Sunday, July 19, 2009

The one with all the answers

So I seem to have skipped this whole answering comments thing all together. I keep putting it off because it overwhelms me, and then, well... this thing happens, where all of a sudden two weeks later the first 10 pages of my mail inbox are all comments.

I freak out a little, feel bad for not answering (because I really do appreciate them), and resist the urge to flee all and every responsibility (my natural response to when life happens too fast), on top of which I engage in some deadly serious and rather elaborate procrastination. I rock procrastination. In case you didn't get that from the title of the blog.

And then, well, it's dinner time, and we all know what happens at dinner time.

And at that point I definitely shouldn't be on the computer.

But sometimes I am anyways, and instead of answering the comments I leave some on other bleeps' blogs about aerobics, heavy metal, and fingernail clippings and tweet about changing diapers on a motorcycle.

So I'll just answer some choice questions here. And that'll be it. I seem to have procrastinated and fled my way straight into partial avoidance.

Not news.

The first question comes from Barbara: Scary, isn't it?

Well Barbara, you hit the nail on the head with that one. What is it, if it isn't scary, eh? I'm not a scared individual per se, but I have been told that I am scary. When I worked for the Girl Scouts, all of them little ones used to be terrified of me. I think some of it might be because of my voice, but mostly it is due to the fact that children just don't get sarcasm. No matter how well executed it is. They think you will sprout horns if they don't quiet down, just because you said so (and then afterwards the parents tell you to shut up about go easy on the biblical references, and Santa's death).

No. Put the phone down (social services are busy). I don't actually have children of my own.

The second question is from Manxrunner : You live in South Africa, what's it like there?

Yes I do Manxrunner. It's nice a lot of the time, and sometimes it's not so nice. But mostly it's pretty nice.  There is this blog about a girl in South Africa you could maybe check out. It's called 'What will I ever do with my life?' I'm told there's quite a lot of stuff on South Africa there.

An Open Heart also has a question: In the middle of your performance angst, you didn't REALLY run out of wine?

Not to worry dear Open Heart. I have this alcoholism thing down to a fine science. I haven't run out of wine in years. Thanks to that small nagging voice in the back of my head that really should be telling me to buy milk, coffee, eggs, and toilet paper, but just keeps going: "Remember the wine. Don't be forgetting the wine. Did you already get the wine. Ooh, there's wine, you need wine."

 Zakk had this to ask: An unpublished author?

Yes. I believe that in order to be published one has to have submitted something. Yes? And in order to submit something one has to have finished writing something. Is it not so? I'm still missing the first phase as well as the second one. And even after that, I'm told it's quite difficult, so I have no qualms about my blog URL, except for maybe the last part, since I seem to have gone from author to blogger, unless the internet goes down, and I'm not frantically crocheting.

And last, but not least the Not So Glamorous Housewife wanted my opinion on something: Why in the world was I excited?

I can't remember. I think it had something to do with your dog.


spudballoo said...

OOOH FIRST!!! I don't know why that is thrilling but it is.

I'm laughing so much at your wine shopping techniques. Reminds me of when I was single and I'd look at my groceries whilst waiting to pay at the supermarket: 30 tins of cat food, 10 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of gin, 1 loaf of bread, x5 ready meals. Sad.

we never run out of wine either. Well, we did yesterday but I made MrSpud go out and buy some. We haven't got any nappies or baby wipes either, but we focused on the wine...

I feel guilty re comments too. I don't get so many as you, i read them all and appreciate them (even the ones about Canons and Pigs 'n' but I rarely get round to going back and answering the questions. Rude of me I know, but there's so little time in the know, what with all the wine drinking to be done. Plus I assume people prefer comments from me on their own blogs, rather than me answering questions. Although you might not prefer an essay like this.


omchelsea said...

The problem with this is now I want to ask a question...but it's late in Australia, and I don;t want my pug to eat my leg (which she WILL do if I don't feed her). Really I'm just putting off the sojourn across the evil, evil decking to say "Hurry, Lucy!" one million times. Damn these command-toileting dogs.....

monica said...

