Monday, August 31, 2009

Go ahead, make my day.

What better way to start a day than with a little Clint Eastwood, eh?

Since I was on about making other people's day, week, or even a year yesterday by giving into trust and doing something nice for a change (I know, yada, yada, yada, moderately profound Extranjera, where did you emerge from?), I thought about what has been making my day, week and year lately.

Since, oddly enough, instead of the highly insightful comments that always seemed to contain something about fingernail clippings (by now so passé), wigs (and whether pigs should wear them) or aerobics, I have been leaving comments that have ended in either 'too cool' or 'thanks for making my day' (and cacti, but we won't go into details on that one).

Weird, huh?

No, not really. Could this mean that I am ....GASP... growing up?

*farts and then giggles loudly*

No, no fear of that. Thank goodness!

But apart from the fun found in farting loudly there are also other things that have been making my day, week, and year (Where did month go? I don't know.), and that do not involve any of my own orifices.

Now, how bad does that sound? Did she just connect making someone's day with an orifice? 
Yes, she did, and she thinks the connection is far more valid than people like to admit out loud. But, hey, it's not that kind of a blog. Really, it isn't. 

One thing that always makes my day is when someone in my sphere gives me advice. It means that they care enough to put themselves into my shoes and give my situation a second, or even a third thought. I will almost never take heed of the advice, since that is not how I was put together (how I ever learned anything boggles me, and many people in my life, greatly) and I need to make my own mistakes and learn without appearing to do so. But it still makes me feel loved when people care enough to want to help me not to screw up (or possibly kill myself) by trying to steer my behavior. Unless of course they are being annoying about giving advice (it's a fine line) in which case farts make my day much more.

It makes my year to own this Mielie bag:

And that I was able to give my Albugherkin™ friend Gringa this one:

Notice how my bag is bigger than hers. Complete coincidence. No?

And that she took it everywhere with her for as long as I was in New Mexico.

It made my day that a bloggy friend by the name of an Open Heart made up an award and gave it to me (Okay. She also gave it to some other people, but I like to think it was tailored just for me. Shhhhh! My blog, my delusions. Thanks.), and then Judearoo gave me cake (with a catch I really doubt I'll be fulfilling because my track record consists of gracefully accepting, followed by misplacing, and then completely forgetting an award, but anyhoo) on her new blog Babble Value (or is it valve, Jude?).

Can you believe it? Completely unsolicited cake. Cool!

Actually, I have received quite a few awards lately (read: since the beginning of this blog, and not so many, but who will pat my back if I don't myself, hey?), and really, I love the fact that so many folks are thinking of me, and think that I'm funny. I mean, I have always thought myself that I am funny, just sometimes misunderstood as gross, scary, or possibly mean/boring/consisting completely of swear words and toilet humor, but that so many of you should think so too. Totally awesome! Although, as I wrote to one of the kind bloggers who awarded me with [insert name of award here, since I seem to be in stage two of my cycle of forgetting], and as I state above, I really, really, utterly suck at this 'being all reciprocative' stuff. Am I exonerated yet? Cause I have more excuses lined up. Those I am extremely good at.


Yes. Point.

It also makes my day when you comment. But that's old news. Still, I am, like totally and shit, working up to answering the comments. I'm just waiting for the fever fog to completely clear and for the ear to stay firmly attached, and you know, for the buzz to be killed, my gills to fully develop, and the butterfly to croak.... See, this is what I mean by excuses.

It makes my year that the Hubby would send me all the way to America to hang out with my Mexican BFF (Yes, I'm exactly like Paris Hilton, I have BFFs all over the world too, and drive a jewel encrusted iPhone to prison, like, every day) just because I needed a break from South Africa. He's also offering to send me to Finland, but I'm not sure how I feel about seeing my mother in real life since the ear-incident. She is not into piercings, especially if they turn out to be potentially disfiguring on her kin. And it's not for appearances sakes I have in the past referred to her as Ironfist.

I'm joking mom, really I am. I love you!

It makes my day when a photo comes out way better than expected. And the complicated camera actually does what I want it to.

It makes my week to have an intelligent discussion about a really good book. In fact, just such a discussion will make my Friday this week. We will be discussing DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little on the Hermit Book Club blog. Come join us. Unless you don't want to read the book and thus have nothing insightful to say, in which case laughing at farts with me right here on my blog is also totally okay. The fun created by farting is largely to do with the audience.

