try to cover it up by saying things like, "it was all mushy and shit," Which actually means, "It was so beautiful and touching that it moved me to tears."

Extranjera said...

Erin - I totally get you. My choice would be "It fokken made my cry. Dammit."

Just Jules said...

this is just addicting in a strange sort of way that has me wondering why I did read it all and then thought of reading it again....

guess I too am crazy that way

marathoner81 said...

Wow - lots to digest here. I really like the 'I'm still in love' part.

Wish I could take more time out to comment, but I'm still more 'analog' this week than I'd like to be.

Happy flying!

Extranjera said...

Jules - IMing is addictive. Very.

Marathoner - As long as you finish the book for hermit, we are willing to let you be analog all you want.