Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh my Zeus. I forgot. Again.

Like a gazillion bazillion or maybe 4 weeks ago my 'neighbor' (in the grander scheme of things - it's only a 12 hour drive to her house) Molly made up a really cool meme, and tagged me (I know. Bad Extranjera for taking four whole weeks. Sadly, not surprising).

"Ag, man, really?," I said to myself, and then I continued, "No way, hozay," which conveniently lead me to wondering, via an extremely interesting discussion my hearing had with my understanding of language and phonetics concerning the name Jose, what exactly is a meme. But then I realized Molly, the smart woman that she is, explained it right here.

"Yah. How stoopid can you be," I told myself off, and started reading. This is what Molly wrote:

So the idea here is that you list 5 items in each category, a favourite 5 - but not necessarily in order of favouriteness - to show the diversity/similarity/hilarity/polarity/ or extreme same-ness of your personal likes.

And then tag 5 peeps to do the same. And feel free to add or subtract categories as you like.
Down with meme imperialism!

And then I understood. This was no indecent proposal. This was something much, much better. Perhaps even better than chocolate: This was a chance to make you read more about ME, ME, ME, and ME.

I'm game for that. Always.

My 5 favorite words:
  1. crepuscular This word's beautiful meaning is completely shadowed by the ugliness of the parts forming it. Thus it's sticking it to the notion of beauty. Go crepuscular!
  2. Hazara I know this refers to a minority group in Afghanistan, but I like to imagine it's an ancient spell. Also, it's fun to repeat.
  3. Huixquilucan This is a place just outside of Mexico City, and it's pronounced whisky-loo-can. The pronunciation should explain its place on this list. (Hahahahahahahaha)
  4. escapade This brings to mind the sweetness of lollipops, the exciting tipsiness after a couple of glasses of wine, and having enough money to leave town.
  5. Charlemagne This word always takes me back to my favorite novel ever, Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and to thoughts of naming, and the meaning and significance of names. To thoughts, that are never far from my core.
My 5 favorite articles of clothing:
  1. My Birkenstocks. 
  2. Any pair of jeans that'll fit me.
  3. My multicolored, handmade handbag from Oaxaca, which always covers my back whenever I'm out and can thus be considered clothing. Stop arguing. My blog.
  4. Anything with horizontal stripes. I'm forever done with feeble attempts at 'hiding the fat'.
  5. My scull and bones scarf that I got from my Siamese Sister.
My 5 favorite 'catchphrases':
  1. Right Ho, Jeeves. (P.G. Wodehouse)
  2. Holy ____, Batman! (sorta self-explanatory, right?)
  3. and. that. is. what. we. are. about. to. find. out. (Horatio on CSI Miami. Possibly the worst written and played character on television. ever. Kinda like seeing a car crash - you just can't look away, no matter how much you want to.)
  4. D'oh (Homer on Simpsons. I didn't need to explain this either, did I?)
  5. Oh my God. They killed Kenny (South Park. Possibly the funniest shit out there).
  6. Bonus round with a photo: Beam me up Scotty (Star Trek). 

A subpar steakhouse's pathetic attempt to play on my affinity for Star Trek. As if!

My 5 favorite celebrity crushes:
  1. Patrick Neate. is. a. god. Love his books, especially Twelve bar Blues, and would agree to marry him completely based on his novels, if he asked and the Hubs didn't want to keep me on. This is a real school girl-ish thing I have for this guy.
  2. Robert Redford before I saw him in High Definition. 
  3. Reese Witherspoon. She had me at reading Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury.
  4. Gabriel García Márquez. I would just live in his brain. And it would all be in Spanish, so that would be an awesome double whammy considering the whole 'I should keep up my Spanish' deelio.
  5. Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela. Wouldn't they make a cute couple? And then I wouldn't have to stalk them separately.  
My 5 favorite (random) things:
  1. Eggs. I can't stress this enough. I could survive on eggs alone for years and never get bored. Well, eggs and wine. Can't forget wine.
  2. The Hubs. He's right up there with eggs and wine. 
  3. Jewelry. I like shiny things, and things that sparkle. The Hubs sometimes sparkles, like that vampire on Twilight, although Hubs is not a vampire, he just sleeps a lot and doesn't get out into the sun.
  4. The way words can be strung together.
  5. Laughing my ass off.  
I made up the three first categories and carried over the last two, so I think there's a nice balance of 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and something that looks like glue, but is not and instead rhymes with term'.

Oh, right. Forgot there was no indecent proposal after all.

Oh well.

