Friday, August 21, 2009

Are you distracted already?

So I think my social skills have somewhat deteriorated in recent years. Or I've just completely stopped paying attention to what is being said to me, because I'm too distracted by anything and everything shiny.

America is very shiny after all. And glittery.

Mis amigos in shiny and glittery Albuquerque

Yesterday, I was being distracted by a pair of shiny pants at the mall (yes, have spent inordinate amounts of time at Starbucks and at the mall. Much more time than is decent...), and was giving them a proper feel, almost bringing them to my cheek.

Okay. I did bring them to my cheek, but just for a few seconds, and they really were some nice, soft pants.

A woman walked past me and said "Oh, nice top!" I was wearing a kaftan-like thing that is really meant for the beach, but that I have appropriated for everyday use, and like the socially awkward woman that I am, I looked at her, looked at my top, while holding the pants to my cheek, and answered: "Yes, it is." Because that is what my brain somehow elected as the appropriate response to a compliment.

I'm sure she feels good for having made the day of a mental patient on a day trip to the mall.

I have been having quite a few odd discussions with very random people. Like, with the woman who sold me my Birkenstocks about her work at the Library of Congress, like with the very pierced and tattooed fella who apparently was flirting with me (I was later told by the Mexican niece and nephew), like with a guy who was wanting to pluck my (I think rather non-existent) eyebrows with a strange looking string-apparatus, and like with the woman who though it was cute that I was taking pictures of my lattes.

I seem to have forgotten how much Americans like to talk and engage each other, and complete strangers.

Or maybe I'm just being my usual freak-magnet self? I'm pretty sure if I wasn't already married I would totally be going out with the tattoo-wonder. He was pretty cute in that inked, holey, punk way that I like, but I'm still glad I already have a cute, bearded, un-holey Hubby waiting for me in SA.

Other people's piercings can be dangerous, and I don't need any more hazards around. I already have me. Behind the wheel of my friend's car. Trying to drink water or extricate gum out of my bag while driving with my knees. Hazards aplenty.

Ag, just look at the pretty pictures. Apparently there never was a point to this, and there isn't one in sight either.

Unconventionally sad sunflower

Wires are pretty, neh?

They really are.

But not as pretty as flowers. Not nearly.

Have a good weekend y'all! I'm off to eat some Mexican food and drink some wine, and to chase it all with Starbucks. 

But you already knew that.


lacherie_17 said...

Ha ha most Americans are quite chatty! I'm so glad you've come over to my side of the freak-show pond, lol!

I left you an award @ my blog. Come check it out!


I'm Kim, by the way said...

I'm so glad you can appreciate all of the wires, at least somewhat. I have a very hard time with them.

Bon appetit! :)

jaywhyjay said...

The pictures of the knew that suspended technology could be so artistic! =)

kristine said...

love the wire shots. And also, I am glad you are appreciative of canon because i feel a bit cyber-bullied by the nikon possee. Glad I have you in my corner.

I am always astounded when I go to the states at how friendly and warm people are, and this is despite the fact i usually go to NYC, which SHOULD be a really cold harsh place where everyone is mean (being a big city, I mean). But I seem to always encounter a million kind people who just want a friendly chat, or to hail cabs for old ladies - seriously, I always see kind people hailing cabs for old ladies.

There's no point to this either. I could just keep on rambling. So I think I'll stop now.

ignominia said...

ok Extra(njera)photo tip for the day: the shot of the sunflower could have benefitted of some "fill light" to compensate for the dark subject against light background. Try using the forced flash feature, when shooting in daylight and the background light is stronger than the shadow on the subject... you'll love the amazing results!

boots said...

freak magnet? i doubt it, probably look approachable! wonder if you smile while you walk around looking for moments to capture with your canon!

monica said...

Have visited ur blog after a looong time.I'm glad you haven't lost it yet!! U still go gaga over shiny stuff :P It's good that you ignore what's being said about you.Trust me, paying heed doesn't help.
Love the shots! the wire one is awesome!
Have a nice trip:)

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Oh, my dear, you are simply awesome. So very awesome.

histreasure said...

I scream along with are simply awesome..and that those chatters find u appealing..say weird..but that is always appealing

like tha last pic..

My name is Erin. said...

Dig the pics. And I'm quite happy with my little Canon. It works for me just fine. I love Mexican food... especially when it's prepared by actual Mexicans and not some teenager who only eats hot dogs and french fries. Take a bite and think of me. Is that weird? Not that I care, just wondering what you think.

Argent said...

Freaks are at least more interesting (in possibly a scary way) than all those regular boring types out there. Great pics, mine's a canon too and I love it!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

freak-magnet, scoffing at an abundance of human interaction, a possibly un-natural love of all things shiny...this is why i come back day after day. It just feels right.

D.S. Williamson said...

Very nice pictures you have taken there. And I have to agree, even power lines can have beauty in them, especially if taken in the right perspective. Even they can tell a story. DS Williamson

Sara said...

Yeah, we talk to much over here. Me especially. I can't imagine what they'd think of me in Denmark. Heehee.