Monday, August 17, 2009

Wonders of Albuquerque

What can you do when you've got awesome friends and your stomach is filled with a burger and some fries that surely epitomize the American culinary experience?

(No picture here, scarfed the burger down at a speed and ease that made me suspect that I am in fact American? Mom, anything you wish to reveal? Now would be the time...)

Although, your stomach could have been a different scenario after the tram/ cable car ride up to the Sandia mountains. It's good that you're not the queasy type - like that woman standing behind you who kept quietly praying, while going suspiciously red in the face.

Naturally, since you are all wearing your bestest hiking boots and have plenty of water, are wearing appropriate clothing, and no one is carrying their handbag on their shoulder, you go on an accidental hike.

to here. Which just pretty much makes up for the dehydration in its superior awesomeness.

Being above the clouds is what it's all about.

And hiking in your Converse, which impress you more and more every day, and don't at all give you blisters, which makes you think that the pair you owned when you were fifteen might have been Konnverse instead.

You never know what wonders of nature you might encounter in the wild.

Squirrel droppings?

Have a good week everyone! I sure will. 


menkah!! said...

oh my god, what are those colored little balls?!!?

Miss Footloose said...

Pss Menkah, the colored little balls are paint balls -- I think -- some kids with paint guns probably intended to color up Mother Universe with some garish chemical paint. Shame, shame.

And now, extranjera, having just returned from a trip to my hometown in the Netherlands, I know what it feels like to see things familiar and how you see it with new eyes. Then again, maybe you always were aware of how gorgeous your home turf was (?). I took pictures for the first time ever. Shame on me.

Have fun. Enjoy. Don't forget American cheese cake, the good kind. Was it on your list?

Miss Footloose. Her visit home here:

Miss Footloose said...

OOPS! New Mexico is not your home turf? Originally from small European country -- sorry -- the one with all the lakes and the saunas I believe.

So, anyway, enjoy the US. How long have you lived there before perching in SA?

My name is Erin. said...

Yay! We're in the same country! I am a bit surprised that this hasn't made national news, but it is early in the week. Hope you enjoyed your hike. I've done so many hikes in cheap flip flops, I can completely relate. Every time I do, I think, "Clearly I was not a boy scout. Next time I will be prepared." And then it happens again.

Gahd! Welcome to the States!!!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

You know Ohio is as far west as I've ever gone and these pictures are not helping my ever growing desire to make my way west. Am thinking of quiting my job and just traveling.

kristina said...

wow, that's some view! glad you're enjoying yourself :-)

I'm Kim, by the way said...

D'oh! Flashbacks to my birthday hike! You all were smart to take the Tram up. Looking forward to confirming that neither of us are serial killers. ;)

Angelina said...

Be sure to put Santa Fe on your must see list, the capital of NM!

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

You look like you are having so much fun! Sooooo very jealous. And wishing you could be here (or me there) having fun together.

Anonymous said...

We go to Albuquerque once or twice a year in early summer before it gets too hot. Last May when we were there we went to Old Town very early in the morning before anything was open and did some silly vids and took pictures. Recognize anything?

Caley Brown said...

Some of those photos look like the photos are from table mountain...or is it just me?

almost70 said...

I would love to do a painting of that rock with the marbles in it... but I will heed your warning to.. "Don't steal my stuff", though it's tempting!!!