I'll be tagging these peeps:
  1. Caroldiane at Context for Connectivity. Caroldiane has been there with me almost from the beginning of my bloggy existence. She is insightful and funny (although I get the feeling that she doesn't think she is), and she just became a grandma. Sometimes she makes me yodel stupid Lion King songs, but mostly she just writes beautifully.
  2. Robin at Diary of a Not So Glamorous Housewife. No matter what the fok she says, she's pretty glamorous, unless she is writing about meal planning on a budget, but that is just personally not my favorite subject (I don't do budget and I don't prepare meals). She can be serious, but she also crochets for her dog and that says something about a person's sense of humor. She is an awesome mommy-blogger.
  3. Monica at Ruminations. What is it with these Indian chicks and writing beautifully (check out Anandi for proof)? Monica says she doesn't want to reveal too much of herself, but I'm tagging her anyway, because whatever she reveals she does with grace. Oh, and she has never heard of the movie Grease, which leads me to think that she might be living in a barrel, in which case her talent for writing is even more incredible, not to mention managing to get internet into the barrel.
  4. Sandy K at Through the Lens. She is a Canon-girl like myself in this Nikon infested world of blogging and takes awesome pics with her baby, and then helps me take better pictures by teaching me some nifty things. Sandy, you can do this meme with pictures.
  5. Histreasure at A fabulous Mother's World. She is a new blogger, but well on her way. And don't let the name of her blog fool you: although she is a mommy-blogger, she has a way of presenting Nigeria, which is where she hails from, in a light other than your 8 o'clock news. She is cool, and I love that she found me.
  6. And as a bonus but no photo: Josefine at A Day in the Life. This woman is fokken hilarious. And she has only just begun. If you're into my little blurbs of pure nothing (aka this blog here) you will certainly fall in love with Josefine's reality television watching behind as well as the rest of her  (neither of which ski, even though she is a Swede), which may or may not at times leave her domicile. 


histreasure said...

Oh, my God..I'm absolutely bowled over that you read me, thought of me enough to tag me..i feel good(yay!!!!)..although now i have to put my brain to some use.

Judearoo said...

A P.G Wodehouse fan??!! You wonderful creature! :D

liisamarja said...

i so hear you on horatio and csi miami, i have no idea why anyone would pay anything for that actor to play anything other than a decomposing body, possibly very much covered with something utterly slimy!

Anonymous said...

I can't pronounce half the words you chose - Cant we have them written phonetically next time please? ;0)

monica said...

OMG! From thousands of your followers you tagged me! I am already feeling like a celebrity :D
It's nice to know about the little things which look small yet matter most to you as a person.
Phew! what a task! Will try and do my best :)

Extranjera said...

histreasure - Of course I do. I'm sure you'll come up with some exciting fives.

Judearoo - Naturally. Love, love, love Wodehouse. Love House, because he will always be Bertie to me.

liisamarja - I know. I'm glad someone shares my pain.

ED - I'll try, but I'm still (after 2 years) searching for the euro sign on the keyboard, so don't expect miracles...

Monica - Did you google Grease yet? I'm sure you'll come up with interesting stuff.

monica said...

Yup, i Googled Grease and i like the plot.It looks like a 'can't be missed movie '.
Will catch up with it soon :)

Judearoo said...

Excellent! My sister and I used to call eachother 'Jeeves' and 'Bertie Wooster' as kids (I was Jeeves) and though her name is Rebecca shes still known as Bertie. We also were russian spies called ahem "F*ckoff" and "Feckoff". Just cos.

An Open Heart said...

Ext, your blog comes up sometimes just as I'm going to, I cheat and read it at night instead of waiting for my morning constitutional.....I'm rethinking that tactic I could not get the thought of eggs and wine together out of my head. I was certain as I tried to drift off to sleep last night that you didn't mean that you drank wine with your eggs, because, well that just sounds yucky, the tastes don't really seem to blend, in my opinion...but then, I thought, well, it's Extranjera, could be that she drinks wine with her eggs...again, this really concerned me, being the foody I profess to be I started thinking, "okay, what type of egg dish would one fix that wine would accompany?" and, I did come up with a few, but, then I went off in an entirely different direction where I then started to think about digestion issues related to wine and eggs and wondered how that would go over and then I thought about hard boiled eggs and whether or not wine would go with them.....

So, you see, reading your blog at night, before I try to go to sleep might not be such a good idea....seems my brain can't process such complicated subjects that late at night.(bed time for me is around 11:00 p.m.)...but, now that I know this, it will secure my ability to wait for your blog, as my morning treat.....whew, late night last night....all that pondering.

caroldiane said...

*blush* okay - I give up - I am actually funny... you caught me and I am honoured that you think so!! You know you are the one who inspired me to make this a regular thing, right?? xo

bmonty252 said...

Oaxaca. What a wonderful place. Wish I had a nice handmade bag to remind me of it. I did eat the fried grasshoppers whose legend says I will return one day. I will be sure to get myself a handmade bag.

hushed said...

I was just ecstatic at the fact that you have a giraffe on top of your page and the Comments statement is very close to what I use on my blog but PG wodehouse and whiskey-loo-can??!!
Thank you God for your existence, I thought I was alone!!
Love love love!

