Sunday, July 05, 2009

Me, me, me, and oh yeah: ME.

And I will not even rant about my internet being gone for 10 hours today and the provider (who the Hubby showers with rands every single month) not wanting to really do anything about it, on account of it being Sunday. Grumble.

I'm just going to mention it.

All cool and grown-up like.

'Cos that's the new me.

Okay, so I'm just kidding about the new me, but I am putting the rant aside for something that I promised to do for you my new readers, and have thought about doing ever since I heard about BoN (which is still squarely placing me on cloud nine, and I'm afraid I'll have to keep on mentioning for years to come, and also to RWP [Let VEG, my sis explain] who don't even know what a blog is, because it might just be all I'll ever get in the neighborhood of those talked-about 15 minutes).

If you're lookin' at me, you're lookin' at country. - Loretta Lynn

I promised to clue you all in on me and this here blog and by gosh that's what I'll do.

I'll just have some wine first to loosen up and to, ya know, open the verbal gates (or as Hubby sometimes refers to them: the gates of mediocre hell). Yup. Feeling it.

Since I (and possibly everyone in bloggyland that I hang out with) love lists, I'll proceed in list form. And yes, the light blue words are links. Click on them Mom (otherwise she won't click on them and then the thing will just be boring for her).

:: I am Finnish, and grew up mostly in Finland.

:: I am married to a Dane, whom I like to call the Hubby, but who would prefer to be called El Grande Vikingo. So if you ever have to comment on his existence, please for Zeus's sake refer to him as the latter. He is the way to my heart. Him and offers of free, quality wine.

:: I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. For now. And generally, I love it. Most times I really love it, but right now it's cold. Freezing my fingers to the keyboard COLD.

:: I love Mexico City, where we lived before SA. At heart, I am a chilanga - a native of Ciudad de Mexico.

:: I get ants in my pants. I like to move around. Not just furniture or house, but countries and continents. Often. Once a routine emerges, I need to fly away.

:: I do nothing. I dabble. I'm a trophy wife with a slant. I golf badly. I sit in my green bathrobe for days on end. I pretend to write a novel. I drink coffee and wine and live on eggs for indecent number of days in a row. Sometimes I'll also drink water.

:: I love coffee. and I'm a huge snob about it. But not in the espresso, french press kinda way, but in a weird rather Finnish way. Well, I know how I like my coffee, and yes, I am quite addicted.

:: I love wine. Here I should link (I just wrote 'drink'. Freud dude, you were right all along) the entire blog. I am not kidding.

:: I went to blog camp in Denmark at julochka's (and continue to contribute to the awesome Blog Camp blog. I especially like this one, which I mostly wrote), which will remain one of the coolest experiences ever, and met with julochka, B, Polly, Seaside Girl, and Kristina. You should go read them all. They are awesome. Also in real life.

:: I have a siamese sister in Vancouver, Canada. We share a brain, and she has promised to give me some of her liver when mine is done for (shouldn't be that much longer). She is an environmental superhero and goes by the name of Vancouver's Enviro Girl. We all call her VEG (and I once called her VAG by accident, but that was just after my visit to the local gynecologist) and love her to bits. Go read her blog and the blog I and her write together. She is a sarcastic riot. You'll love her. I promise.

:: I pick my nose. Proudly.

:: I swear. And have very little respect for organized religion. Feel free to skip those parts. Or pretend like I didn't write them. Sometimes 'ignore' is the way.

:: I have no talents. None at all.

:: I love books, reading, and a good yab about literature. All academic and shit. I was about to keel over on account of mental drought, but then Iasa set this up: Hermit Book Club. Go ahead and join now. And discuss. My mental health hangs in the balance.

:: I like to take pictures. But the real pull of this here blog - the picture in the banner - is Hubby's handiwork. El Grande Vikingo rocks. And he is all snap-happy. Also, the giraffes are not afraid of him, they just ignore him.

:: I love words. And making them up. That's why I love Balderdash - the blog. I contribute. When I'm moved to do so (i.e. have had too much to drink and think I'm the funniest person out there). It is such a great idea. The blog, not me being the end-all funny.

:: There are several of me. The Drunk Extranjera is the real problem child in all of this. Corn also enters the equation.

:: I love Africa. Especially Tanzania and Zambia. I could stay, and just tour the African countries until I drop dead.

:: People either hate me or love me. I have been working towards a 'meh' for quite a while now, but don't really seem to be succeeding. Oh well.

Okay. Before the interweb quits on me again, I'll just post this part here and continue another time. Maybe. There's a lot there already to explain the shit that is me, right?


Sleep well.


Jasmine said...

When I read this, I felt as if I was looking into my future. Except instead of wine it would be Stella.

julochka said...

this was an excellent sum-up. i think that pretty much covered it, except your near-miss at being miss assistant manager of hotel in zambia. and the spitting in the lattes. but people should just go back and look for's worth it.


Molly said...

a veritable nutshell - well done x

B said...