It felt nice to know that you care and have this inner want to reply back.Procrastination gets in the
way :P
Well, the mere thought says all.

My Secret Diary said...

yIP, all kinds of philosophy on this one:
1. you need to reply and comment (fasttrack to nervous break down)
2. return visit when you feel like it. (cause offence)
3. Form two or three real good friends.. (make the world jealous)
Whatever! Lets just have fun! ;)

Thanks for a good read, my first visit here...


ps im looking for two or three bloggy friends.

C. E. said...

You cannot possibly answer every single comment posted to you. It's noble that you want to. It's admirable that you select a choice few and give those lucky ones your full attention.

But it is simply not humanly possible to sit down and reply to the - what? - hundreds of comments you receive by the time your procrastination is overwhelming? I'm not even snarking you for that, for delaying things (because we all know that there's a lovely woman with a life behind this blog, a lovely and highly popular woman who shouldn't worry so much about the unavoidable: that while your writing might lead one to assume otherwise, you are not a superhero from the planet Xennero Alpha Beta and therefor cannot even attempt to meet the demand and expectations weighing down upon you).

I leave you with this:

Try not to twist yourself about thinking of all those bleeps on your followers list and all those who comment on the wonderfully rich, quirky (I can go on but I might be limited to space) things you have to say.

You're only human.

We readers (so I hope we all) take you as you are. We admire you, some of us will/have surpass(ed) that with the fullness of time and love you, and so we know a lot of us are simply anxiously screamed words from that darkened balcony at the back of the theatre, hoping only to be heard.

Take care, dearest.

ellen abbott said...

My usual and favorite time to leave my opinion around is when wine bottle is flowing freely. I don't always regret it. hee hee.

My Secret Diary said...

Yes, some wine certainly helps! :) But too much causes verbal...

Bill Stankus said...

Questions are nice but if you have to ask, it's just too late.

Eternally Distracted said...

I LOVE getting comments and so far have been good in responding to them all ... My biggest nightmare is trying to read everyone's posts. It seems that people have a knack of posting within seconds of each other. One minute I have three to read and the next thirty three - There just aren't enough hours in the day!

kristine said...

you used to work for the girl scouts? you just slipped that in there like it was a piece of really innocuous information when in fact it is quite facinating. Please tell us more, sometime.

dont worry about responding to everyone. I dont even do that and I dont get many in the first place. (a lightbulb just went off in my head - perhaps there is a cause and effect going on here. hm. something to explore).

Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

Thank see, it is always best to have new bloggy friends to keep me grounded. Some day when you are confused and wandering your backyard in swimming goggles, a fedora, and a toga made of star wars sheets and crochet edging I will surely be able to research your blog, find out why, and give you the answers you seek. THIS my dear is what blogging is all about. Congrats on the new found success. I am pleased as pie for you as I really enjoy reading your wonderful ramblings.

Just Jules said...

well now - that wasn't so hard. Continue on with your daily procrastination as you have crossed something off your to do list. That could really last you all week!

Cyndy said...

Reading all of your comments is often like reading another blog! I don't know how you would have the time to answer them all. If nothing else, some are posing questions, which keeps you coming back (just so long as that nasty internet connection holds up ~ VEG and I are working on a personal satellite just for you, BTW!).

I want to know more about changing diapers on a motorcycle. My diaper days are done (thank goodness), but that must have been something!

anna said...

I'd love to have as many comments as you do.. but then..I'm not such a blog-writing-genius..:D

Tyson Trepidatious said...

*Hugs* lol its ok aha your doing amazing :)

My Secret Diary said...

So good to get comments, but on ocasion someone can get out of hand and it can turn into a bit of a circus! On my side i certainly value the input!

julochka said...

i am, as you know, an advocate of procrastination. in fact, just yesterday when i read this post in my reader, i procrastinated answering it. don't apologize for procrastinating, it's creativity in action. remember, michaelangelo was a great procrastinator.

and never, ever run out of wine...or coffee.

these are words to live by.