Friday, July 24, 2009

Meet da meat.

Back when I first started this blog, when it was still very strongly about how much I love living in South Africa, as opposed to how delightfully quirky I am (stop making that face), or how little I accomplish in the span of 24 hours (I know. We are all so over that), or what the hell is that stain now and how did I get it (I really don't know), I wrote a post about meat. Well, the braai actually, but meat is what it all came down to.


And this past Saturday (or was it Sunday? Let's just say the weekend. To be on the safe side. It could not have been a weekday?) weekend, I revisited that feeling of love for this country I felt at the point in my life, seven months ago, when I wrote that first post. And again, what it all came down to was meat.


Specifically, lamb

Meet the lamb. In all it's glory (I think there's some pork rashers on there too, but lamb is what counts. Remember the lamb. Don't ever overlook the lamb. Lamb. Lamb.). And by sweet-juice-that-trickles-down-from-a-rack-of-lamb it was good. I may never feel the same way about one of them sweet little furry creatures that go... whatever a lamb says in English.

I'll just be thinking about how good they taste.

Would you believe I was a vegetarian for years?

Me neither. Maybe I should get into the habit of Meatless Mondays before my much more environmentally aware siamese sister Vancouver's Enviro Girl manages to zip herself into picture form, mails herself to South Africa, and makes me think about Meatless Mondays. (Go make her bloggy life exciting, so I can enjoy mah meat. Thank you kindly.)

But until then, this is what it's all about

and maybe some of this

This is the Hubby's idea of a bouquet of flowers for me, I just received tonight, since I've been feeling a little blue lately. He knows me so well, the horrible enabler that he's turned out to be.

I'm happy y'all. Have an awesome day!


sciencegirl said...

oh, my, grilled lamb and a glass of nice velvety Shiraz. You really make me hungry here! And it's like, 9am, at the office, not a convenient time for a meaty craving. You're so mean!!!

LordLynxx said...

Lamb, yummy. I like them in kebab, well we call it gyros.

Meat is something that we should discuss more. Love the meat!

I know a few vegetarians, I really don't know how they can survive without meat.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

For some reason I can't stand the idea of eating lamb. I don't even like sheep very much. Why am I so weird?

And you don't write trash, just so you know. If you did, I wouldn't keep reading. ;)


CrazyCris said...

ohhhh LAMB!!! best meat out there!!! grilled lamb chops over a wood fire... with a pitcher of sangria if it's summer, or a bottle of rioja if not summer... PERFECT!

will have to remember to pick up some lamb chops for next week's bbq! :p

Esmerelda said...

I'm a crunchy vegetarian, but I'm loath to say that. I've only given up meat because I fear the US Meat Industry.

Anyhoo, even though I still like meat, I've never quite gotten into lamb. Its the smell. But that does look quite tasty. And pair pretty much anything with a Shiraz and I'll gobble it up.

Glad you're happy!

Caley Brown said...

I travelled in South Africa for a month. It was a return journey as i was born there.

The best bit about it was having a Braai with a few good people i met along the way with a few beers. Just thought i would share.

julochka said...

there you go, first waving meat and then DELHEIM in my face. that's it, i'm on my way....

McGillicutty said...

Oh heaven on earth I loooovveeee lamb, it's not very popular here in the states but i would kill for some good roast lamb with mint sauce and a glass of red!!!!! you're cruel that's all... plain cruel!!!!
and better to be writing trash than nothing at all that's what I say!!!! keep it up. Ali.

Polly said...

a post about meat, I should say it's in keeping with the style of the blog

I love lamb. And I'd love some Delheim. I'll see you and Julochka at the airport!

M.J. said...

baaah. That's what a lamb says in English.

lyndseywiley said...

I heart meat... But being from Texas originally means that my food pyramid looks a little different. It's more of an organizational chart: MEAT (big large center circle), POTATOES (slightly smaller offset circle), COBBLER (circle on the other side of MEAT, same size as potatoes). :o) However, MEAT really only refers to beef.... Most others are inferior... Lamb is for the weak at heart, which, considering my diet, could be me soon enough!

Lovin' your blog :o)

I'm Kim, by the way said...

Oh, woman after my own heart. We eat adorable, sweet, bleating, delicious lamb almost every Sunday for dinner. And wash it down with a Shiraz, usually.