Very good summary! And so nice of you to fill everyone in, although I can see how the lack of Internet is bringing mean Extranjera back... in a pleasant way, of course!

CrazyCris said...

When you wrote this:
"I love Mexico City, where we lived before SA. At heart, I am a chilanga - a native of Ciudad de Mexico.

I get ants in my pants. I like to move around. Not just furniture or house, but countries and continents. Often. Once a routine emerges, I need to fly away."

were you reading my mind?!

I'm what's known as a "foreign service brat" i.e. I grew up all over the place (and technically have 3 nationalities). And just because my parents have stopped moving around doesn't mean I (or my sisters) have!

When I moved to Spain for University people couldn't figure out just quite what I was... looked like a Gringa, had a Spanish passport... and spoke like a Chilanga! And in my heart I was 100% a Chilanga!!! Result of living in Mexico from age 10 - 19 (and 12-19 in the DF). I've heard the city has taken a change for the worse security-wise, but I still miss it!!! Haven't been back since '96. snif!

You like reading, traveling, photos, wine, blogging... It's like I'm reading my mind except better written and with a better sense of humour! cool!!! :o)

oh... and why is a Fin complaining of the cold?! :p

Mary Ellen said...

Good to meet you - thanks for filling in the background.

Anonymous said...

very well written. I did not get bored at all reading..actually got upset when it was over hehe..well have you been to malawi yet? I am from there but live in Switzerland yet currently in Florida, US. I love travel as well..thinking of visiting finland and sweden soon. Have friends there..anyway take care

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Lol, I like you more and more each time I drop by. You're so much fun!

Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

Oh, you make me miss drinking in my green bathrobe. Peach isn't good, not nearly as good. I highly discourage it.

Meisha said...

Love it. Love that you move around. I definitely plan to do the same when I get older.

I am only 18, and I started my blog 3 days ago. I would love it if you could take a look at it!

It's called SPEAK. Not sure how to link it, but I will indeed learn !


kristine said...

excellent post, as always. you have like a bazillion fans now though, its almost intimidating. tell me, why is it you lived in mexico and now are living in SA?

Sandy said...

Very interesting post. I am so envious of your travel. I have been to SA and feel very fortunate to have done so. Would love to return one day. I have only lived in the US but hope one day to live somewhere else. Nice to meet you. Please stop by and say hello if you have time.

patahati said...

I just want to say that it's nice blog, keep it up. thanks,

Cyndy said...

Love the summary. A good program, even for your old bleeps. Would also like to suggest any of your people watching stories, especially salad lady, but new followers will have to look for it. What good is treasure without the hunt? I may even go back and reread...

Is the hiatus on hiatus for a moment? I will be glad...

An Open Heart said...

I have wondered about the Giraffe picture.....good to know....the other stuff was informative, too, and quite concise.

jane said...

love it!:)

Judearoo said...

Ah wonderful, especially the wine oiling the gates of mediocre hell bit; made me grin like a loon. I too have few talents and like to talk a lot. And I wouldnt worry 'Meh' is overrated. :D
Oh and @spudballoo - dont think we're the same person, surely we'd have noticed..?

Lisa-Marie said...

It's lovely to know you a little better!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Loved the recap. Even as a hardcore lurker I learned something new.

mellow roc said...

Extranjara, hi again.
You have a winsome writing style as one of your talents, and also imagine you and hubby to have few possessions considering the mobile aspect of your lives. I am partial to Scandanavian gals (married one) and running a close second Canadian gals..
Anyhow wanted to say hi to you and the rest of the speakers and will be back often to read your latest muse or rant. I know the frustration of poor internet service at times but that's another topic. Enjoy a red wine for me!
David (mellow roc)

Sandy K. said...

It's nice to meet you- you definitely don't sound boring:). The ability to move around is fabulous, and we're feeling a bit stuck right now. I can live vicariously through your adventures. I shall return to my own novel, and my ever-present coffee, as soon as I am done catching up on everyone's lives in the blogosphere I'm traipsing around it. Thank you for the links, which will lengthen my time away from "work." Good day to you!

Blacklight Wormhole said...

You seem pretty awesome but i am not hard to impress anyone who makes a Freud joke in a blog earns my stamp of approval

Gracey said...

I am new to your blog, and this post helped me learn more things about you. Thanks for sharing!

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

I love it when I get mentioned on your blog. It makes me all warm and fuzzy. And I think you pretty much covered it all here. Mostly. People should read your archives anyway.


My name is Erin. said...

All over the world, people are neglecting all things of importance (in other people's eyes mostly) to enjoy every past word you've ever written on this blog. I'm so happy for them and I don't feel badly at all for the "things of importance" that will be neglected. It's your turn!

MaW said...

you really are true and sincere, aren't you? :)
yep, i enjoy people who can spill their shit out, either good, bad or boring.

Anonymous said...

I LIKE YOU!! (see me shouting from my rooftop) And now as Vancouver's Enviro Girl suggested I will take the time to read your earlier posts.