Andi Marie Smith said...

How do you decide who to tag?
Its been a problem for me...
Btw I recieved a chocolate chip cookie while reading this! cool! :)

Josefine said...

I am flattered beyond words. Beyond WORDS I tell you!!!
Need to calm down and somehow shrink head down to normal size again before fiance returns from work. Unless he has an inflated head kind a fetisch that I don't know about. Then I guess things could work out anyway.

Beyond words!

Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

YEAH! I love to write about myself and I promise to do so as soon as I get back from my very long week away from the internet. Oh, and I plan on having newly crocheted things to blog about all in the color green since I have an abundance of green yarn. I'm also celebrating my 100th post this week. Why do I share this with you, I don't know. Wow, I'm so frickin cheerful I think I just barfed a little in my mouth.

Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

Oh, and thanks for tagging me!

Extranjera said...

Monica - You won't be sorry!

Judearoo - I would totally be Jeeves too. Bertie's none too smart...

An Open Heart - I realize I may just be pushing you over the edge, but... I can have eggs with anything, including wine. For me eggs go with anything. Even coffee.
Although, now that I know how you feel about this I'll try to go easy on the food combos. You are after all very dear to me, and I would hate for eggs with wine come between us ;o)

Caroldiane - I knew it. I knew you were funny!

bmonty - Oaxaca is a gem and roasted grasshoppers are awesome with guacamole.

hushed - Great. The giraffe pic is right here from our hood taken by the hubs, I am procrastinator master so answering in emails would never happen, and, yah, great. Good. Great.

Andi - First of all I have to follow the person who I tag (and I'll generally only follow a blog if it is interesting and the person has left interesting comments on mine to lead me to their blog, but currently I'm a little behind on this because I have gotten so many new readers lately). Secondly, I have to know enough about them to think that they would want to be tagged. And lastly I want to be sure they haven't received the same tag too many times before.

Josefine - Cool. I like beyond WORDS. It's so much better than BEYOND words.

Robin - I'll take barf and snort any day. Those are the two sentiments actually, that I aim for.

ignominia said...

hi girl, you are sooo funny! Love your blog and described you to my hubby as a "Bridget Jones sense of humor and clutziness", hope you don't mind! :-)
Ok about the meme - what is the point of doing that? I could not endure the complicated explanations of Wikipedia, man are geeks writing those or what? and I understant the list part but what the fok for? for fun? For higher purpose of communicating a list of preferences - I am a list master you should see my word folder...
anyhoo, haven't yet come to understand why I would want to do a meme, but maybe I am just missing the point...I have a blog but unfortunately it's in Italian (as I am) so I can't share it with the Anglo speaking world- I used to have one in English but even fewer people than the 4 that follow me with regularity were checking that out - anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks for cheering me up!

Sandy K. said...

How fun! Thank you for inviting me to participate. And thank you for defining what a "meme" is, as well. I'd seen it in passing on some blogs, but not gotten a good feel for the definition.

It will not take me 4 weeks, but my mind is spinning as fast as our travels:). I have started a list of possibilities and will definitely work at being visual in my response. Soon....I will create the meme soon:).

Cham said...

My Meme of my favorite things on your Meme post.

1. As a fellow watcher of bad telly: "you just can't look away, no matter how much you want to."
(Catchphrase #3)

2. My mother has yet to see him in HiDef, and thus, still fervently adheres to her passion for the Sundance Kid (what does that mean?): "Robert Redford before I saw him in High Definition." (Celebrity Crush #2)

3. Cute! lol: "The Hubs. He's right up there with eggs and wine." (Random #2)

4. Hah! Twi-ref! These always make me laugh..does this mean that you've read it? Or just seen the veryy verryy bad special effects (the product of low budgets) "The Hubs sometimes sparkles, like that vampire on Twilight..." (Random #3)

5. I cannot add anything to this. Hilarious on its own: "...she has never heard of the movie Grease, which leads me to think that she might be living in a barrel, in which case her talent for writing is even more incredible..." (Tags #3)

hushed said...

Oh no worries, emails never happen on my planet either..I'm just enjoying everythign you're writing

Extranjera said...

Ignominia - Aww, thanks! I love Bridget Jones. I do. So I'm okay with the def. You're above board. Totally.
Re the meme: There is no point, and that suits me very well indeed, since the whole point of my blog: What will i ever do with my life?' is quite pointless, since I do nothing. Basically. No point.
I think memes just are. They just are.

Sandy K. - Awesome. Looking forward to your fives!

Cham - Aww, you mini-memed me. How awesome is that?

Hushed - Thanks!

molly said...

gads, i loved this so much. laughing, and laughing, i'm just cracking up!
the 5 random celebs one hell of a list with great explanations.
thanks for that.

ps: some of my new "favorite" words are actually the *word verification* words that aren't really words that you have to retype to leave a comment (did i have to explain that? not sure...hmmmm)