Then we have Meatless Monday. With more Shiraz.

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

I was also once a vegetarian, but cheeseburgers were my downfall. Though I may yet mail myself to you, we can go ahead and meet over the meat! Go Meat!

WV: advent. Stoopid polar bear assassin squad promoting santa again.

Anonymous said...

Lamb is just about one of the best I have ever had. Made some the other day actually and your post just made me hungry. Having that said, im off to the store and get me some ;-)

Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

I like lamb if someone else cooks it. I'm also sorry to hear that you are feeling blue. Here is a really bad joke that my 4 year old tells to cheer me up.

"how do you make a handkerchief dance?"
"you put a little boogie into it". It never really cheers me up but I humor him. Perhaps you could do the same.

MeanDonnaJean said...

After I read this post I hadda sudden flashback about that lil' girl named Mary 'n the cute furry creature that kept followin' her all over the damn place.

I FINALLY know what happened to that poor lil' ended up on yer dinner plate!

omchelsea said...

cow + knife = happiness

Josefine said...

Aah, yes... I was a vegetarian for 13 years before last christmas when I started to eat seafood. And felt very content with that decision. But now, you see, the siren call from steakhouses everywhere is getting stronger and stronger, to the point where I oogle other people's food at restaurants (yes, so maybe I already did that but now it's with a sense of longing and desire only comparable with that of a Jane Austen heroine. It's not pretty). I will consider this post a sign of sorts. We'll see how it goes.

kristine said...

so, um, what does a finnish lamb say? i cant tell you what a norwegian lamb says because i dont have the right kind of keyboard.

I like meat very much indeed, but i am kinda trying to avoid it here. this is because i have seen the slaughtering facilities. also, the supermarkets only sell frozen meat, and we have power cuts all the time, and none of them have generators. So lentils it is.

D. Scott Semple said...

I think your reminder about heating is great. I live in the desert so the opposite is true for me. In the summer time, if the power goes out the temperature inside will begin to skyrocket almost immediately. It is essential to keep those doors shut and to find a damp cloth to cool your head and neck before it becomes too much.

Andi Marie Smith said...

But Why have been feeling blue lately? :/

Extranjera said...

Sciencegirl - Don't blame me, blame the time difference (because I am in no way responsible for writing this stuff at night and then scheduling to post it early next morning).

LL - Love gyros, and lamb in any form. Used to live in Greece (the final downfall of my vegetarianism).

Georgie - A little weirdness is only a good thing! Makes you interesting.

CC - Glad to have inspired you. Although I'll have to go with a shiraz, or a pinot noir...

Esmeralda - Yup. Well, as much as I hate to admit this I have very little qualms about eating anything. I too fear the meat industry, but expertly block it out every time there's food in front of me. And especially if there's wine.

Caley - Braais are possibly the coolest thing about SA, right after the people.

julochka - Delheim is my favorite Vineyard in the cape, and my most prized bottle is a vintage from there. I'll save it for when you get here...

Ali - There can be nothing better than lamb. Tasty, juicy lamb and then some nice red. Yup. Being mean all over again ;o)

Polly - are you saying the contents of my blog are light?!?! I'm gonna go cry now. Let yourselves in when you get here. ;o)

M..J. - Thanks. In Finnish they say määää Now we're exchanging onomatopoeia. How cool is that.

Lyndsey - I heart beef too, but since I can never get it here like I used to in Mexico, I'm branching out. And lamb here is seriously good.

Kim - Yup. I'm on board too as long as going meatless in no way means going wineless.

VEG - Good. I'm glad!

Tia - I'm glad to have inspired! Go lamb!

Robin - That is a really awesome joke, and totally up my alley. Yup. That's def my kinda alley that there.

DonnaJean - I confess. I ate it. And it was good.

Chelsea - Exactly my thoughts.

Josefine - So my attempt to inspire more people to follow meatless Mondays has backfired. Let me know how it goes.

Kristine - What no constant hankering for Montezuma's revenge (or it's Belizean counterpart)? What kind of an expat are you? (I assume healthy) I always eat it, even with the flies and all. never get stomach bugs anymore. Might have worms again though.

And I so know you didn't ask.

Scott - I'm glad it's the other way round here. At least we can bundle up and still read...

Andi - All sorts of shit going on. Thanks for asking. Am feeling better about everything now though.