Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bye bye al-boo-ker-keh, I'll miss you!

My last day in Albuquerque.

What is a gal to do?

Eat some more hamburgers and fries? No. Been there, done that, currently suffering the heartburn that just won't go away, but oddly tastes like pickles, feet, and ketchup at times. However, can heartily (and not just heartburn-ily) recommend Ezra's place (And not just because of the Margarita either). Best burger in town. Honest.

Go to the mall? No. Been there, done that, have no more room in the suitcase, although all of the meat is gone from there, and will not be making the long trek back to South Africa. Some Hannah Montana crap will though. Because I'm cheesy. And consider myself old and fat enough to pull it off as kitch, and not creepy. Right? (Don't answer, unless it's in the affirmative. Thanks.)

Go to a museum? No. Been there, done that, absolutely loved the Georgia O'Keeffe museum in Santa Fe and am now seriously considering becoming a tortured artist, only wearing black sleek clothing with my hair slicked back, never sweating, and painting horse skulls with flowers. What originality?

If I could only paint something else than stick men. If only. Stick sculls?

Visit the multitude of galleries in Santa Fe? No. Been there, done that, and felt everything from seriously weirded out by 'art' to superbly inspired by art.

A tad weirded out, neh?

Inspired, but not in the GAP way. Just plain inspired.

Take more photos? No. Been there, done that, am ready to bore anyone and everyone with days and days of illustrated tales of my travels. I probably have hours of footage of coffee alone.


What to do, what to do? Before becoming a tortured artist in high-waisted pants, that is.

Well, I guess there is nothing else to do than to go to University of New Mexico, play the crazy aunt Helga from Finland to an unsuspecting Mexican American 18 year-old 'nephew' (how could I have come all this way and miss family day? Not possible!), and introduce some new holes into my earlobes.

There really is nothing else to do.

Besides Starbucks. But you so already knew that. Didn't you?

I almost missed this one. Almost. Can you believe that?

Have a good start of the week y'all! I'll be back to regale you with my tales once I land safely in South Africa and the wine and coffee fumes jet-lag fog finally clears.


Mrs.Rotty said...

come to Oregon/Washington. We'll show you a thing or two about coffee.


MeanDonnaJean said...

Pics of coffee? That's a first. Ya certainly are a strange lil' human, ain't ya! ;-)

Have a safe trip.

MyVintageCameras said...

Ignore them, the coffee pic was original (believe me I looK at a lot of photo blogs). The sculpture in the swing IS the doors.

Glad you enjoyed your visit!

Tay said...

I cry a little bit every night just because South Africa doesn't have a Starbucks. Blasted third world country.

Andi Smith I live in said...

People get addicted to coffee.
Hmmm... I can start a rehab for it in Africa and then charge all these shaky, addicted Americans and make a profit off of sending them to my rehab.
I'm getting closer to ruling the world. :) muahahah!

My name is Erin. said...

I don't think you're strange at all. I think you're witty and smart and funny (wait, that's what witty means) and cool (even wearing Hannah Montana gear) and original. I liked the coffee photo btw. Love the From Africa. To Africa. bags among the regulars. So very fitting. Safe travels to you. It was nice having you in the States for a bit. :)

Kaotic said...

"A tad weirded out, neh?", you ask.

Actually, I'm quite fascinated by that piece of art.

All about the eyes of the beholder, huh! :-)

ellen abbott said...

Oh man, the Georgia O'Keefe Museum. Would love to see that. When my hair was long (and thin) I would wear it in a bun to keep it out of my way. Someone once told me I looked like her and though I don't mind being mistaken for a fabulous artist, I didn't much care for being thought of as looking like her. I went out and cut my hair. Short, it gets all curly. Everyone told me how much younger I looked.

I'm Kim, by the way said...

Albuquerque will miss you too, although it sounds like you got all of the good stuff in. When I was a freshman in college, I worked at the bowling alley restaurant! But it was something different then. I must go check out the new tenant. Safe travels!

kristine said...

I've just come back from costa rica with a suitcase full of coffee! Have a safe trip.

Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

Back to line 3 first paragraph.... How do you know what feet taste like??? Wait, don't answer that. Have a safe trip home and perhaps a crazy misadventure along the way.

Angelina said...

You pick up most of the pop culture on this trip, and the predominate Starbucks picture was not wasted on me... Hmmmmm

Safe journey back to SA.

Graham said...

Great photos!

kristina said...

starbucks? you? really?!
anyway, hope you have a safe trip back to SA!

Gracey said...

I am glad you had fun!

And you're right, apart from the aunt Helga stunt, you did pretty much everything else!

Have a safe trip back to SA.

Curious Character said...

So... you may or may not believe this but Wellington, NZ where I live has a heaving cafe culture. We are so obsessed by coffee in this city we have no less than three cafes named after freedom fighters who are related to coffee. Fidels, Che's, and a coffee factory called Havana. We also have a chain just started up in the last 5 years called 'People's Coffee'. I LOVE coffee. Hate Starbucks and what they stand for though.