Let's see, what have I got so far:
  • farts
  • advice
  • Mielie bag
  • awards
  • cake
  • more awards
  • you commenting on my blog
  • Hubby sending me away, far away (doesn't sound so good, must research this point further)
  • some photo stuff, so that I can post my current favorite picture
  • discussing a good book, and
  • farting
Yup. Pretty much there. Should put in some insightful stuff too though. To balance out the ubiquitous talk of farting.


It makes my day to see someone clearly for who they are. Because no one wants a "friend" (no, those are not unnecessary quotation marks), but someone loyal, supportive, and real. And when someone of the latter description comes along, it makes my year.

It makes my life every single day to have the Hubs. Sap, sap, sap, but really, without his snoring ass, I couldn't exist. And not only because without him cooking for me I would be on my scurvious deathbed by now.

Hubs taking a photo of ....water. Yah.

Now, what makes your day? And don't say cakes and farting. I'm having the combination patented, or trademarked, or something.


Anonymous said... always make my day better:)

Sara said...

Was coffee an oversight, because I think that's important. Or is that just me?...

Also when a project goes exactly like it's supposed to. Everything is planned-ish and when it happens... IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I love that.

An Open Heart said...

Seriously, the award was crafted with you in evidenced by today....I'm LMAO! does Hubby know you took that picture of him?

I hope the ear is actually getting better.....

I noticed you didn't mention wine...what about wine?

an iced venti peppermint mocha ALWAYS makes my day better....and when I have a good hair day.....that makes for a good day.


Cyndy said...

Having you back to read on a daily basis makes my day! Combine that with coffee (and cake) and I am set.

The photo of cacti very cool. I love when something simple creates something magical.

Had a dream you came to PA with the other bleeps as a surprise. You were sitting on a couch talking to others when I came in the room (inevitably late). I knew it was you immediately and ran to give you a hug. You stood up and almost reached the ceiling! You are indeed a giant in my mind ~ and heart!

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Sniff, sniff, I made your year? I am truly touched, Dude. And, for reasons I will explain later, that is perhaps the best compliment someone can ever pay me. Being real and loyal. You just made my LIFE.

Ducky Loves Minnie said...

What makes my day? Having enough quiet time to drown the noise of life, then everything usually seems fairly clear and easy. Coffee is good too.

Ekanthapadhikan said...

The picture of the cacti is really cool. Feel as though it is not just a plant but something more!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

My friend (and not "friend") makes my day! And ruins it, too, because I freaking miss him so much!

Molly said...

But no one mentions The Bag/s! The Bag/s people! The Bag/s!
They are things of wondrous beauty and delight. I love mine dearly too. Altho' I fear yours is even lovelier ... sniff ...

omchelsea said...

A good handbag makes my day. And the right jeans. I fear my quest will be infinite... but that photo of your hubby has made THIS particular day. People no longer being able to find my blog because I idiotically altered the URL does NOT make my day. If you care (oh, what a delusion I labor under!) it's at
Spammers welcome.

Amandalyze said...

A good hair day and finding something to wear quickly - makes my day. No bad news will make my week.

Kissing my babies goodnight each night and falling asleep in my hubbies arms - THAT will always make my LIFE.

As always - love your post. It made MY day, today!

Dave Keeble said...

Experimenting with food and creating something edible makes my day. Especially if my housemate enjoys it aswell.

And as cliché as it sounds, actually sitting down with a coffee, a smoke (eek!) and writing something.

Sarah said...

i have to agree, intelligent discussions about books make my day. so does good music and writing stuff that doesnt suck.

Eidothia said...

Awww! Isnt this all getting mushy mushy and all too nice nice for extranjera? :P

And my day is definitely not made looking at your bags, cos we dont get them here in this side of the world and no, we dont get them anywhere close either :( Am I sad or am I sad!!

kristina said...

hello dear - are those antibiotics making you all nice and stuff? ;-)
what makes my day: dog, camera and husband - not neccesarily in that order.
could hubby perhaps send you to sweden too? :-)

Bill Kirton said...

Finding new things that make me laugh is one of the many things that make my day - so I'm grateful to Michael Malone for pointing me towards your blog. If he says you're funny, you definitely are. Good to read a blog where the writer's personality comes crashing off the screen - especially when it also makes me laugh. So thanks.

(It also gives me another blog to follow and therefore extends my valuable avenue of procrastination.)

ignominia said...

lovely photo Extra, the one with the cactus and the heart shadow. Excellent!

CrazyCris said...

a hug definitely makes my day!

unfortunately I will be seriously lacking in that domain for the next 3 months... :s

Judearoo said...

Glad you enjoyed the cake me dear. Just the job to go with your many many coffee fixes. x

silknparachute said...

Waking up to my Dad staring at me, and asking... "are you going to let me starve to death?"